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How to tackle the EotBS Terror Ship ?

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I have recently stated playing Dystopian Wars with a friend. I have KoB old starter navy set and he has the Shadow Hunter EotBS models. We started small but next game he will include his Terror ship and I have been looking the rules and do not know how to go after it. The generator makes shooting hard so I thought to assault it before he could assault me - however it has the security posts MAR also which seem to make that seem like a bad idea too.

Anybody got good ideas ? It can include me needing extra models. I know I will get used to playing against it after a while but it certainly looks very daunting on paper.

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If he is only fielding one, then ignore it.  While scary up close, the thing is only a single cruiser.  Unless you need to kill all mediums as a fleet order it is not worth targeting.


If you have to kill it, do it close.  KoB does not have raw AD to suffer the blocked shot penalty and still reliably crit it at RB 3-4.  Throwing RB2 Piercing Torpedoes at it is my preferred way to weaken it.  Hard Pounding, Generator Offline, Shredded Defenses, Nav Lock, Chaos and Disarray.  These crits will either destroy it's effectiveness or defenses.  After that it's blood in the water.  Hawks in Advance Deployment can get 1-2 dings in early.  Their Piercing turrets like staying at RB2 anyway.


If all else fails, a five gun salute from his Majesty usually suffices.



Nothing about ship is actually overpowered except it's ability to affect Indiscriminate attacks and Ramming.  Spartan spends the entire edition change streamlining rules, trimming variations down into single rules, and then they go add a single ship that has a single rule that gives it two exceptions to major core rules.  Why?

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My advice is also to ignore it, go for the rest of the fleet.

If you draw mediums, change it to 70% and then kill the rest of the fleet.


The terror ship is dangerous if you spend too many AD trying to kill it. Don't be fixated by it.

This lets the rest of the EoBS fleet operate freely.

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If you have to go after it, try to drop the generator first (if you can).

For those of you without disruption generators/node launchers, use weapons with Piercing and/or Devastating to increase the chance of a critical effect, which will hopefully knock out the generator. If you have Lethal/Concussive (or even Sharpshooters) stripping the AP off the ship is a good way to prepare for a boarding assault-> if the crew are dead, sentry posts are useless

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