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Found 117 results

  1. We attended Salute this year and, boy, was it a busy day! We’ve compiled a nice little gallery blog for those of you who couldn’t attend and for those of you who attended but wanted to relive the magic. Head to the blog to see what the booth looked like, the miniatures, terrain and demo tables we had on the day, and take a peek at Roberto's Sketchbook… View the full article
  2. We’re kicking off 2019 with a Q&A! On January 31st you’ll be able to tune in and listen to Stuart and co. talk about upcoming releases and our plans for the games within the Dystopian Age. This Q&A event will be focusing on all things from Warcradle Studios; Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars, and Firestorm Armada, and will be shared on the Warcradle Studios Facebook page (as well as our YouTube channel). Submit your burning questions NOW! We’ll be answering as many as we can during the video - all you have to do is leave it on our Facebook event wall. We will try and answer as many questions as we can during the video. All questions need to be submitted BEFORE Tuesday 22nd January at 12 pm (midday) GMT. The video will go live on Thursday 31st January and a summary will follow. A follow-up article will be published to the Warcradle Studios blog and the Community forum for you to read at your leisure. See you then! Make sure to check the Facebook event for regular updates.
  3. You’re excited. We’re excited. The time has finally come... The Open Beta of Dystopian Wars Third Edition is now live and we want YOU to take part! We’ve been working hard to get the Third Edition of Dystopian Wars ready for you, our community, to play, enjoy and then feedback your thoughts and opinions to us. We hope you enjoy testing it as much as we enjoyed creating it. There’s no sign-up process to take part in the Open Beta, the free rules are available for you all to download, read through, and have a go at (we like to keep things simple). Start playing now! Download the Open Beta Rules here: https://www.dystopianwars.co.uk/ Remember to check regularly as we will be updating the PDF often. Read, play, and have fun! Give us feedback - let us know what you think. We want to hear about your experiences with the new ruleset, this is the Open Beta after all! In order to get the most from your feedback, please send us your feedback by following this link and selecting ‘Beta Feedback’ in the drop-down menu. Your feedback is important! We want to make sure that we are able to take your comments on board, during this phase of the game's development, so your feedback needs to be as precise as possible and easy for us to collect. Firstly, we don’t want your feedback to be lost in the ether. Make sure to use the proper form here to send it safely to us. We monitor our Facebook pages, groups, and other socials regularly but, when sharing on these platforms, there is still the chance that your important feedback will be missed - and we wouldn’t want that. Secondly, when leaving feedback, please make this as specific as possible and use the below bullet points to help you structure your comments. The specific rule/wording/interaction that you would like to bring to our attention. How it reads to you. How it played out on the tabletop. Explain your thoughts but be as concise as possible - something too long runs the risk of missing the point, whereas something too short won’t fully explain what you plan to address. Keep your writing brief and to the point. Please keep in mind that we are expecting a large volume of feedback but, if you follow the above bullet points, we hope to be able to read through all feedback given. NOW GO PLAY SOME GAMES. View the full article
  4. More Dystopian Wars miniatures are set to “hit the shores” as we proudly announce the Fourth Wave of the Warcradle Classics range - Wave IV is available to pre-order from today. Containing over 20 items from the first Two Editions of Dystopian Wars, Wave IV is our biggest Wave of Dystopian Wars miniatures to date and includes ships, tanks and tokens. There’s more frigates, destroyers and submarines, as well as tanks, tiny flyers and the first Airship to make the grade! The Warcradle Classics range will be produced in limited numbers so keep your eyes on our social channels to find out what's available, and when pre-orders go live, so you don't miss out. Items in this Wave of Warcradle Classics are available to order through our trade partners and are also available on the Wayland Games web store. REPUBLIQUE OF FRANCE Republic of France Tiny Flyer Token x5 Chevalier Destroyer KINGDOM OF BRITANNIA Valiant Submarine - Surfaced Valiant Submarine - Submerged Attacker Frigate Kingdom of Britannia Tiny Flyer x5 MkII Medium Tank Cromwell Bombard Tank Baronet Infantry Command Tank KINGDOM OF DENMARK Tyr Assault Craft Token x5 Magni Assault Airship PRUSSIAN EMPIRE HM-1 Recke Heavy Tank A2-L Ritter Light Tank EMPIRE OF THE BLAZING SUN Nakatsu Cruiser Uwatsu Frigate FEDERATED STATES OF AMERICA Augusta Frigate Yorktown Bombard Tank DOMINION OF CANADA Archer Flak Tank COVENANT OF ANTARCTICA Plutarch Destroyer Orpheus Drone Controller POLISH-LITHUANIAN COMMONWEALTH SWZ3 Palnik Medium Flame Tank AUSTRALIAN Victoria Gunship Wave III of Warcradle Classics contained over 60 items from the first two editions of Wild West Exodus! Missed the announcement? You can view the article here to see the items available. View the full article
  5. Warcradle Studios attended Gen Con 2018 for four days over the weekend, and oh boy, was it a memorable one. We were lucky enough to have Parker, from The Battlehammer, fly out with us as a Warhost (interested, click here for details), and demo games of Wild West Exodus on our shiny new Dystopian Age demo table. For those of you wanting to see more, we've prepared a gallery below! From the stand to miniatures, sneak peeks for Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars, and our new Dystopian Age demo table, you'll be able to gander at it all. View the full article here .
