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1000 points COA versus FSA

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Game played last night and I will post up a few pictures of the set-up and early turns. I conceded at end Turn 4 after my Aristotle had been derelicted by boarding parties from the Independence.

Both of us had drawn "Thin their Ranks" and at that point the FSA had sank over 50% of my force but I still had two Diogenes (the FSA just had one damaged Augusta left) so all was not lost. However my fleet was in a bad way and it was also nearly 4am on a school night!

My force consisted of am Aristotle with Disruption generator, a squadron of 2 Fresnels, a squadron of 3 Cleomedes, a squadron of 3 Plato's and two squadrons of 4 Diogenes each.

Everything had E- Turrets.

My opponent took an Independence with two escorts, a squadron of 2 Princetons, a squadron of 3 Lexingtons, a squadron of 2 Lees, a squadron of 3 Destroyers and a squadron of 4 Augustas.

Everything that could took shields.

Some pictures will follow but in summary I hoped to put some hurt on the FSA smalls and mediums from long range on Turn 1 hence going all E-turret.

I had read great things about the Fresnel, Platos effectiveness against enemy smalls and the torpedo-sniping ability of the Diogenes so had high hopes.

Until I failed to inflict a single hit AT ALL with any of these on Turn 1!

In fact the only damaged scored was by my Aristotle who fired everything at one of the Lees and just managed to scrape an Engine Damaged crit.

My opponent had got his Princetons in a great position with their approach covered by a large island and the Lees spotting for the so they could pound my Fresnels on the way in.

The second turn saw a but more balance but my forces took the worst of the exchange although the Plato's did much better work taking out all but one of the Augusta's. The Fresnels pit some damage on the Lexingtoms and the Cleomedes proved effective with long range E and torpedo salvos. More to follow...

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interested in how the escorts helped the BB. I have lost faith with the Augustas. I see the Revere as a better deal with their movement and boarding threat. Willing to be convinced otherwise.

I really like the new Princeton. With multiple spotters assisting, 5 point shields, sustained fire and high angle they area bargain and a great indirect threat that can do some damage at range.

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Other than not having the models, I don't understand why the FSA didn't take full squadrons. 4 Gulfords are far more effective than 3, for example. The Lee's and princetons I can understand, giving their price.


And while the Revere's are amazing, the Augustas do have their place, if you can manouver them they pack one hell of a punch. But yeah, overall the Revere is the superior ship.

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Back from holiday now so will be able to put up some pics.

On Turn 3 the Princeton's swung past the island and put heavy fire onto my Aristotle. They got enough hits to cause a crit which, combined with the punishing gunnery Commodore ability, put 3 damage on it. This took it to 4 hits in total reducing its E-turrets strength to just 3. Its AP had also been reduced by 3.

Whilst the Fresnels put some damage on the approaching Lexingtons and the Diogenes maneuvered to take out the Guidfords and put a hit on one of the Princetons, the Plato's got hit heavily by the Independence and the Lexingtons. My Aristotles return fire was ineffective although it did make its Evasive Manoeuvre roll.

Even though I had now destroyed all but one of the FSA smalls, and put a scatter ing of damage on a few other vessels, my fleet was beaten up with the Aristotle now in a very vulnerable position facing the Princetons and the Independence.

I seized the initiative and activated the Fresnel hoping to reduce the Princetons some more - and failed to inflict a single hit! The Princetons blasted the Cleomedes, killing one. One Plato was sunk and another boarded by the Lexingtons and then the Independence went head-on with the Aristotle, putting hits on a Fresnel and killing two Diogenes before sending all of its Aggressive Marines against the Aristotle. 4 were lost to the residual AA but the remainder made short work of my defenders and derelicted the Aristotle. At that point I conceded.

My opponent took units based on what models he has hence the below max size units and lack of Georgetown's etc..

I did have some terrible attack and shield rolls in fact I inflicted 3 Raging Fires on my own units for failed Inventive Scientist rolls!

However I did not really have a proper plan and, being my first v2 game with CoA I did not maximise my units abilities. The E turrets are an interesting conundrum. Consistent output at all ranges plus Redoubtable but they become weak.

I wonder whether going with normal turrets and staying in Wave Lurk until RB2 is a better way to go - leaving the long range sniping to the Fresnels?

A frustrating game but enjoyable as always.



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