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Terran Tactica: Defenders of The Charter

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No real details on the Charter ships as well.

Solar/Horizon/Nadir (pah) could use a little writeup.
The Horizon is just a cheap, sturdy T2 with pathetic range.

But the Solar... 5 wings? How?

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Some of my thoughts then, why not contribute a bit myself? ;)

Mind, I'm not an expert by any means, but I have given these things a spin for a few times and most of them aren't that complex:

Terran Friendship Charter:
All Terran Friendship Boats share one characteristic: You have to work around their planetfall MAR; Either you and your friends houserule the "can't play normal games", your fleet size is big enough that you don't care, or you pay up to remove the MAR, which sometimes is Not Even That Bad®.

Solar class carrier:
What do you get when you take a solid piece of steel, strap some engines and shield generators on it, paint some mrkings on it and call it a landing space? Something like this.
- DR5 and CR9 coupled to a beefy-ish 7HP is moving into pocket Battleship levels of durability, 6 PD is a healthy deterrent for unsollicited packages and SRS attention.
- Five wings of whatevers are anemic for a full carrier what this thing is not which I will adress later.
- It has only one gun but it at least gives you a solid amount of dice.
- Speed starts out at cruiser levels which is pretty alright. Unfortunately it handles like aformentioned solid block of steel with engines strapped to it.
- Good thing the one gun it has doesn't give a **** about where the baddies are.
- AP and CP are typical terran, it is what it is.

2 slots, actually one if you have to drop the Planetfall MAR, I think a case can be made for most of them, it kinda depends on what you fight most. Durable isn't all that great, an extra shield brings you to 4(5), which is, if I may quote my last opponent: Fornicating bull excrement. Dropping to SPD6 sucks though. Find your own happiness here:

-Take Beams and Weapon Shielding. Worth.

The Solar is a tough cookie, it's not unlike the Hawker Regent in that it's not a true carrier and more like a big cruiser that has premade holes in it from which stuff flies, although the Regent has the advantage of posessing a proper flight wing.
So what are we looking at? A Combat Medic: What the Solar does well is sitting among your dudes, eating shots to the face and farting out interceptors and repair shuttles. It has no quick launch bays because planets normally don't take evasive action anyway. It's stupidly tough, it can go places normal carriers have no business going, and they will surive in situations that will see your average (Battle)cruiser nuked to oblivion. It ha sa single gun but it's a fairly beefy one, and a turret, and at RB1 it can certainly hurt most cruisers. It can take the hits but it has real trouble dishing it out.

Friends to tag along with:
- It's a good buddy-buddy for Aegis cruisers if it has Beams (which, imho, it should), who, by the way, does fun things for you shield.
- Not a fan of the Hauberk or Templar: They have a total glass jaw and the only thing they'll be sitting next to this thing is a giant target. I mean, Aegises are targets as well but they are more of a "must kill" than some juicy target of opportunity someone can shoot if they feel their bucket of dice isn't up to dealing with half that many shield dice.
- Everyone indirectly, it's probably in the middle of your fleet, or even up front using its greatest assets.

Conclusion: A bit of a a niche ship, normally the translation to that is "pretty terrible never take this" but it has its redeeming qualities, its lack of offensive abilities -anemic wing size and lack of quick launch bays chief among them- indicate it is best suited for larger fleet engagements where its support-y nature can help tremendously, alternatively, trolling newer players with a cute fluffy carrier that just. won't. die.

Horizon class Assault Cruiser aka "the Hugbox":
Do you maggots want to live forever?

The Horizon is when you couple wishful thinking to a can-do mentality:, it's a pretty tough cookie (again).
They have pretty standard cruiser statlines, two shields and sector shielding is pretty damn solid and PD5 is very servicable but nothing really stands out except the price, if points were actual currency, Venezuela could afford these. You have only one gun, and it's meh. MV8 is pretty speedy.

You need to get rid of planetfall again, so what do you get back? 3 AP. So... Five? That's pretty okay. That's your only hardpoint so let's roll with it.
Upgrades-wise you can take Beams (Which I would strongly consider but don't bother squeezing it in if you don't have the points, still, it boosts both your bands as well as your total range), swapping durable for weapon shielding is probably good. Especially if you take beams.

-You can take an Aegis along for extra friendship.

All in all this ship is simple as it can be, fly at something you can bully, shoot, torp it to bait PD, board. They have pretty good survivability contrary to most of the other Terran T2's that are mostly there for getting ganked and they are cheap. A full squad without beams runs you 120 points. With it's 135. I've built lists where I swapped out some tricked out normal cruisers, cut some luxury and got myself a group of this and six wayfarers or three Perseus'. Quantity is a quality of its own, and these things do not die easily.


Nobody cares about the Nadir, it can gimmick a little by being a SR2 escort, but honestly, 25 points?

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