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  1. With the introduction of an eighth faction for Dystopian Wars last month, the big releases don’t stop as June sees new pre-orders for Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus and Warcradle Scenics. The Sultanate call for further firepower this month, following the introduction of the Anatolia, with the launch of the Suleiman Battlefleet Set. The newest faction to Dystopian Wars, the Latin Alliance, also request backup to escort the Oriflamme and are relieved to find the Alliance Frontline Squadrons en route. Nothing lasts forever in the harshness of the Wild West but family comes close. Through thick, thin and robotic replacement, the Earps have persevered with hardy resolve and are ready to show just how much family matters with the Vengeance of the Earps Posse for Wild West Exodus. Take your battles to the thriving village of Estun, a range of high quality scenics fit for any fantasy wargame. Available as a Terrain Set, the Estun Village Set, and the Estun Long Hall; Estun serves as a perfect setting for your tabletop. Due to be released at the end of June 2022. Dystopian Wars A new flagship for the Sultanate emerges this month as the Suleiman Battlefleet Set offers a dual-deck solution to strengthen your aerial presence. The fresh face of the French continues to grow as the Alliance Frontline Squadrons adds the perfect one-two punch to the recently released Oriflamme Battlefleet Set. Suleiman Battlefleet Set The twin decks of the Suleiman Fleet Carrier are replete with squadrons of Sabiha strike aircraft. An impressive vessel, the Sultanate values supremacy of the skies that the Suleiman class brings. While her twin hulls make her slower to turn than other vessels of her size, her ability as the flagship in a carrier assault group shows the huge advances the Ottomans are making thanks to heavy investment by the Sublime Porte. This box contains: 1x Suleiman Fleet Carrier 3x Cruiser (can be built as either a Iskandar, Izmir, Pasha or Sadrazam Class ship. Both cruisers can also be combined to build a Hurrem Grand Cruiser or a Mehmed Grand Monitor) 6x Temir Frigate 3x Cruiser (can be built as either a Constantinople, Mihrimah, Konya, Aydin or Morea Class ship) 6x Ferik escort skiff 3x SRS Tokens Alliance Frontline Squadrons The Chevalier cruisers and Charlemagne heavy cruisers are the mainstay of Alliance cruisers and are able to launch screens of torpedoes in a wide range of fire arcs, as well as lay down heat lances or rocket batteries, when necessary. Loire light cruisers are at the forefront of Alliance Battlefleets and as such often the first to engage with the enemy. They provide screening and reconnaissance for the rest of the battlefleet and any commodore worth his salt will know how to make best use of any Loire’s under their command. This box contains: 2x Cruiser (can be built as either a Loire, Picardy, Chevalier or Charlemagne class ship) 4x Ecuyere Frigate Wild West Exodus Sometimes you have to take the law into your own mechanical hand, and for the Earps the law is a family affair… Vengeance of the Earps Posse Those who think that Martha Earp has a softer nature than her brothers are sorely mistaken. After an illness in her childhood cost her an arm, she gained an unshakable resolve and vowed that she would survive anything life could throw at her, proving that fact to anyone who challenged it. Martha is joined by her brother, Warren Earp, a man who is not just the most ornery of his clan, but one of the most bad-tempered lawmen riding across the west. Fighting in the Ore War, something inside Warren snapped and no amount of cosseting could fix it. Now he rides with his sister, too angry to settle anywhere, keeping the peace by any means necessary. As a Justice of the Peace, the venerable patriarch of the family, Nicholas Earp was given a UR-24 automata to help with his duties. On his passing in 1863, the machine was damaged and fell into disuse. As the various siblings drifted away from the family home to fight in the Ore War, the automata was repurposed to help around the place. The UR-24 was especially useful to Martha, who had yet to fully embrace the mechanical prosthesis her father had acquired for her. This box contains: 1x Martha Earp mounted on Iron Horse 1x Warren Earp mounted on Iron Horse 1x James Earp mounted on Iron Horse Warcradle Scenics It’s not just miniatures this month; there’s also an exciting new Terrain Set and individual Long Hall available from the village of Estun that is perfect for games such as Age of Sigmar, Frostgrave and Call To Arms. Estun Village Set The Blacksmith of the Estun is one of the most revered men in the village. He may not be a warrior, though he could certainly hold his own in a fight. Instead, he is held in such high regard for without him the whole village would fall into disrepair. Everything from nails to horseshoes to swords makes its way out of that glowing forge. Even when all is quiet in Estun, the Tavern still has sounds of revelry. Mead, ale and wine from faraway lands are consumed by the hogshead. Life is hard in the mountains and everyone needs a place to ease the aching bones. Skalds know that they can pass through and get fed and watered for the price of a story. Can a village without a tavern truly be called a village at all? This set contains: 1x Estun Blacksmith 1x Estun Church 1x Estun Market Stalls 1x Estun Saw Mill 1x Estun Dwelling 1x Estun Watch Tower 1x Estun Tavern Estun Village - Long Hall The Long Hall is the most defensible building in the village. It has held against orcs, wolves, raiders and more eldritch enemies. It even survived a small fire after Belas the Bold tried throwing flaming axes in the hall during one particularly raucous festival. The Lord hands out justice here and all the village’s celebrations as well as funerals, which are all held within its stout walls. The commoners of Estun know this place as their refuge in dangerous times; the warriors know this as the place they will die to protect. This set contains: 1x Estun Long Hall There’s a lot to look forward to this month for Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus and Warcradle Scenics. What are you looking forward to the most? Make sure you don’t miss out when these go live for pre-order on the 25th of June 2022 from your FLGS or Wayland Games Online. Keep up to date with all the latest news and releases on the Warcradle Studios Blog and socials, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. View the full article
