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Found 3 results

  1. We’re very excited to announce that the latest version (v. 1.08) is now available to download! You’ll be able to find the latest version of the Wild West Exodus Rulebook online along with the updated Unit Cards, Faction Posse and Armoury Cards, and Common Rules. So, what's changed? You'll find a brief overview of changes right here, so keep reading! What's Changed? - Rulebook Well not a lot, really. We've just added a TONNE of new background information! Alongside some changes to a few special rules, this version of the Rulebook is a larger book than before, and it's chock full of Dystopian Age background on all eight factions. If you've enjoyed games up until now, the new background information is bound to leave you itching to play, paint, and build even more. Perhaps you've always wondered how The Outlaws with their fiercely independent men and women came to be, or the reasons behind The Watchers choice to visit Earth and, even more importantly, why they now chose to stay. Now's the time to delve deep and find the answers you've been looking for, and more... What's Changed? - Special Rules and Cards In this update, we've made a few changes to the Tough, Quick and the Dead and Stun special rules. We've also made some clarifications highlighted by members of our online community (yes that's you guys). Be sure to check these out when you download the latest version! As we've updated the Rulebook; Unit cards, Faction Posse, Armoury cards, and Common Rules, now reflect the latest version as well. You’ll notice that, on the new website, cards have been grouped by unit type under each faction, and the Outlaws have all been split up by affiliation. This means specific character cards are easier and quicker to find - we’re good like that. Simply pick a faction to access all updated cards and click the character thumbnail to view the Unit card. Nice and simple. Download version 1.08 - Rulebook (English) Download version 1.08 - Cards Core Rules - German and Spanish Translations So far, the core rules for Wild West Exodus have been translated into Spanish and German. Both the German translation and the Spanish translation are now available as a downloadable PDF's (and they're free!). Download Core Rules (v1.08) View the full article
  2. The 1.05 update for the Armoury and Posse cards are now available online here: 1.05 Armoury and Posse Cards Key changes: Expanded some options for Quantrill's Raiders Theme Posse Clarified traits and skills for mounted units. Updated weapons in armoury to reflect new values and costs. Removed duplicate Faction Posses for Underbosses.
  3. You've asked, we've answered! This is the first of many Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) sessions we are bringing to you from Warcradle Studios. In these sessions we will be answering questions asked by you, our community, and breaking down the rules of Wild West Exodus gameplay, explaining how to effectively implement them during shooting and combat moves. In this video, Daren and Stuart take a closer look at three Wild West Exodus rules: Taking One for the Team Mettle & The Quick and The Dead Stun. You can find our FAQ and ERRATA document here. Do you have a question that needs an answer? Leave a comment or visit our facebook page! If you're looking to get started but you don't have a rule book, all Wild West Exodus rules are available to download for free from the download rules section of our website. View the full article
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