  6. For those who didn't catch our latest Live Q&A, we wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to watch (and read) all about it directly from us here at Warcradle Studios. Enjoy our latest update about Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus, Armoured Clash, Firestorm Armada et al. As well as our announcement about Warcradle Classics! Watch the video here: Alternatively, head over to our blog to get a quick overview or to read the full blog, including all images from the Live Q&A!
  7. Nakano Gozen, the Emissary of the Blazing Sun, will be making her second appearance for 2018 at UK Games Expo! The Wild West Exodus promotional miniature will be available to purchase from our stand at UK Games Expo (1-D14) for £13.00. Not attending? Feeling like your missing out? Don't worry! Nakano Gozen will be available to purchase online during events attended by Warcradle Studios! For UK Games Expo, she will be available from our online store from 09:00 on June 1st 2018 until 21:00 BST on June 3rd 2018. Her next appearance online will be during Gen Con 2018 at the start of August. After this, she will be available to purchase at events attended by Warcradle Studios - so you'll be able to get your mitts on this brand new promotional miniature from the Warcradle Studios stand at Gen Con 2018 and Tabletop Gaming Live this year - as well as at selected Trailblazer events. Nakano Gozen will become part of our regular catalogue of fantastic miniatures in 2019 - available to all! View the full article
  8. It's that time again; prepare your tea and biscuit supplies, because, on Friday 4th May, we'll be going live on Facebook! This Live Stream event will be hosted on the Warcradle Studios Facebook page and start at 7pm (BST). Tuning in means you'll be able to discuss, provide feedback and ask questions about our upcoming plans for the games within the Dystopian Age. And, more importantly, be one of the first to set eyes on the sneak peeks Stuart the tease (as members of The Dark Council would say) will be sharing during the stream too. Get Notified - Join The Event. As with all of our past live streams, we'll be doing our best to answer your questions on the day. But, if you're tuning in, you can join our Facebook Live Q&A Event. Joining now means you'll be notified as soon as we go live and you can post your questions in advance - there's a better chance we'll answer them if you do! See you then! View the full article
  9. For several months now, we have been busy developing Dystopian Wars Third Edition. Though we knew that the new edition would be a complete overhaul of the game engine, miniatures, and the narrative, we wanted to make sure that this new edition still felt like it was Dystopian Wars. As the Alpha testing is well and truly underway, we are pleased to reveal two key members of the rules development team; Derek Sinclair and Josh Le Cheminant, two games designers with a long pedigree with Dystopian Wars and who are now part of the Warcradle Studios team supporting the development of the Third Edition. With Adepticon underway, Derek took time out from his day job of fighting dragons in the Scottish Highlands share with us some of his thoughts as he returns to the roiling seas of Dystopia! Derek: “Following the sad closure of Spartan Games, I and the rest of the design team from the company have always endeavoured to keep in touch. Everyone involved in Spartan’s Design Team are extremely creative individuals with a passion for wargaming and writing rules, and I was lucky enough to make a number of really good friends within Spartan’s community in my time as the lead designer for the games. For a week or so after the closure of the old company I personally went into a bit of a gaming-funk, avoiding wargaming of any sort. All the while I was looking forlornly at my thousands of Dystopian Wars models within my gaming cabinets and sighing in melancholic loss. You see, Dystopian Wars was my re-entry back into wargaming all those years ago (as it was for many people I think, once all the ‘having a family’ and ‘collective mortgage responsibilities’ become less pressing…), and so I felt its departure most keenly - Dystopian Wars was part of my gaming blood, and without it I felt empty. Of course, the rules and my models hadn’t gone anywhere, but for one reason or another, I was worried I had lost the heart for it. When Warcradle bought the licence, I was more than a little surprised. I had no doubt somebody would buy the game as the models and its universe are fantastic. But I must confess I never