  2. Raise the anchors and ready your horses as May is full of exciting new pre-orders for Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus, and Warcradle Scenics. Following the Sultanate's introduction to Dystopian Wars last month it feels like something is missing, but what could it be? That's right, the Latin Alliance. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the French take to the seas in the name of the Alliance. The Sultanate, hearing of this return, deploy reinforcements of their own to prepare for what is to come. The skies over Wild West Exodus are filled with the distinct clang of metallic wings piercing through the air as the Enlightened’s vulture-like invention, the Apex Hellion swoop down on their unwitting victims. Red Oak continues to expand this month as the Red Oak Town Set 2 features more of your favourite scenery and terrain re-releases, now in beautiful colour, in a great value set. Make sure not to miss when these exciting new pre-orders for Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus and Warcradle Scenics go live on the 29th of April 2022. Due to be released at the end of May 2022. Dystopian Wars The French begin to lower the hull of the Oriflamme into the water as they get ready to kickstart their navy with the Oriflamme Battlefleet Set. In aid of the Anatolia, the Sultanate strengthen their hold on the waters with the Sultanate Frontline Squadrons. Oriflamme Battlefleet Set Driven forward by the memories of past glory the Latin Alliance launch their first ships in the form of the French Oriflamme Battlefleet Set. At the heart of the Alliance battleline can be found the Oriflamme Battleship. Thoroughly modernised from the hulls of ageing Prince de Joinville class Battleships, the Oriflamme are the pride of the Republique. As much a work of art as a Battleship, even enemy crews can’t help but be impressed by the lines and craftsmanship of an Oriflamme cutting through the waves. This box contains: 1x Oriflamme Battleship 2x Cruiser (can be built as either a Loire, Picardy, Chevalier or Charlemagne Class ship) 4x Ecuyere Frigate Sultanate Frontline Squadrons The Sultanate cannot rest on their laurels this month and must make sure to keep up their presence with the introduction of the Sultanate Frontline Squadrons. This box contains: 2x Cruiser (can be built as either a Iskandar, Izmir, Pasha or Sadrazam Class ship. Both cruisers can also be combined to build a Hurrem Grand Cruiser or a Mehmed Grand Monitor) 4x Temir Frigate Wild West Exodus Keep your eyes to the skies this month as the Enlightened are busy tinkering to create even more Apex Hellions. Apex Hellions Previously seen in the Murder of Hellion Posse Set, the Apex Hellions are available to pre-order as their own separate set. The Apex Hellions are a refinement of Caym’s designs for winged constructs, often used as lieutenants, or more accurately pack leaders, for his forces. Apex Hellions fly in on great mechanical wings tearing apart their targets without remorse or any emotion apart from hate amplified by whatever processes Caym uses to control these soaring terrors. They are the first to engage the enemy, urged on by a monstrous will that only seeks to tear and rend. While they lack the ability to employ ranged weapons, their Hellion Evicerators are more than enough to tangle up an opponent before ripping them apart in a hideous display of slaughter. Science untempered by ethics is a horrifying thing. This box contains: 2x Apex Hellions Warcradle Scenics Expand your Red Oak town with even more detailed terrain for your tabletop to host shootouts and gunfights with the Red Oak Town Set 2. Red Oak Town Set 2 This set contains: 1x Residence 1x Distillery 1x Town House 1x Gallows and Clock Tower 1x Post Office 1x Cartwright 1x Bank 1x Watchtower As you can see May is full of exciting releases for Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus and Warcradle Scenics. Make sure to pre-order yours on the 29th of April from your FLGS or Wayland Games online. Stay up to date with everything we have in store right here on the Warcradle Studios Blog and make sure to let us know what you are most excited about over on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. View the full article
  3. This April there is a lot to look forward to from Warcradle Studios, with exciting new pre-orders for Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus and Warcradle Scenics. April ushers in the introduction of a new faction to the sea as the Sultanate makes a valiant entrance to Dystopian Wars with the Anatolia Battlefleet Set. Waves begin to crash over the decks of a mobile stronghold as the Murmansk resurfaces for the Commonwealth and the Union call in more supporting vessels with the Union Support Squadrons. The wild side of Wild West Exodus gets that little bit wilder as the Ceruleans are back with a separate box of Cerulean Infiltrators for the Watchers. The town of Retribution returns to your tabletop with the Retribution Town range, now available as individual terrain kits. With so much to come for Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus and Warcradle Scenics, make sure you don’t miss out when they are available to pre-order from the 25th of March 2022. Due to be released at the end of April 2022. Dystopian Wars The Sultanate joins the fray as the Anatolia Battlefleet Set is ready to set sail with their enriched knowledge unlocked by the New Learning. Almost as large as the Ice Maiden itself, the gigantic Murmansk Mobile Stronghold breaks the surface of the water and emerges in all its glory to repair any Commonwealth vessels. With these two huge releases the Union are forced to deploy additional reinforcements in the form of the Union Support Squadrons. Anatolia Battlefleet Set Once assumed to be at the brink of collapse due to their idleness, the Sultanate can no longer ignore the pressures of foreign enemies and has launched their first fleet to the seas of Dystopian Wars with the Anatolia Battlefleet Set. This box contains: 1x Anatolia Battleship 2x Cruiser (can be built as either a Iskandar, Izmir, Pasha or Sadrazam Class ship. Both cruisers can also be combined to build a Hurrem Grand Cruiser or a Mehmed Grand Monitor) 4x Temir Frigate Murmansk Battlefleet Set Rising from the depths, what at first looks like a small blot in the ocean becomes larger and larger until the massive Murmansk Mobile Stronghold breaks through the surface of the water. With a monumental crash of water the Murmansk is ready to aid any Commonwealth vessel. Part firebase and part repair yard, a Murmansk allows the Commonwealth to expand its theatres of operation around the globe. Utilising integrated void engine technology acquired by Helsinki Markov, the Murmansk can appear unexpectedly, rising from beneath the waves in a matter of minutes. The engineering teams aboard a Murmansk are so well drilled that they can even make emergency repairs during an engagement. Often an opponent of the Commonwealth thought a key target was critically damaged only for the brave teams aboard a nearby Murmansk to keep it in fighting condition. This box contains: 1x Mobile Stronghold (Can be built as either a Murmansk, Tobolsk, or Anastasia Class Ship) 4x Frontline Cruiser (can be built as either a Kutsov, Oleg, Sineus or Norilsk Class Ship) 2x Support Cruiser (can be built as either a Khatanga, Morozko or Pravda Class ship) 2x Stoletov Ekranoplan 8x Rurik Class Frigate 4x SRS Token Union Support Squadrons Following the soon-to-be released Enterprise Battlefleet Set, the Union are looking to strengthen their forces with the deployment of Support Squadrons. Packed with Cruisers and Automata this set adds a punch to any Union fleet. The Union fleet has seen a number of technological improvements since the defection of Nikolai Tesla from the Imperium, and a significant overall increase since the end of the Ore War. Support Cruisers and Automata have all been upgraded by the creative team in the Pipeworks. This box contains: 2x Union Support Cruisers (can be built as either a Discovery, Roanoke, California, Montgomery or Washington Class ship) 4x RC-52 Patriot Automata 2x SRS Tokens Wild West Exodus The pre-orders this month are out of this world as the Ceruleans return to Wild West Exodus. Eager to blend in and observe, these Cerulean Infiltrators are ready to aid any Watcher posse you may possess. Cerulean Infiltrators Hidden deep within society, the Cerulean Infiltrators have