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BigRed's Shipyard: Scratch building the Prussian Empire

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Hello all,

For those that have not seen my other scratch building topic on the Russian Coalition, a quick intro:

I got my start in the Dystopian Wars world with a friend through building a few models to try the game out with. I quickly realized just how much fun building and modelling the ships was to me, it would not be a stretch for me to say that as a hobby building my fleets is just as enjoyable as playing with them. For those that have seen my other topic on the Russians, you will have seen how far "building a few proxies to try out the game" snow balled for me  :D


But, as they say, variety is the spice of life, and to keep things fresh and interesting, I like to mix up my projects from time to time. I might take a break from building Russian ships to build a piece of terrain, a Covenant time orb, or as this topic is concerned, building a second fleet to help introduce other players to the game. For a second fleet, I immediately gravitated to the Prussian Empire. They were my second choice at the very beginning of my foray into the game, I mean, come on, speed, big guns, crackling tesla weaponry, elite troops... what's not to love?


So with it decided, I set about the task of building a small Prussian fleet:


IMG 4617


IMG 4618


Two squads of Arminius frigates make up the smalls for the fleet


IMG 4619


IMG 4620


Fast and deadly Reiver light cruisers


IMG 4621


IMG 4624


IMG 4622

A mighty Emperor battleship forms the core of the fleet

IMG 4623

The rear turret is magnetized to allow for the generator options
Coming in at around 600 points or so, I think this will be a good introductory force for a "patrol skirmish" style game.
My techniques for building these ships are the same as those I used for my Russians. One of the big problems with them however, is the scale. I built these a while back when I was also building the main Russian fleet, and thought that the sizes I was dealing with there were more or less the benchmark of scale for dystopian wars. Boy was I wrong, turns out, Russian ships are a bit on the bigger side while Prussian ships are a little smaller than I would have expected. The battleship is about 6 inches long, which is 1 inch or so too long, and the Reivers are 3.5 inches long, comparable to the Russian cruisers I made:

IMG 4625

The size isn't really a deal breaker for me, and I can always proxy the Reivers as Uhlans during a demo game, but it pokes at me enough to want to re-do them. Who knows, maybe when I have one squad of everything in the Russian orbat, I'll revisit them...  :ph34r:




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Looking good, but

the Uhlans are actually a little bit smaler then the Reiver^^


I was mainly referring to the stats. It makes more sense to me for them to be actual cruisers during a game with the better DR/CR/HP than calling them light cruisers. Yeah, the sizing on those two Prussian mediums is a head scratcher. 


If I re-visit this fleet in the future, I will probably make the Reivers slightly smaller than the Uhlans and give them the smaller two barreled turrets rather than the three barreled ones found on the battle cruiser and battleship. Would make more sense to me.

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I would not do that. The two barreled turret is a great visual indicataro for close quarter gunnery


That is true. I'll have to come up with a way to differentiate the turrets. If I do make the Reivers smaller than the Uhlans to reflect their classes, I feel like the big three barreled turrets would look weird. Maybe the solution is simply just a smaller three barreled turret.

I'll have to play around and see what happens  :P

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Hello All,

Taking some time off from the Russians to focus more on my Prussians. A friend and I are trying to drum up more interest in DWars locally, so having two fairly good sized fleets to run demo games with will be helpful.


The newest addition to the imperial lineup is a squad of Hussar gunships:


IMG 4752


To do my hulls, I will draw the outline in a paint program, print them to scale, and them glue stick them onto foam core. With a sharp craft knife I cut them out and then glue a layer of card stock all the way round and then a second layer to do paneling.


IMG 4751

Next, I did the bridge section. Bass wood with card stock paneling, matte board for the front piece and side structural parts, and then card stock detailing all over the thing. Oh, and toothpicks glued into a notch I cut in the front piece.

IMG 4753

Then the rear section and smokestacks. Smoke stacks are dowel rods wrapped in a layer card stock. I didn't go with the triple smoke stack configuration that the actual model has as it looked odd to me.

IMG 4754

Bridge sections glued onto the hulls and then the tesla rings. Tesla rings are wooden circles surrounded by hollow pony bead cord with galvanized wire into the middle for support.

IMG 4756

Matte board and card stock over the tesla ring to make the upper gun deck and slope.

IMG 4757

Then on go the guns! I haven't glued them down yet as I usually paint turrets separately and glue them on after.

IMG 4758


IMG 4759


IMG 4760


And that's it, these guys are ready for paint. Expect more soon!


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Hello again all,

Back with another update for the Prussians and it's a big one, very pic heavy so I will be splitting in into 2 or 3 posts.

I decided that it was time for some serious firepower and for the Prussians, not much can stand in the way of the mighty Blucher. This was a blast to build, the bigger the model, the more detail work I get to do, and hopefully I did this proud ship justice with my scratch building take on it.


IMG 4761


After designing the outline in a computer paint program, I printed it off and stuck it down onto foam core. I then cutout the layers with a very sharp craft knife to get clean edges. The ship will sit pretty high out of the water line so two layers.


