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Megazine Explosion!

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Not to clog the forum with inane posts but thought I'd share my first (an extremely successful) magazine explosion with all other proud penguins!

I have been interested to see the effects of 2 an 12 on te critical chart, and in an 1100pt game against my brother's KOB yeaterday we got both. Unfortunately 12 was on on Ptolemy bomber but considering all that happened was me being transported out of comman distance I'm not going to complain.

My brother however was not so fortunate. He had been swinging his vanguard subs around my flank ready to rip up my platos (which ended up being unceremoniously shot to death anyway) and I must admit they had me worried. Ive never fought them before and The fact they're so hard to hit submerged was giving me a headache. So when he surfaced to take a shot at my Icarus I capitalised and opened fire with me deadalus.

I was feeling pretty confident that with 13AD from the linked turrets and 7 form the broadside I could finish him but to my horror I caused 1 hit the turrets! Luckily for me the broadside made up for this and rolled enough hits to cause 2 criticals, and on the second roll I at long last got my megazine explosion, which preceeded to blow up 2 frigates and take 3HP of his neighbouring sub and navigationally locking it off the table!

Needless to say it was a turning point in the games. Despite this it was still a draw, the closest I've ever had and hugely enjoyable! I had an Aristotle, Daedalus, 4 escorts, diogenes and Icarus left to his ruler battleship, eagle war rotter, an injured tribal and the battered surviving submarine.

This critical hit is just a beast against a tight battle line, I didn't truly appreciate it until now, anyone else think energy turrets should be made better by doing this result on any critical roll of a double? :P

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Aristotle with T/painter + 3 Galens

3 x Plato with IS

2 x Icarus fliers

1 x Daedalus + 1 Galen

9 x Diogenes frigates

2 x Ptolmey bombers

2 x local air support


1 x Ruler battleship with 1 shield gen

3 x Tribal cruisers with shield gens

1 x Eagle war rotor

9 x attacker frigates

2 x Vanguard subs

1 x Avenger carrier

2 x Doncaster bombers

2 x local air support

We managed 3 turns before we had to call quits. His objective was to destroy 50% of my fleet plus all mediums, which he was an icarus away from achieving. I had to destroy 70% of his, and had we continued could have boarded his ruler and seized it (I managed to wipe out his crew with hard pounding) so as said, close!

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I got my 1st magasine explosion in the game before last. My opponent has managed 3 on me, all on my sky fortress. I managed to get a double 1 on a plicht which then critted the x2 other plichts in its squadron, a dread and its escort- a pretty good shot from my Icarus Fliers!

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