long lived amongst us and are now available outside of the Cerulean Clade Posse box. Full of undercover extraterrestrials, bring these masters of mimicking to your Watchers force. The Vreib possessed a naturally evolved chameleonic ability that helped them avoid or manipulate the many predators of their home world. When it was time for the species to join the Watchers Hegemony, this talent was seen as uniquely valuable. The Watchers spend centuries observing, trying to understand the sentient species of the galaxy. Being able to infiltrate such societies and live among them, even to think like them, was now possible thanks to the genetic talents of the Vreib. This box contains: 5x Cerulean Infiltrators Warcradle Scenics Now available for the first time in individual terrain kits, the bustling town of Retribution returns to your tabletop as the scene of epic gunfights and deadly shootouts. Retribution Town Range As the dust settles and the blood dries up in the scorching heat, the town of Retribution surely will not remain silent for very long. Following the conflict between Gustave Eiffel and Nikolai Tesla in Showdown at Retribution, the town of Retribution is now available as separate terrain kits to further customise the settings of your favourite wargames. There’s a lot to love this month with so much coming for Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus and Warcradle Scenics. Make sure to pre-order yours on the 25th March 2022 from your FLGS or Wayland Games online. Want to keep up to date with all the latest news and releases? Check out the Warcradle Studios Blog and socials, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. View the full article
  4. March looks to be an exciting month for fans of Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus and Warcradle Scenics with pre-orders aplenty! The seas aren't calm for very long as the Enterprise Battlefleet Set is deployed by The Union, making quite the splash. A rising force in the Dystopian Age, the Japanese continue to grow their navy with more reinforcements in the form of Frontline Squadrons. The Enlightened’s nefarious experiments culminate in the creation of a deadly invention this month, as the Sickle Gyro Cav is added to their arsenal in Wild West Exodus. The town of Red Oak springs to life as its Saloon and Cathouse doors swing open once more, allowing players to bring the town to their tabletop in one great value set. Make sure not to miss out on all of these exciting March releases, available to pre-order from the 25th February 2022. Due to be released at the end of March 2022. Dystopian Wars The Union launch the largest vessel in their naval register this month with the release of the Enterprise Battlefleet Set, cementing them as a power that is not to be taken lightly. Not only that, following the release of the Kongo Battlefleet Set, the Japanese continue to expand their influence with the deployment of the Japanese Frontline Squadrons. Enterprise Battlefleet Set The Union's hard work has paid off as the Enterprise is ready to set sail for Dystopian Wars in the new Enterprise Battlefleet Set. As the Union pushed out into the Pacific and Atlantic, it required significant air power to support fleet operations. The Enterprise class is a formidable warship and the largest vessel in the Union naval register. Once dubbed the Great Experiment, the success of these vessels is beyond doubt. Powered by three massive Paddlewheels, this mighty vessel retains some of the manoeuvrability of the smaller Union ships while still being able to keep the ship moving at an impressive speed for its size. The recent addition of launch cables allow for more rapid deployment of Corsairs, of which it carries ten squadrons. The Enterprise class Heavy Carriers also serve as mobile headquarters for Admirals and other high ranking military and civil individuals of note when the fleet operates far from home waters. Alongside the frontline ships of the Union Navy, the Enterprise is rarely seen without a small flotilla of support vessels. These ships are also able to provide field repairs to the RC-52 Patriot Automata. These towering simulacra are designed by the brilliant theoretical engineers at The Pipeworks, and are the largest automata in the Union’s military. Just like smaller automata, over time their adaptive computations develop quirks that give veteran Automata distinctive personalities. Contents: 1x Enterprise Heavy Carrier 3x Yorktown Class Cruisers. Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Intrepid, Lexington or Reliant Class. 6x Farragut Class Frigates 3x Akron Observation Rotor 3x Discovery Class Cruisers. Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Roanoke, California, Montgomery or Washington Class. 6x RC-52 Patriot Automata 3x SRS Token Japanese Frontline Squadrons The Japanese face their competition head on as the Japanese Frontline Squadrons sail into action to escort the previously released Kongo Heavy Battleship. The supporting cruisers that are assigned to Battlefleets through the forces of the Empire vary great. From the imposing Hokkaido Heavy Cruiser down to the nimble Kanagawa Monitor there is a cruiser variant for every mission. Japanese Cruiser groups are typically accompanied by Chita Submersible Automata. These engineering wonders are the equal to the mechanical creations of the Covenant of the Enlightened and are used to protect the fleet from threats beneath the waves as well as assisting in assaults.ce aircraft that act as spotters and limited aerial defence. When needs must they can also perform bombing runs on enemy shipping but usually only when supported by other aerial units. The Japanese favour Kyoto frigates when running their patrols between the far-flung islands of their homeland. The vessels are ideally suited for this task and for new sailors a year on a Kyoto is their first experience of the proud naval traditions of the Blazing Sun. Contents: 2x Osaka Cruisers. Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Kanagawa, Hokkaido, Okinawa, Miyagi, Yamaguchi, Ishikawa or Honshu Cruiser 4x Kyoto Frigates 4x Chita Automata Wild West Exodus Not content with creating just the Mono and Strider-Cav, the Enlightened have much more to show for Wild West Exodus as their Cavs become airborne! Introducing the Sickle Gyro Cav. Sickle Gyro Cav The pursuit of science is a never-ending endeavour and the Covenant of the Enlightened will stop at nothing when developing their augmented army. It is from this pursuit the Sickle Gyro Cav is born. The line between madness and genius is a fine one. Often an invention, thought outlandish and unusable, has subsequently become almost commonplace. There are always those looking to push boundaries further and be noticed in such a world where remarkable contraptions such as the Strider-Cav walk the earth. In the case of the Prussian scientist Ludwig Berblinger, it was the notion of ‘walking the earth’ that he sought to challenge. Contents: 1x Sickle Gyro Cav Warcradle Scenics The town of Red Oak is open to all those seeking refuge and entertainment with the money to pay for it. Bring Red Oak to your tabletop with the Red Oak Town Set 1, which offers multiple of the original Red Oak terrain kits now available in colour, and in one great value set. Red Oak Town Set 1 The town of Red Oak has seen more than its fair share of shootouts and gunfights. Its location in the Arizona territory seems to be within the reach of many of the varied groups who hope to gain some sway over the people of the West. Various Outlaw gangs end up in town wanting to trade or spend their ill-gotten gains on whatever entertainment their minds can think up. The Cathouse and Saloon are usually the first place Outlaws (or anyone new in town for that matter) head to. Wyatt Earp passes through, sometimes dropping off his latest quarry in the Jail until they can be properly tried. Contents: 1x Crematorium 1x Cat House 1x Saloon 1x Bridge 1x Jail 1x Scatter 1x Metalsmith 1x Prospector's Shack And there you have it, the exciting new March releases coming to Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus and Warcradle Scenics. Not long left to wait now, pre-order yours on the 25th February 2022 from your FLGS or Wayland Games Online. Keep up to date with all the latest news and releases on the Warcradle Studios Blog and socials, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The pre-orders are now live! Make sure to check out the full blog post to get your hands on them now. View the full article
