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Found 16 results

  1. For those who didn't catch our latest Live Q&A, we wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to watch (and read) all about it directly from us here at Warcradle Studios. Enjoy our latest update about Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus, Armoured Clash, Firestorm Armada et al. As well as our announcement about Warcradle Classics! Watch the video here: Alternatively, head over to our blog to get a quick overview or to read the full blog, including all images from the Live Q&A!
  2. Slick here. I'll be starting a regular painting log for my various Uncharted Seas fleets and terrain. I'll start this off with an update on my Shroud Mages. Today I have a pic of my Shroud Mages for Uncharted Seas which I am updating with the new sculpts. These are four of the fearsome Ripper Subs! These have been drybrushed with silver and then a wash of drakenhof nightshade applied to both the model and the water. I wanted to keep the water dark to go along with the Shroud Mages theme. The torpedo tubes in the front have been picked out with gold. I'm going to go back and add some detail to the engine areas on these. First though, I need to paint up the eight submerged markers for these guys. Comments welcome!
  3. The Ralgard are an elite warrior caste that hail from the island province of Tragorria, a lush jungle land that harbours countless dangers. The majesty of their war fleet is a sight to behold, massive sails propelling glorious ships to battle. Just as The Ralgard pride themselves on their ornate armour, their banners festooned across the battlefield, so this is replicated in their navy. But water vessels are not this race’s only weapon; look to the darkening skies to see the might of their aerial armadas. The Ralgard Warrior is made for warfare…150% raw, unadulterated fighting machine. A Warrior lives by a code of honour that is valued even more than life itself. For more information on The Ralgard, you can read their full page on our website here: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/games/uncharted-seas/the-ralgard
  4. At the heart of this race is the Imperial State, the powerhouse of a vast empire. The Imperial Council, which sits at the core of the Imperial State, is controlled by five great Houses: the Arkos, Corvinus, Tepes, Váka and Dragutin. With the expansion into The Uncharted Seas the Imperial Council now has its sights set on a place to grow its power base even more, with new races to destroy and resources to plunder. Most of the Imperial Navy fleets in this region of expansion are commanded by the Arkos, Tepes and Corvinus families. Large fleets from these three houses have sailed forth to claim new territories: the Arkos looking to establish new trade routes, the Corvinus seek out new mysteries, and the Tepes hope to carve out a kingdom of their own to strengthen their position in the Old World. For more information on the Imperial Humans, you can read their full page on our website here: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/games/uncharted-seas/imperial-humans
  5. ne of the fleets that really benefited from the new sculpts were the Bone Griffons which really drew me to starting a new fleet. The most obvious improvement for the Bone Griffons was in the size and quality of their undead Orcas which are almost as big as some cruisers! This first pic features all 6 from the starter. I will have some more updates soon so stay tuned! Comments welcome!
  6. This is a third battle report played with three other players. This battle was particular because none of the four fleets involved (Dragon Lords, Iron Dwarves, Shroud Mages and Bone Griffons) was influenced by wind. This is one of the little weaknesses of UCS : there are too many fleets who don't mind wind! http://www.fbruntz.fr/baie/uncharted_seas/rapports/bataille_vent.html
  7. This is a new battle report for The Uncharted Seas : Dragon Lords, Iron Dwarves and Bone Griffons fought for the control of the Door of the Rising Sun! http://www.fbruntz.fr/baie/uncharted_seas/rapports/porte_du_levant.html
  8. This is another battle report in French (but with pictures ^^) : my Dragon Lords fight against my Iron Dwarves leaded by a friend. After that game, my friend bought a Shroud Mages fleet. http://www.fbruntz.fr/baie/uncharted_seas/rapports/nains_acier.html
  9. Hi all, As I've not seen too many of the new Shroud Mage sculpts being posted, I thought to go ahead with mine : For more detailed pictures, see link to my gallery in my signature. or here for picasaweb album. Enjoy and happy painting!
  10. For Uncharted Seas! The old forum had a very large player database and I would like to rebuild it for everyone out there who is currently looking for people to play in or around their area. Just quote this list and add yourself and your city to it! Hopefully the other countries/continents will work up player databases as well! If wanted, we can make it a 'North American' list and in Canada/Mexico. If so i'll amend the title. Hop to it, y'all! Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas San Angelo CPTPromotable Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
  11. Hey Uncharted Seas players! I saw this on TGN and plan on buying this later this summer. I though it would be nice to pass it along. http://www.tabletopg...12/04/27/58147/ Above is a link to TGN article about ocean table top.
  12. Hello, Quick question about the Harrier Balloon. Rules says counts as 4 Crew for the Gliders. Is that 4 Crew per Glider token, so 16 for the entire model? Or 1 Crew per token, which makes more sense. Thanks! Captain Mysto Out!
  13. Hi Everyone, Well mights as well pop my Thaniras Elves up into the gallery section. Nothing fancy, painted to pop on the table top and play with. I'm hoping to get my Iron Dwarfs up in the next couple of days, if all goes well. Any ways may the dice roll high Regards Greg
  14. Hi everyone, I'm back again , this time with the flyers for the Iron Dwarfs and Elfs. they are in my uncharted sea gallary. Regards Greg
  15. Hi everyone, like the elfs nothing fancy with the paint job. They are in my uncharted sea gallery Regards Greg
  16. This is a link to the report of my first The Uncharted Seas game : a battle between my Dragon Lords and vaudania's Bone Griffons : http://www.fbruntz.fr/baie/uncharted_seas/rapports/premier_sang.html The report is in French but there are some pictures.
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