really thought Warcradle would be interested in the game, given it was a departure away from the skirmish-game-focus they have had with their new edition of Wild West Exodus. I’m sure some were thinking: What do Warcradle know about Dystopian Wars? How will the game I love change under their stewardship? Will they dumb it down? Will my Kingdom of Britannia changing to the Crown make them the unstoppable force I always wanted but couldn’t have because the other members of the Design Team stopped me beforehand!” *cough* Moving on, I recognise the concern from some in the community in the early days of the acquisition – we were all hurting after the loss of Spartan (both in terms of our gaming and in some cases financially due to the Kickstarter) after the previous company wound up. Lashing out is part of the loss of such an event, especially given how quickly it all transpired. I know, because I felt the need too and wanted to join in. But other than selfishly blowing off steam, what would I really accomplish? So rather than wading in, I reserved my judgement until I had heard more from Warcradle regarding their direction and delivery regarding the future Dystopian Wars. Not that I expected to hear anything from them directly since they didn’t have any contact details for me (and because I so rarely use my Facebook page that it has dust on it!) Imagine my surprise when within a week of the acquisition, I was approached by Stuart and the Warcradle team asking if I would consider getting involved with their new Dystopian Wars project. In truth, I must confess to a degree of mixed feelings at this. On the one hand, I felt a wrench of guilt regarding a ‘betrayal of the Spartan Games memory’ tempered with the intense desire to keep the Dystopian Flag flying. After discussions with my friend Josh (one of the Core Design Team from Spartan Games), I felt it was important to talk to Stuart to get a clarity of vision from him as regards where he wanted to take Dystopian Wars in the future. Most importantly I wanted to understand where he saw our interaction in that vision and if all this was consistent with both Josh’s view and my own – there would be little point in starting a process like this if we fundamentally disagreed with the direction they were looking to head in. Following a number of conversations, it became clear he had lots of thoughts on the game and where he and his team were looking to take it. A large number of these observations were viable, coming as they did from an external view rather than our normal design sphere. Some comments were rules orientated (he IS a gamer after all) and we were able to have a good discussion as to the reasons why existing rules-situations existed and what changes Warcradle were aspiring to. This served to allay some of the trepidations I had regarding Warcradle’s knowledge of Dystopian Wars. But the thing I found the most reassuring was that nothing he or the Warcradle Team said was dictatorial and that there was a good atmosphere of collective thinking with no areas of their thinking that were fenced off by ego. “So, Warcradle are gamers who love Dystopian Wars, but can they actually make it a success?” The first thing was for us to look at their production capability – Can they make 25,000 Frigates on demand? In order to find out Josh and I visited the Warcradle Studio in January and were given the tour. And the answer is yes. Yes, they can. They have a production capability that is more than equal to Spartan’s previous capabilities, with access to plastic manufacture too…. Which is really exciting from my point of view. “OK, so, we have established they love the game and are passionate about bringing it back into the marketplace again and they can make the models and can keep up with the demand. But can they design the ships to the exacting standards that Spartan Games could?” Some of the models that the Warcradle team have created have been really good, moving the aesthetic forwards in interesting ways, and others have taken more getting used to as they were more of a departure from what had come before. Watching as they take inspiration from older models and reinterpret them with new 3-D sculpting techniques, I am willing to cut them a little slack. Taking risks is the only way to improve, and taking risks will always put certain types of people’s nose out of joint. So, I’m OK with Warcradle putting their test sculpts up for public feedback – although I would hope we can encourage more constructive feedback from certain individuals in the community who could contribute in a positive way. “OK, so, we have established they love the game and are passionate about bringing it back into the marketplace again and they can make the models and can keep up with the demand. We have also seen that they can design the ships to the exacting standards that Spartan Games could, especially if the gaming feedback from the public is constructive. But even with all this going for them can they reach the ex-Spartan Player Base?