  5. November is a big month here at Warcradle Studios, exciting new pre-orders are coming your way for Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus and Warcradle Scenics. Dystopian Wars players have a lot to look forward to with the release of the Victory Battlefleet Set and the Tianlong Battlefleet Set. The Enlightened are also getting reinforcements with the Enlightened Support Squadron. Following on from the release of the new two player starter set; Showdown at Retribution, the Wild West Iron Horses will be available to pre-order as their own separate box and can be built for five different factions. Not only that, you will now be able to purchase the 3rd Edition Rules & Gubbins Set. Last but by no means least is the Promethean Complex from Warcradle Scenics. Built upon existing mineworks, this terrain perfectly captures the secretive and dangerous experiments the Covenant of the Enlightened perform in the pursuit of progress. With so much to look forward to, make sure you pre-order from October 29th 2021. Dystopian Wars This month there are three exciting new releases for Dystopian Wars. The Crown and The Empire have two new forces incoming, the Victory Battlefleet Set and the Tianlong Battlefleet Set, as well as the Enlightened Support Squadrons. Victory Battlefleet Set Following the release of the Britannia Battlefleet Set in late August of this year, The Crown has launched back into action with the brand new Victory Battlefleet Set. For the last three decades, the Victory class Heavy Carriers have been a dominating force around the globe. They demonstrate the huge significance that naval strength plays in all Crown military campaigns. As an island nation, the British consider the seas and oceans of the world as essential to hold their Dominions together. The Victory and her aircraft ensure that remains so. With an internal hanger that is rivalled only by the experimental Ice Maiden of the Imperium, A Victory can launch dozens of Defiant fighters into the skies to defend the fleet from incoming bombers or to hammer the decks of her enemies with their rapid firing Vickers Automatic Guns. Tianlong Battlefleet Set The newest addition to The Empire is the Tianlong Battlefleet Set. If you’re looking to start an Empire force, or add to one, then this set is a battlefleet to be excited for! The Tianlong Draconic Colossus uses a combination of rotor engines and repulsion fields to remain aloft. Originally created to patrol the airspace near the Zhanmadao Sky Fortresses and Ziwei Sky Bastions, the Tianlong swoop down, their skilled crews getting the most out of these marvels of Engineering. The Tianlong can be outfitted with different weapons located in the mouth and tail. The choice of the Heavy Huoqiang or the Heat Lancette is a difficult one for most Captains to make. The Heavy gun battery can also be removed in favour of additional crew space to house a squadron of Bushi Ryu. These highly trained Samurai use rocket propelled armour to descend to assault enemy vessels in hand to hand combat. There are occasions when squadrons of Tianlong are sent on strike missions, if so they are often supported on the sea by Gong destroyers. These fast, but well armed vessels are ideal for long range, fast attacks, complimenting the Draconic Colossi well. Enlightened Support Squadron Calling all reinforcements! The Enlightened are getting their own Support Squadron, featuring the support ships seen in the Hypatia Battlefleet Set and Hunt for the Prometheus Two Player Starter Set. The support ships that escort the Flagship vessels of the Enlightened Fleets fill some very specialist roles. The Plinius Support Carrier carries dozens of Scythe Drones and can launch them from hydraulic ramps. This allows the Plinius to partially submerge when the ramps are closed making it very difficult to see and target. Built around the same hull as the Plinius are a number of other Cruisers. The Quintilian bombardment cruiser mounts heavy rockets that it can launch at distant targets before returning below the waves. While these Cruisers are able to lurk just below the surface the Diogenese and Praxilla Class Submarines are able to operate at significant depths. These large Automata operate under a number of pre-programmed subroutines and are effective at hunting down and destroying enemy vessels. Wild West Exodus This November, Wild West Exodus also has two new releases; the 3rd Edition Rules and Gubbins Set as well as the Iron Horse. Third Edition Rules and Gubbins Set Wild West Exodus has just entered its 3rd Edition, and you can bring your games up to speed with the 3rd Edition Rules and Gubbins Set this November. With everything needed to play, this set includes the 3rd Edition rulebook, Action and Adventure Card Deck, Dice and much more. Wild West Exodus is a dynamic, fast-paced tabletop miniatures game pitting a cast of heroic characters against each other in a brutal world - very much a twisted reflection of our own. In the twilight years of the Nineteenth Century, mankind is perched upon a new age of discovery and enlightenment. The Wild West Exodus Rules & Gubbins Set contains all the tools you need to play. Just grab this box and your favourite Posse (or two) and you are ready to start clashing against your opponents in the West. Wild West Iron Horses Seen in the recent new two player starter set; Showdown at Retribution, the Wild West Iron Horses will be available to pre-order in it’s own boxed set. With two build options and five faction riders available, this will be a great addition to most forces. Since Armstrong Custer’s famous charge leading the Michigan Wolverine’s at Gettysburg, the Iron Horse has become a ubiquitous machine across the frontier. Their combination of speed, firepower and durability led to a massive Union contract with the Covenant of the Enlightened during the Ore War, replacing flesh and blood horses in all cavalry regiments. Now more than a decade later, Iron Horses have become easy to obtain, with Union surplus and frontline shipments making their way onto the black market in vast numbers and the machinery itself proving to be simple to maintain with spare-parts in abundance. While older marks and models of Iron Horse prove to be a little on the temperamental side, the Iron Horse’s popularity and variety of designs can be found in use across the Union and beyond. Uniquely found in the Union arsenal, the Iron Eagle is seen by many as the pinnacle of technological evolution for the Iron