IMG 4762


Taking the top layer, I cutout spaces for the tesla broadsides. Again, using a very sharp craft knife I cut out the spaces but I did not cut through the bottom paper layer of the foam core (foam core is made out the foam sandwiched between two layers of card like material). Leaving the bottom layer of paper and scraping out the remaining foam leaves some structure and a nice layer to glue things to.


IMG 4763


The tesla broadsides, made of small dowel rods between matte board pieces, all glued to a bit of card stock to keep it together. Whenever you see beveled dowels, I used a regular pencil sharpener.


IMG 4764


The two layers on top of each other with notches cut out for the broad side piping.


IMG 4840


The two layers finally glued together with the fore tesla space cut out. When I glue down patterns to foam core or glue together broad areas like two pieces of foamcore, I will press them overnight between two heavy text books to keep them from warping (bending due to the glue).


IMG 4841


Broadsides glued in and piping in place. After putting in the piping I glued matte board over the edge along with pieces of card stock to pretty up the edges for upcoming steps. My piping is hollow pony bead tube with galvanized wire threaded into it to make it stronger and keep its shape when bent.


IMG 4842


Then started to work on the center line. This is balsa/bass wood pieces with matte board and card stock for detailing.


IMG 4843


A bit more detailing added and a dry fit over the hull to see what to do next.

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IMG 4844


More bass wood pieces and card stock to form blocks over the center line for the generator spots. I cut circles in pieces of matte board then glued them over card stock over magnets to make the generator spots magnetized and interchangeable. The circles are the size of the flat brass tacks I use to make magnetized stuff.


IMG 4845


IMG 4846


IMG 4847


Next, the bridge section. More bass wood pieces overlayed with card stock and card stock detailing, and a piece of matte board and toothpick to make the top widget.


IMG 4848


Center line glued down and smoke stacks on along with some side detailing.


IMG 4849

More side detailing

IMG 4850


Finished side detailing


IMG 4851

Front tesla and the front matte board side belts. When I do curved matte board pieces like this, it is much easier and faster to simply make scores along the piece and bend rather than cut out individual sections.

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IMG 4853


Front side belts glued on along with the fore tesla.


IMG 4854


Rear matte board belt glued on.


IMG 4855


After gluing on the matte board belts, I added some card stock plates to give it some more layers and cover over some of the joins.


IMG 4856

Then, turrets and generator options. For the generators, I'm starting out with a shield generator and tesla, I will probably build a disruption and UPG down the road after a few games with it.

IMG 4857


IMG 4858


IMG 4859


IMG 4860


IMG 4861


And that's it! Several days of work but totally worth it, this is one of my favorite builds so far, even more fun that the Russian heavy bomber. I haven't named her yet, but she will definitely need a proper one.
I will have to make the decision now if I want to start painting this and the Hussars or continue building some other things in the works...  :ph34r:

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Thanks all, filling out the Prussian force a bit more is my immediate goal and then I will most likely move back to building out my Russian air.


and, @Mekanik;

I am quite impressed by your craftsmanship, very well done on these models!


Now, If you don't mind, I would like to request that you make one of these below:  :D


I LOVE the Polish bomber sculpt, and I recently built a Russian heavy bomber that I have used to proxy the rules (you can see it in my scratch building the Russians thread), and I LOVE the rules too  :D I will probably not build the Polish one anytime soon as I can't see using both in one game, and there is SO much more I want to do to complete my Russian and Prussian fleets, so sadly it will have to wait for quite a while  :(


So, to that end, here is another update for the Prussian fleet:


IMG 4942


The tough as nails Kaiser Karl.


IMG 4943


IMG 4944


IMG 4945


With this ship done along with the Blucher and Hussars, I've made quite a bit of work for myself on the painting table and have a tough choice, move to painting, or continue building?

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Finally, a painting update!

After some delay, I got around to finishing up the complete Prussian models on my table:


IMG 4994


Hussar gunships


IMG 4996


The Kaiser Karl


IMG 4995

The fierce Blucher

IMG 4997

A small group shot
Thanks all. Next up is hard to tell, maybe Russians, maybe Prussians, depends on how my next few games go  :ph34r:


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Hello all,

Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter holiday. I have enjoyed the three day weekend and used my off time on Friday and Saturday to make more progress on the Prussian fleet:


IMG 5007


IMG 5008


A pair of Konigsberg battlecruisers adds to my selection of mediums


I also finally redid my Reiver light cruisers, sized down to fit more appropriately with their new designation.


IMG 5009


IMG 5010


IMG 5011


IMG 5012


A size comparison with a frigate and gunship. My first attempt at Reivers were comically large, as big as the Russian cruisers. My new ones may be smaller than the actual model but I like the look of them better with the rest of the fleet.


IMG 5014

Also as a bonus, a supply ship I threw together for a three player game I had last week. It served as a central objective for the game and made it more interesting than a simple free for all.
Thanks all, more to come soon.

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