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Found 34 results

  1. Daz has been hard at work painting so you know what that means, it’s Step-by-Step time again! As you may have recently seen, Warcradle Studios has released a Wild West Exodus two player starter set; Showdown at Retribution. Including two forces of detailed Warcradle miniatures from either the Enlightened or the Union, today we are focusing on the UR-31E Teslabot. Make sure to follow the steps below to achieve a finished piece of UR-31E Teslabot armour, or to help inspire your Wild West Exodus painting journey. Step 1: I start by giving the model a base coat of dark blue (P3 Exile Blue), you can use an airbrush to help speed up this process or use a heavy wetting brush if you’d prefer. Step 2: I created the first highlight by mixing a 50/50 ratio of blue (P3 Cygnar Base Blue) with our previous mix of dark blue (P3 Exile Blue). When applying I made sure to aim for the edges and flat panels. Step 3: To create the second highlight I added a 25/75 ratio of turquoise (P3 Arcane Blue) to the previous mix. I once again highlighted the edges and panels, this time leaving a little of the previous layer showing. I blended these areas roughly as I went, using a combination of feathering and stippling. At this point, I also outlined the points where different panels meet to further reinforce contrast. Step 4: For a further layer of highlighting, I added 25/75 blue white (P3 Frostbite) to the previous mix and repeated the process, again leaving a little of the previous layer showing just like before. Step 5: I applied the final highlight with a watered down layer (50/50) of P3 Frostbite concentrating on the uppermost edges and corners. And… we can call this as good as done! Read on for final touches. Step 6: I added some quick chips and dings with watered down black (P3 Thamar Black), all the best armour has at least some wear! Step 7: I made sure to give all corners, high edges and the undersides of the chips a thin highlight of P3 Frostbite. Step 8: Next, I applied a dark shade of red (P3 Sanguine Base) to the deepest recesses to suggest wear and to add interest. Step 9: Finally, I gave all areas of the miniature a very thin glaze of 10/90 Cygnar Base Blue to tie everything together. And we’re done! Excited to get your hands on your own UR-31E Teslabots? Make sure to pre-order your Showdown at Retribution Two Player Set at your FLGS or Wayland games online now. Be sure to let us know how you plan to paint your own UR-31E Teslabots on Warcradle Studio’s socials, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. View the full article
  2. Over the next few days, I will be painting the Tribal Retribution Starter Set so I’ll be recording my progress in a series of blogs. Today is all about skin. Here’s a very rough and ready painting guide I put together whilst on my lunch break! You’ll need the following paints: P3 Paints Idrian flesh Khardic Flesh Ryn Flesh Umbral Umber GW Paints Reikland Fleshshade Seraphim Sepia Step 1 - Basecoat Basecoat your model with Idrian Flesh, then give it a generous wash of Reikland Fleshshade to set the basic skin tone. Step 2 - Creating Volume We’re going to add volume to the muscles by highlighting them with Khardic Flesh... Step 3 - Adding Definition Now we're going to add definition by highlighting the uppermost surfaces of the muscles using a 50/50 mix of Khardic Flesh and Ryn Flesh. Step 4 - Adding Further Definition Further definition is added with pure Ryn Flesh - once again, concentrate on the edges and uppermost surfaces of the muscles. Step 5 - Creating Contrast Time to add some contrast now. Water down Umbral Umber 4:1 and use this to shade the recesses and undersides of the muscles. Step 6 - Tie our highlights and shades All flesh areas are given a glaze of Seraphim Sepia to tie our highlights and shades together. And that’s it - Job Done! This will look great on the tabletop but after I’ve finished the whole Posse, I will go back and add subtle nuances to the flesh tones for a more individual look. ~ Daz View the full article
  3. Want to get a nice warm glow on those RJ Enhancements for Wild West Exodus? Or maybe you have another model waiting in the wings who could benefit from this quick guide? Watch as Lewis add's some much needed 'glow' to his miniature, and maybe pick up a tip or 4 while you're at it. Enjoy! Music: www.bensound.com View the full article
  4. Slick here with the start of my Dystopian Wars painting log. I recently picked up some of the new allied nations releases for the Prussians which includes the Kingdom of Denmark. These ships look somewhat similar to the Prussians with some subtle differences. Their rules and flavor are interesting in that they are more of a defensive fleet with the frigates and gunships being able to drop mines in addition to other weaponry. Here is a pic of one of the gunships I have been working on. I decided to go with a rather bright scheme to differentiate them from my Prussians and decided that their national colors would work well for this. It still needs some touching up but will soon be finished along with the rest of the squadron. After that, it is on to the frigates! More pics coming soon. Comments welcome!
  5. Slick here. I'll be starting a regular painting log for my various Uncharted Seas fleets and terrain. I'll start this off with an update on my Shroud Mages. Today I have a pic of my Shroud Mages for Uncharted Seas which I am updating with the new sculpts. These are four of the fearsome Ripper Subs! These have been drybrushed with silver and then a wash of drakenhof nightshade applied to both the model and the water. I wanted to keep the water dark to go along with the Shroud Mages theme. The torpedo tubes in the front have been picked out with gold. I'm going to go back and add some detail to the engine areas on these. First though, I need to paint up the eight submerged markers for these guys. Comments welcome!
  6. Thus begins my adventure in painting Sorylians for Firestorm Armada. I began with this inspiration... And here is my first finished model... You can see the next ships in drydock, the frigates, in the background. What do you think? Questions, comments, and suggestions are all welcome.
  7. I am now painting the Firestorm fleet that will be the counterpart to this Planetfall army. The color scheme will be the same, and since I got some questions about my methodology, I am posting this paint log up. Primed the models. Dad always said to use red/brown primer for painting black. Said it was easier to see the spots you missed. Based everything black with the airbrush. I love airbrush. Shot Vallejo Black Grey pretty liberally onto the models. Shot Vallejo Neutral Gray pretty liberally onto the models, but mostly from upward and side angles. Hit the models with white from exclusively upward angles. Painted Citadel Boltgun Metal onto the piping with a brush. Washed all the models with a very dilluted (about 60% water) mix of Secret Weapon Soft Body Black. Ooops. This is two steps since I forgot to take a second picture. Basically, I after the wash was dry, I dry brushed white all over the models and then applied a glaze of Citadel Guilleman Blue on the parts I wanted blue. The glaze works wonders on the small models because the liquid nature of the glaze keeps the color where I want it. Started doing some wet blending on the big jewel. I think I may try a different effect. This also serves as a close up to show the glazing and drybrushing since I forgot to snap a picture after the drybrush step. Now, back to the table to continue the process. I will update again as I draw closer to the conclusion of this project.
  8. After quite some time, I've managed to scrape together some pictures of my fledgling Aquan fleet, with their Terquai allies. Colours are a bit blue (more turquoise in real life) Chimera frigates: Chimera and Isonade WIP: Terquai WIP: The pain scheme is fairly simple, Model Colour Turquoise base, with AP Blue Tone, and highlight with MC Turquoise and Light Turquoise. Fleet image (as far as I've come ):
  9. I picked up the Covenant fleet when it was first released, but only recently got around to painting it. I think the Spartan sculptors should be congratulated on their work - each model in the fleet is unique, yet carries through a similar design asthetic. And the Covenant captures the steampunk feel with elegance, mixing sleek, strealines curves with wooden decking, powerful energy turrets with a seemingly random scattering of 'barnacle' guns. I actually started with the Covenant terrestrial forces a few years back - speed painting some land units for the Invasion of Port Stanley mega game. So I decided to carry this scheme through to the naval units, only the blue wash I used was considerably darker, which gives the models a grey shark-skin appearance (they are slightly darker in real life than they appear in the pictures). So here are my naval models, then the air force, and when I get them finished the terrestrial forces and fortifications...
  10. Double post, please remove
  11. Here are the latest additions to my quick tabletop paint for the EotBS: The others are in the old forum, I will post a family picture when I manage to find the time to take it.
  12. I'm happy to say that painting Dystopian Wars has gotten me back into painting models. This thread is for my FSA and Republique models. First up is my FSA naval starter. Will have pics of my other finished air elements later tonight.
  13. ne of the fleets that really benefited from the new sculpts were the Bone Griffons which really drew me to starting a new fleet. The most obvious improvement for the Bone Griffons was in the size and quality of their undead Orcas which are almost as big as some cruisers! This first pic features all 6 from the starter. I will have some more updates soon so stay tuned! Comments welcome!
  14. Latest Dystopian project Russian Colation Fleet Nothern Steel I've tried to avoid painting in a style similar to either my RoF or FSA fleets hence I chose a visualy disruptive scheme with out the lower hull contrast line. I've retained my normal approach to flags and tiny flyers. At presents this fleet stand at aound 1400 points but is still a work in progress and will be taken up to at least 2000 points. Though the expansion focus will be on gunships, cruisers and frigates. I will probably add flags to the frigates as well. The bombers will need some serous conversion work before i can field them.
  15. Hi all, As I've not seen too many of the new Shroud Mage sculpts being posted, I thought to go ahead with mine : For more detailed pictures, see link to my gallery in my signature. or here for picasaweb album. Enjoy and happy painting!
  16. Some pictures of my first French ships ...
  17. Here are my first attempts, these are painted to what id call gaming standard, I found them very easy and quite quick to paint, doing all this lot in about 2 days on and off. Anyway, here they are.
  18. Druss