Horse.More than the replacement of the RJ engine with a voltaic power plant, the Iron Eagle boasts additional armor and electro-weaponry. As the ultimate statement that the Iron Eagle represented the future of Union military prowess, Nikolai Tesla incorporated specially programmed UR-31E Automata to pilot these new machines, giving them a resilience unmatched in the field by other cavalry. Warcradle Scenics Lastly we have, from Warcradle Scenics, the Promethean Complex Set. This terrain-based set presents a secret scientific setting to the tabletop, compatible with Wild West Exodus, Warhammer 40K, Infinity and more. The Peers of the Covenant of the Enlightened often perform elaborate and sometimes dangerous experiments using the most powerful technologies known to humanity. In order to ensure that they have all the assets required for such work they typically create labyrinthine and eccentric laboratories for themselves. It is not without some irony that these sprawling structures have been collectively named Promethean Complexes. More often than not, in order to contain explosions and noise as well as retaining complete anonymity and secrecy, they build on existing mineworks or new excavations to be contained largely underground, with esoteric and blunt looking iron and steel structures jutting out across the surface forming into a small estate or settlement. Interested in Wild West Exodus and the Showdown at Retribution Two Player Starter Set? We have something very exciting in the works for you then. Introducing the Global Gunslinger League! OnTableTop is hosting the Global Gunslinger League, an exciting online hobby introduction to Wild West Exodus. Make sure to sign up today! Discover how to build, paint and play the Wild West Exodus two player starter set; Showdown at Retribution. Activities start November 21. Plenty of very intriguing releases are coming up for Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus and Warcradle Scenics in November. Make sure you pre-order from October 29th 2021 at your FLGS or Wayland Games Online. View the full article
  6. This October is set to be very exciting at Warcradle Studios, with some massive releases for the gunslinging world of Wild West Exodus. Including a brand new two-player starter set; Showdown at Retribution as well as a new Warcradle Scenics Terrain Set that can be used alongside the boxed set. Showdown at Retribution, the two-player starter set for Wild West Exodus includes both the Union and Enlightened forces inside - this will be a great starting point for any new players or a boxed set for collectors to acquire. Not only that, but this month also sees the release of terrain-based sets in the bustling town of Retribution. The Retribution Town set and the Retribution Town House by Warcradle Scenics can easily be paired with Showdown at Retribution. These can be used with multiple game systems, including Wild West Exodus and Malifaux. Make sure to get your pre-order in for these exciting new releases on October 15th at Wayland Games or your FLGS! Showdown at Retribution The Showdown at Retribution Two Player Starter Set serves not only as a great way for new players to start playing Wild West Exodus, but also as an appealing addition to any player's existing collection. The frontier of the Union of Federated States is a wild and often lawless place. Ideal for outlaws, renegades and zealots to prey on the locals. Now a force led by the morally bankrupt Enlightened scientist Gustave Eiffel has arrived in the town of Retribution. Enlightened Gustave Eiffel View fullsize Smash and Grab View fullsize Emily Nouguir View fullsize The mayor sends out a call for aid and is overjoyed to find that the hero of the Union, Nikolai Tesla is in the area. But as the Union forces pull into Retribution it becomes clear that this is no coincidence and all has unfolded to Eiffel’s plans for vengeance. The stage is set for an epic showdown in Retribution between these two rivals. Union Nikolai Tesla View fullsize Union Belle View fullsize Carl Fredrickson View fullsize Get into the new edition of Wild West Exodus with Showdown at Retribution – a two player starter set designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to the savage Wild West in the Dystopian Age. Containing dozens of fantastically detailed Warcradle miniatures, the full third edition rulebook, quick start guide to help you get going straight away and much more - this hefty boxed set is an easy way to explore the game and start your hobby adventure. Showdown at Retribution Box Contents 1 x Nikolai Tesla 1 x Union Belle 1 x Carl Fredrickson 9 x UR-31E Teslabot 2 x Iron Eagle 1 x Gustave Eiffel 1 x Smash & Grab 1 x Emily Nouguier 3 x Mono-Cav/Strider-Cav 2 x Iron Horse 1 x Rules 1 x Quickstart Guide 1 x Campaign Book 2 x Action Card Deck (48 cards each) 2 x Adventure Card Deck (60 cards each) 1 x Template Set 2 x Token & Counters Set 8 x Ten Sided Dice Warcradle Scenics Retribution Town Set Accompanying Showdown at Retribution, is the Retribution Town Set and Town House. With October's releases you can create and fight within your very own town of Retribution on the tabletop. Most frontier towns in the midwest are sparsely populated, largely lawless, dangerous places to live in or to visit. Retribution, however, is a different story. With the 7th Cavalry and 222nd Infantry Union regiments now based out Camp Soule a few miles to the west, the town has been transformed into an oasis of entertainment and civility in a desert of threats, violence and death. View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize Thanks to the Union dollars pouring in, the town has expanded to include a railroad station, a theater, new housing projects and many more amenities that are denied to most folk out West. View fullsize This MDF, pre-painted Town Set contains enough buildings to create the town of Retribution on your tabletop. Contents 1 x Theater 1 x Station 1 x Residence 1 x Barracks 1 x Windmill Retribution Town House As well as the Retribution Town Set, you can also pre-order the Retribution Town House. A modular building for Retribution that helps you populate your town with buildings that stand out from each other, depending on how you choose to build them. View fullsize This MDF, pre-painted, modular building allows you to build one of many different Town Houses. Contents 1 x Modular Town House So October is definitely looking to be a massive month for Wild West Exodus. It doesn’t stop there though. We also have something very special in the works for all those intending on picking up Showdown at Retribution, introducing… the Global Gunslinger League! The Global Gunslinger League is an exciting online hobby introduction from OnTableTop. Discover how to build, paint and play the Wild West Exodus two player starter set, Showdown at Retribution. Signup begins on the 15th October, so make sure to check this space for the link when it goes live! Activities start November 2021. Are you as excited as we are? Watch out at your FLGS or Wayland Games, these products are available to pre-order from October 15th 2021. Keep up to date with Warcradle Studios through our social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for new releases and spoiler alerts each month. View the full article The newest releases are now available to pre-order! Head over to the full blog article above to get your hands on the newest releases by Warcradle Studios, as well as sign up to the Global Gunslingers League from today.