“ Well, I guess that’s where Josh and I come in. We are the ones who brought the game to you all – Josh from v2.0 and me from v1.5. We have run the statistics, modelling for thousands of ship and aircraft designs over the years and in terms of our playtesting logs alone, I would say that no group of gamers exists anywhere who can match our feedback data and design providence. I know that sounds like me saying “Trust in me….” In the sibilant tone of Kaa from the Jungle Book but bear with me. One of the clear weaknesses we had at Spartan was the poor communication standards we had with our gamers. I think we all have to collectively take responsibility for that, as we should have driven things forwards more actively when we were at Spartan HQ. Spartan had a forum, but that should not have been the beginning and the end of our interaction/delivery to everyone. There should have been a much more cohesive delivery strategy that had to be more rigorously maintained. The delivery and interaction must be much wider. Having talked to Stuart at Warcradle I am much happier that the submissions we make to the community can be put up, along with (and this is most important) any submitted by our gamers themselves – Dystopian Wars was a community game when I first came to it, and it was the memory of that community that encouraged me to return. Warcradle are clear of the importance of community involvement in this modern age of joint interaction MUST be 2-way. So, what does Warcradle want from a ruleset? And how will things change for those players moving from Spartan’s vision of Dystopian Wars into Warcradle’s vision? I think the hardest thing for people to get their heads around is that it isn’t a Spartan Game anymore – it’s a Warcradle Game. This means change will (and in my opinion MUST) happen. But where? The background will have to change as the game takes its place as an important part of the Dystopian Age setting alongside Wild West Exodus, Armoured Clash and other (as yet unannounced) games. Factions Names will have to change (although I am still struggling with the Kingdom of Britannia -> Crown change... but I’m working on it!). So will Factional Focus, take the Celestials who are an alliance of the Chinese and Japanese forces (as well as several new nations)– this will take some getting used to, especially for those players who exclusively played the Japanese/ Empire of the Blazing Sun (EoBS) who could be forgiven for feeling they are losing out. Of course, in time the Japanese naval forces for Dystopian Wars will be released to allow more diversity in the Celestial faction as a whole. Game Mechanics will change. There I said it. Don’t tell me you didn’t think they would! But if change IS inevitable, will the game dumb down to? No, the aim is to simplify gameplay and extend game mechanics/statistics to allow us to move beyond some of the triple-math-locks we had in the game. In future blog articles, we will explore what Third Edition will be bringing to the game. Until then, dust off your Battleships, find those loose turrets for the Cruisers you own, and root about for those Frigates at the bottom of your games case... Dystopian Wars is coming back!” View the full article
  10. In March we'll be joining over 80 exhibitors at AdeptiCon 2018 . With us, we'll be bringing the weird west battles of the Wild West Exodus world, our dynamic demo team (we don't go anywhere without them!), and some sneaky event exclusives - including some very welcome Dystopian Wars previews! AdeptiCon will be staging various tournaments, event games, and hobby seminars for you to get involved with, covering all aspects of miniature wargaming as a hobby, and more. Registration is open now, so if you're interested in battling it out against mad scientists (Union vs Enlightened, anyone?) make sure to get registered! Make sure you're following us on Facebook and Twitter for updates regarding this and many other events. We'll see you in March! Are you thinking of attending AdeptiCon? Join our Facebook event to see who else is going! What would you like to see from Warcradle Studios at AdeptiCon? Let us know below!
