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First v2.0 game with Prussians

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Played last week versus FSA. 1000 point game on 4x4 table.

Won at end of Turn 2 having fulfilled "Thin Their Ranks" order (50% plus all Smalls).

My list was:

Kaiser Karl


Squadron of 3 Donnerfausts

Squadron of 3 Reivers (with Aggressive Crew)

Squadron of 4 Arminius

Squadron of 5 Saxony

SAS of 5 Fighters


Whilst the Rhine took a beating from my opponents Princetons the Donnerfausts manoeuvred into RB1 and unleashed a devastating barrage of linked Speersclueuders turrets and Tesla broadsides - double-critting each before broadsides from the Rhine and Kaiser Karl finished them off.

The Reivers and Saxony's proved highly effective against the FSA Augustas and Guildfords - wiping them all out by end of Turn 2.

I had not played Prussians since the advent of the Lightning Rod token so it was a pleasant surprise when I hit a Lexington under a Lightning rod marker with a Tesla shot and rolled 5 sixes, generating 10 extra dice! BOOM!

The Arminius proved to be excellent support ships now, a squad of 4 pumping out 13AD at RB2 to double-crit Mart's Saratoga.

All in all the Prussians proved to be great fun to play with, Redoubtable Teslas and Speerschleuders combined with fast assault and support Smalls, powerful support cruisers and a "tough as old boots" heavy battleship.

I shall most definitely be playing them again!



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