  7. June is a big month at Warcradle Studios, with not just an abundance of new Dystopian Wars products, but an expansion to the popular Gloomburg terrain range from Warcradle Scenics. With five new releases in total, June releases are certainly ones to not be missed. So be sure to head over to Wayland Games and your FLGS stores to get your pre-orders in. DYSTOPIAN WARS Tempelhof Battlefleet Set The Prussian Imperium are getting reinforcements, as the Tempelhof Battlefleet Set is making its way into Dystopian Wars. With not just support by sea, but by air too. Air support is essential for the operation of an efficient fleet and as efficiency is the watchword of the Imperium Navy, Air Support is found in all sections of the Prussian Forces. At the heart of this is the Tempelhof Fleet Carrier. Its main role is to get its contingent of aircraft to within striking range of the enemy and provide anti-air support to them. They can often be equipped with the deadly Blitzen Bombers; heavy aircraft armed with devastating bombs to rain down on the enemy decks, coastal defences or even targets further inland. Enemy Admirals who have encountered these large bombers will never forget the deep throaty roar of their engines, if they ever survive the encounter that is. In support of the Tempelhof Fleet Carriers are assigned a number of specialised cruiser variants. Based on the ubiquitous Blucher Class Hull, but with a specialised bridge section, these ships can be refitted as fast as their frontline counterparts. The Konrad Class Support Carrier bears a short flight deck with supply for a small number of fighters allowing it to add to the squadrons of aircraft the fleet can put in the air. The Reiter Class Veirling Cruiser is equipped with an impressive array of flak cannons, ensuring the Blitzen Bombers can reach their targets without interception. Finally the Volsung Class Cruisers bear large Arc Cannons on their decks that can turn enemy armour into so much molten slag. Added to this array of impressive naval firepower are the Imperium Destroyers. The Sigimer Class Destroyers look similar to the Arminus Frigates, but are longer, more heavily armoured and boast an extra cannon. The alternative loadout to the Sigimer is the Toten Class that is equipped with two Volt Gun Batteries. Many an Admiral has underestimated these smaller vessels, much to their dismay as they watch their fleet sinking below the waves. Borodino Battlefleet Set Players who picked up the Hunt for the Prometheus Two Player Starter Set will be familiar with this upcoming fleet, the Borodino Battlefleet Set is now available to be pre-ordered individually without buying into the whole set. The main warhorse of the Commonwealth Naval warmachine is the Borodino Class Battleship. These vessels are of solid construction and the first of them to come out of the shipyards are still going strong after almost three decades of service. Bearing a comparable loadout of cannon to Battleships of other nations, and equipped with thick ablative armour the Borodino is able to give much more than it gets in a stand up firefight. As a result the Borodino Class Battleships are often found in the thick of the fighting. The Battleships are typically accompanied by the frontline cruisers, who’s equally durable armour and heavy gun turrets make them solid opponents for any enemy fleet. The Norilsk Heavy Cruiser has a distinctive long & sleek silhouette and it’s extra turret gives it that little extra firepower needed to hit at larger targets. The mainstay of the frontline cruisers are the Kutsov Class; solid and dependable they can be utilised in any number of operations. The Oleg Class Monitors and Sineus Class Fast Cruisers act as rapid response when speed is more sedated than firepower. In and amongst these larger ships are scattered squadrons of Rurik Frigates, their captains are adroit hunters and enjoy finishing off damaged larger targets. Commonwealth Support Squadrons The Russians have more than one release this month, providing reinforcements with The Commonwealth Support Squadrons going on to pre-order this month too. Typically accompanying the Flagships of the Commonwealth are support squadrons of cruisers and Stoletov Ekranoplans. The Pravda Support Carriers are equipped with short flight decks and limited aircraft capacity compared to the Mozhayski, but can launch a supporting screen of fighters or bombers to assist in attack runs. The Morosko Heavy Cryo Cruiser builds on the Norilsk hull design with the integration of an advanced cryo generator capable of forming deadly icebergs in their enemy’s path. The Khatanga Cryo Assault Cruiser is favoured by northern commanders as it takes this art of war one stage further with the addition of the ferocious Semyenov pattern assault bore in the prow. WARCRADLE SCENICS Gloomburg - Castle Set The ever-popular Gloomburg terrain pieces are back under the spotlight, with stunning new pre-coloured scenery available to pre-order now: Castle Set and Siege Engines & Scatter. The Gloomburg Castle perfectly fits both fantasy and historical tabletop settings, with functional doors and a portcullis that raises and lowers. Complete with arrowslits and battlements, your units will find safe-haven behind these walls for all types of tabletop gamer. Gloomburg - Siege Engines & Scatter To complement the detailed modular scenery set: the Siege Engines & Scatter Set. Offering the perfect add-ons to the Gloomburg Castle, with lookout posts, a catapult, drawbridge, battering ram and ladders. The mists curl and eddy around the dark village as a gentle breeze disturbs the deserted streets. The only sounds are the crows who gather on several roofs. Shadowed figures move in the darkness, hollow-eyed inhabitants of a once-thriving market town. What evil could have wrought this change? What will you find lurking in the gatehouse at the edge of town? If you like the look of next month's releases, be sure to pre-order from your FLGS or online at Wayland Games today. Due to be released at the end of June 2021. View the full article
  8. What does the month of September have in store for fans of Wild West Exodus, Mythos and those who enjoy building the perfect tabletop setting? A whole host of goodies. Wild West Exodus: Legendary Cloud Runner For fans of Warrior Nation, September sees the release of Legendary Cloud Runner. She and her enormous hawk, named Oniya, assist forces as aerial scouts, looking for signs of invaders and interlopers, and directing warriors to where they are most needed. Regularly calling upon other great spirit energy beasts, such as the Fire Eagle (or Great Thunderbird) to serve during battles, helping to bring Death from Above. The Great Spirit manifests itself in many different ways. Spirit Walkers have the ability to alter their physical form into that of a hybrid between man and animal. Some in the Warrior Nation are blessed with the ability to move and control the flow of their life energy like Shaman such as Chief Raven Spirit. Read the full description here. Price: £25.00 Mythos the Game: Odani Travellers For followers of Mythos, September bestows the gift of a new faction: Odani Travellers. Embodying everything it means to be a real "freak of nature", the Odani are dangerously charming - not only for those confronting them on the tabletop. Skilful misdirection is one of the Odani's strengths, if you didn’t plan on collecting these miniatures for your games, prepare to welcome this enchanting mix of miniatures into your painting projects lineup! The future may not be read with impunity. The threads of destiny for a person are wrapped through the days of their lives, known only to the omniscient beings known to their followers as the Fates. The secrets of the Fates are hidden from the eyes of mere mortals and only those with the gift of Mythos may begin to lift that veil. Read the full description here. Price: £35.00 New Terrain: Gloomburg Sprawl Set If you're a fan of fantasy and historical wargames, you're going to love the new tabletop scenery set, coming out at the end of September. The new Gloomburg Sprawl Set offers six new charming pieces of 28mm full-colour scenery - for spending less time setting the scene, and more time gaming. The mists curl and eddy around the dark village as a gentle breeze disturbs the deserted streets. The only sounds are the crows who gather on several roofs. Shadowed figures move in the darkness, hollow-eyed inhabitants of a once-thriving market town. What evil could have wrought this change? What will you find lurking in the gatehouse at the edge of town? Read the full description here. Price: £100.00 Legendary Cloud Runner, the Odani Travelers faction set and the Gloomburg Sprawl set are all available to pre-order now, and are due to be released at the end of September 2020. Be sure to use our store locator to find an FLGS near you or shop online at Wayland Games. View the full article