    Carrier Conversion

    Hello the having seen maestro conversion I thought it would be nice to show mine as well only just got round to painting its been sat on my painting desk for 3 months now maestro inspired me to get on and paint its so her she is in all her glory. Her name is HMS Glory. all that left for me to do is Sort out deck markings. Hope you her like i do.
  19. I thought that I would update some off my pictures of my fleet as I am working on changing the fleet colour to north Atlantic colour scheme. Using the dazzle camouflage style. I hope you all like them. So thing yes after taking photos I noticed I had miss some windows on the dread (also I have smoke stack to put on her) for got to put subs in shot lol of well have taken some photos of the on there own. opps forgotte to paint windows
  20. Kingdom of Britannia ground force painted for Spartan Games in Winter setting. Click here to view complete photo gallery.
  21. Prussia Empire ground force painted for Spartan Games in Desert setting. Click here to view complete photo gallery.
  22. This is a old painting work I've made for my French client. It is an assault PE force containing: Imperium Class Sky Fortress, Arminius Class Frigates, Reiver Class Cruisers, Emperor Class Battleship, Geier Class Bombers and Prussian Empire Tiny Flyers. Complete comunity gallery Here!
  23. Greblord

    Tarakian Wip

    I've been working on my first F:A models - some Tarakians. I hope to show finished shots shortly. You can see further step-by-step progress on my blog.
  24. I would love to get that glowing white hot blue exhaust look coming from the hyperspace drives on the rear but have no idea where to start. I have access to a lot of GW paints if you could give me some pointers or a link to a good tutorial I'd love that. Thanks!
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