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Medieval Legions

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Hey guys,


First: I have putted this topic in the Hobby section because it is a (little) side project that has some to do with Dystopian Legions. I didn't want it to put in the General Discussion since it is something different from DL, but I just wane ask for opinions.


1 Year ago a friend and I started with a side project called Medieval Legions. A MWG based for 75% on DL with a Medieval theme, Knights, Wizards, Cavalry etc etc. After a year we have finished 80% of the rules and the basic army list.


And well we need some opinion from people here what they think of the concept and ideas. We like the game and it works well (with some flaws of course but hey, we are doing our best). If we are done, we are going to release the rules for free. 


Feel free to comment, we would love that :)

Kind Regards,


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But besides that I'm really looking forward to seeing what you have set up. It wasn't really something that I felt was needed but I always like the thought processes behind game design and I am open to different possibilities.

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