  9. Get ready to set the tabletop scene with new plastic scenic bases and sets of super buildings initially only available in the Super City Downtown bundle. All available to pre-order from today, with your FLGS and online at Wayland Games. New Plastic Scenic Bases With the new miniatures base sets from Warcradle Studios, your force will not only look the part as you move into position on the tabletop, but they'll stand out from your opponents. While both of the new miniatures base sets are incredibly detailed, there are a few unique and interesting differences between them. There are two base themes inside each of the sets, for use with or without the iconic Warcradle Plinth bases - also included! Mesa & Frontier Town Base Set The Mesa & Frontier Town base set provides a textured, sandy terrain option, with a mix of highly detailed features varying from pistols and skulls and to the remains of foes. It also includes highly detailed old-school wooden flooring as a second option, with remnants of battles previously had, scattered RJ bottles and Wild West "Wanted" posters. If you've been looking for the perfect base inserts for your Wild West Exodus miniatures, these bases will more than suffice! Available in small or medium. Medium Enhance your miniatures with these highly detailed plastics base accessories. These can either be used as toppers for the Warcradle Plinth bases or as stand alone bases for any miniatures. Price: £20.00 Swamp & Industrial Base Set The Swamp & Industrial base set brings out the best of a murky bayou with exposed roots ravaging the muddy waters, rotting wooden planks, and the skulls of those that dared to venture ahead. The second theme for this set provides a platform for sci-fi, pulp/horror miniature figures and features a host of pipework and congregated metal flooring for your miniatures to stand atop - with some more RJ canisters thrown in for good measure. Not only is this set fitting for the Hex in Wild West Exodus, but it's also compatible with many more miniatures games. Available in small or medium. Medium Enhance your miniatures with these highly detailed plastics base accessories. These can either be used as toppers for the Warcradle Plinth bases or as stand alone bases for any miniatures. Price: £20.00 Basing helps to tell the story of your army, so make sure to pre-order these basing sets for an excellent selection of stand-alone base options for every model in your collection. Both of these textured miniature base sets are available to pre-order from your FLGS and online from Wayland Games, due for release at the end of October 2020. Super City Scenery Kits We're also helping to keep tabletops action-packed by releasing each of the Super City buildings separately! If you've been looking for marvel crisis protocol terrain or waiting to get your hands on the Mystic Mansion, Tower Block or the scatter terrain pieces (Quantum Van or Construction Site), you're in luck. They are all available to pre-order individually from today. If you're ready to make an impact, these scenery kits offer a selection of pre-painted MDF buildings, compatible with 35mm - 40mm scale games, and many more. From miniatures games to RPG's, building the ideal comic book or contemporary city, the possibilities for this series of scenery are endless. All of the Super City tabletop scenery kits are available to pre-order from your FLGS and online from Wayland Games, due for release at the end of October 2020. Super City - Mystic Mansion Price: £30.00 Super City - Tower Block Price: £30.00 Super City - Tower Block Extension Price: £15.00 Super City - Construction Site Price: £12.00 Super City - Quantum Van Price: £10.00 If you like the look of next months releases, be sure to pre-order from your FLGS or online at Wayland Games today. Due to be released at the end of October 2020. View the full article
  10. Today we announce new miniatures sets for Wild West Exodus and Mythos, and a tabletop city fit for Super Heroes. Don't delay, to find out more about the miniatures and terrain available to pre-order from today; keep scrolling. Wrath of the Nautilus Detachment Everybody's favourite captain: the legendary Rani Nimue* now has a crew of her very own. She and her highly skilled team are ready to impart the ‘Wrath of the Nautilus’ as Outlaws of the Wild West. This exciting new Posse not only embraces the classic steampunk look but exudes Pirate-Esque charm. Pre-order now to embark on your next tabletop skirmish in Wild West Exodus. It's only a matter of time before the Crown sends the instruction for Wrath of the Nautilus to head north, the Enlightened Soul Hunters won't be the only detachment investigating the Lost World! Born under the Raj in Delhi, Rani Nimue had a turbulent childhood. Her English-born father worked for the diplomatic service and moved across the country to wherever Her Majesty required him, his wife and only child dutifully following. At the height of the Indian Mutiny, Rani’s mother was killed and her father was faced with the difficult task of raising his daughter alone. Read the full description here. Price: £35.00 *Looking for the legendary miniature of Captain Nimue? Head to the Wild West Exodus store to order Legendary Rani Nimue. Custos Crypta Faction Starter Set From the depths of the dark, mysterious Crypt to the streets of Dunsmouth, welcome the gruesome grubs and unworldly creatures that form the Custos Crypta. Today, under the control of the Crypt Guardian, these skin-crawling characters join the shadow war of Mythos. The Custos Crypta extends its influence by mentally compelling humans, drawing in mortal servants and expanding on their formidable biology - some may say they’re the most “encaptivating” Mythos faction to date. Be sure to pre-order the Custos Crypta Faction Starter Set, to see how these elusive insects fare on the tabletop. The story of the Custos Crypta begins in the year 700 BCE at the height of the Kushite Empire when the authority of Pharaoh Neferkare Shabaka was considered absolute. Shabaka was said to be blessed by the ancient Egyptian Goddess Khepera. It was in Khepera’s name that Shabaka ruled, from Nubia to the Nile Delta and a blood sacrifice was made daily in his name. Read the full description here. Price: £35.00 Super City Downtown Set Finally, we finish on something marvellous: the Super City Downtown Set arrives as a unique Warcradle Scenics product, scaled to fit the awesome Marvel: Crisis Protocol. The set offers a series of pre-painted MDF buildings, compatible with 35mm - 40mm scale wargames - ideal for creating tabletop cityscapes and recreating superhero scenes. Included in the set are two huge multi-level buildings, the Mythic Mansion and Tower Block, as well as several other smaller buildings and scatter terrain. The Mythic Mansion comes complete with full inner details, removable damaged walls and a staircase and multiple removable levels. The Tower Block also comes with interior features and optional NYPD or HOTEL signage. Beings from another dimension, Super-human arch-villains, deranged cyborgs created by the government - whatever your nemesis, you can rest assured that they will take their fight to the streets, in broad daylight to maximise any collateral damage! It is your job, brave heroes, to defeat them without levelling half the city. Good luck! Price: £100.00 That's it for now! The Wrath of the Nautilus Detachment, Custo Crypta Faction Starter Set and Super City terrain bundle are all available to pre-order now from your FLGS and online at Wayland Games - due for release at the end of June 2020. View the full article
  11. "The dark and narrow streets of Dunsmouth, Rhode Island is home to a small fishing community. Typically in communities like this everyone knows everyone else’s business, but not in Dunsmouth. Here people keep themselves to themselves and there is a constant state of tension and paranoia that hangs over the town like a cloying mist. The well above average number of unexplained disappearances seem to go uninvestigated by the authorities and the inhabitants tend not to discuss such things with outsiders, if they take the time to talk to them at all. Dunsmouth is not a place to take a summer vacation, in fact, you would do well to give the place a wide berth." Introducing: The Dunsmouth Dock Set. This stunning new full-colour scenery set is comprised of no less than NINE scenery pieces in pre-painted detailed MDF. Containing more than enough terrain for most games, the Dunsmouth Dock Set provides an evocative and attractive environment for your games of Mythos. Let’s have a closer look at the foreboding town of Dunsmouth shall we? 1, 2, and 3 Providence Lane: Three huge three-storey complementary buildings. A real highlight of the Dunsmouth Dock Set, they come with street lamps and mail bins to set up the perfect street scene. The roof and back of the building are easily detachable, allowing you to place your models inside and take full advantage of the multilevel nature of these brilliant buildings. Dunsmouth Fish Market: This large open space is the perfect setting for a melee battle. The Fishmarket gives you plenty of room for your models or to place the included crates and barrels to block line of sight. It looks great in the middle of your table as a focal point for the battle. Dunsmouth Clock Tower: With a detachable level the clocktower provides a perfect vantage point for one of your characters. Mythos is not a game of long range sniping per se, but the clocktower can give improved line of sight and cover for anyone who needs it. Fisherman's Hut: This piece screams character. You can imagine it on the side of a dock, salty sea dog sat on the bench watching Dunsmouth go by. It comes complete with loads of accessories like Anchors and crates. Tackle shop: Like the Fisherman's Hut this comes packed with accessories and includes a porch area. It’s the perfect companion piece. Street Scatter: A Pair of vendor kiosks provides cover for your characters and includes Billboards and Street Lamps to set the scene. Traders Gear: Perfect for adding a little more cover to your game, the Street Scatter set includes a pair of automobiles, one covered and one in a pickup style. These have to be amongst the most charming and intricate kits we have ever made, it’s hard to believe they are MDF! As if that wasn't enough, the Dunsmouth Dock Set also comes with an exclusive colour variant bonus Fisherman's hut! It's a veritable town's worth of scenery and more than enough to populate any table. Though designed to complement the release of Mythos it is also suitable for many other games, especially 28-32mm games such as Bolt Action or Malifaux to name just a couple. Order your Dunsmouth Dock Set now and don't forget to pick up your Mythos Rules and Gubbins set and a Faction or two for when Mythos is released on the 28th of March! View the full article
  12. Welcome to the Funland. Fighting in Arkham, Malifaux or even The Other Side? The Funland terrain would make a perfect addition to any of these games. This range of 28/32mm scale terrain has everything you need to complete an entire tabletop Funland. If you want one big coaster you can always combine multiple Roller Coaster kits to really give the customers a fright, or use one kit to make multiple smaller elements. You can fence off parts of the Park, add an entrance, and add a couple of mini-games to your miniatures game allowing you to build funtastic tables and enjoy all the fun of the fair! Funland Rollercoaster The Rollercoaster contains 1x Funland Rollercoaster 3x Carts 1x Ticketbooth/Archway Price: £25.00 Funland Ferris Wheel Ferris Wheel Kit Contains: 1x Funland Ferris Wheel 6x Carriages Price: £18.00 Funland Entrance Funland Entrance Contains: 1x Entrance Archway 1x Bin 1x Small Carnival Game Price: £5.00 Funland Stalls The Funland Stalls Contains: 1x Cotton Candy Stall 1x Hotdog Stall 1x Ticket Booth 1x Fortune Teller Booth Price: £8.00 Funland Fencing The Funland Fencing Contains: 9 Fences including, 2 Clown Faces 2 Funland Signs 12x Fence Bases 2x Bins 1x Test of Strength Carnival Game 1x Hammer Price: £5.00 View the full article
  13. We’ve got some treats for you… From sci-fi buildings to scenic MDF bases for your miniatures, to deck boxes with ample space for gaming accessories and tokens, there are plenty of new Warcradle Scenics tabletop goodies to explore! You can find Tech City, Arcane and Scenic bases available to pre-order at Wayland Games and soon to be on pre-order with your FLGS - due for release at the end of April 2019. ARCANE TOKEN SET Arcane Tokens Ideal for use with Keyforge, this token set contains all of the tokens needed to play the game, in laser cut two-colour acrylic. This token set contains: 18 damage tokens (10 x 1 damage, 5 x 3 damage, 3 x 5 damage) 6 x shield tokens 6 x +1 tokens 6 x stun tokens 16 Amber tokens 3 keys (1 x Blue, 1 x Yellow, 1 x Red). Please note: Tokens are manufactured in coloured acrylic. Price: £6.00 ARCANE DECK BOX Ideal for storing your Keyforge decks, this deck box holds 5 card decks of 60 unsleeved cards or 37 sleeved cards. There is also ample space for tokens, dice or other items needed to play. This item contains: 1 x Arcane Deck Box 5 x Box inserts 1 x Archive. Please note: Deck Box is manufactured in Medium Density Fibre Board (MDF). Deck Box is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required. Price: £12.00 TECH CITY This series of sci-fi buildings are ideal for use with any 25mm - 32mm skirmish wargames. With modular buildings and walkways that can all be fitted together, you can build your city the way you want it. All doors open and the walls and ceilings are all removable so the action can continue inside each building - no matter how many levels or how large your structure is! Please note: All sets sold individually. Tech City is manufactured in Medium Density Fibre Board (MDF). Tech City is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required. Objective Markers are Medium Density Fibre Board (MDF).and Acrylic. Price: from £10.00 SCI-FI LABYRINTH BASES This intricately detailed set of scenic MDF bases are ideal for all 25mm - 35mm Sci-Fi miniatures. These are perfect for use with Blackstone Fortress as the set contains the correctly sized bases for every miniature in the core set. This item contains 44 bases: 24 x 25mm bases 19 x 32mm bases 1 x 40mm base. Please note: Bases are manufactured in Medium Density Fibreboard. Bases are supplied unpainted. Price: £15.00 View the full article
  14. When night falls on the city, the streets turn into a warzone where vigilante heroes fight against their villainous enemies to keep the ordinary folks safe as they sleep soundly in their beds… We’ve added Hero Tokens to our Warcradle Scenics range! Hero Tokens are currently available to pre-order at Wayland Games and soon to be on pre-order with your FLGS - due for release at the end of February 2019. HERO TOKENS - TAKE THE LEAD Hero Tokens help you track conditions, health and any other statuses in all your Heroic miniature skirmish games. Ranging between 30mm - 40mm these colourful acrylic templates are easy to spot on the tabletop. Please note: Tokens are manufactured in coloured acrylic. Each set sold separately. Price: £5.00 per set View the full article
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