  11. Following on from our live Q&A earlier this month, we have highlighted below some of the key questions and expanded on some answers in greater detail. QUESTIONS ON THE DYSTOPIAN AGE: What is the Dystopian Age? The Dystopian Age takes place within a generation of the American Civil War. The ingenuity of humanity has unlocked secrets that they were unprepared for. Now mighty empires clash as super science and alien technologies bring the world perilously close to annihilation. In the Dystopian Age, the world is at war in all but name, but the awesome power of the technologies unleashed means that the fallout of a devastating global conflict has moderated some of the more apocalyptic ambitions of the powers. And so the various factions achieve their goals with a mix of subterfuge, diplomacy and military. Under threat of domination or invasion many of the nations of the world have over time become affiliated with one of a number of power blocks (our factions). While there are times of uneasy alliance or peace between them, at other times there are clashes and conflicts over resources, territory and the actions of individual commanders in the field making the right (or wrong decision). It is an age where all it will take is the official declaration of war between any two of the faction for a chain reaction occur, and the world is plunged into a costly and ultimately unwinnable world war. Diplomacy is a fine art with a network of ambassadors, diplomats, bannermen, marshals and emissaries crisscrossing the globe smoothing over the countless brutal and bloody 'misunderstandings', sabre rattling, land grabs, insurgencies and declarations that are a daily occurrence in the Dystopian Age. Though each nation is part of one of a number of alliances and pacts across the globe, tensions and infighting frequently happens. For example, while the Emperor of China and Empress of Japan usually settle their differences politically (after all they have been allies for almost a thousand years), their generals and admirals might show less finesse and respond to the rivalry with bloodshed on occasion. Such conflict between allies is regrettable but, unfortunately in the Dystopian Age, unavoidable. The Dystopian Age is a tragic place for the average fighting man and woman as their actions and sacrifices can all too often be conveniently ignored or mischaracterised by their nation for the good of a greater objective. To achieve a very real objective and secure greater glory for their people, the governments will use every tool at their disposal and while military is by far the most satisfying (as the vast armies around the globe in the Dystopian Age attest to), the factions can be pragmatic (and some would say downright cynical) at times. For the soldiers and citizens of the Dystopian Age there are very real and very motivating reasons to fight (fabricated or not by their governments if necessary). A loss in battle represents to the governments and monarchs a loss of face and prestige, which is far more troubling than the destruction of material or manpower. Despite (or perhaps because of) the efforts of pan-global institutions such as the Covenant of the Enlightened and secret societies such as The Dark Council the status quo is maintained, albeit with a daily eruption of fighting on dozens of fronts. But how long those regional conflicts can continue until they escalate and the world is engulfed in a terrible all-consuming war is a question that haunts all the halls of power (and more than a few mess halls) as these powerful alliances battle each other looking for a decisive advantage in this Dystopian Age. Regarding the miniatures will they be made of plastic, resin, metal or some combination of the three? Also, will flying models still use the same clear plastic bases, or will Warcradle be developing something different?" Warcradle currently makes miniatures in resin and plastic. We are looking at how best to create new products and bring back existing ones. Will the Japanese still be a major power or will they be rolled into the Chinese? The Immortal Celestial Empire is a powerful alliance that has lasted over a thousand years. It was formed by the dynasties of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, Siam and Burma. Though each nation has its own proud traditions and aesthetics, there has been great prosperity and advancement in their Empire as they work closely on matters of trade and defence. It was the unwarranted invasion of Korea by the British Crown and the Russian Commonwealth a decade ago that caused the Empire to change its policy of isolation from the affairs of the rest of the world. We are looking to produce fleets and miniatures representing each of those nations over time. Will Sturginium ore and characters from Dystopian Wars lore be appearing in the setting? As we detail the setting over the coming months we hope you will be pleased to see a number of familiar names appearing in the Dystopian Age. Lord Barnabas Draynes Sturgeon is one of the main leaders of the Covenant of the Enlightened and head of the Integritas Philosophy that operates out of Antarctica. Sturgeon’s Enlightened are obsessed with safeguarding the technologies of the Enlightened, especially those developed from the alien Vault that lies beneath Antarctica. One of these discoveries was the superconductive Element 270 that the wider world knows as Stirginium. Will original DW background be rewritten? Is ‘X’ nation still around in the Dystopian Age? The nations of the world are all present, though the Dystopian Age places some in new and exciting factions. Narratively the background will change, so while a great deal will be familiar to you, there are bound to be some changes to how things tied together in second edition. DW is a science-fiction based game, WWX is a science-fantasy based game, what was your overall reasoning on merging them both? The two settings have a great number of similarities (more so than might at first be believed). It is important to keep in mind that much of Wild West Exodus is based on how those factions interpret the world they see around them. So where they might view it in mystical or supernatural terms, the Enlightened or the Teutonic Knight-Luminaries would have another, more scientific, interpretation. Will there be available (either on webpage or purchase) more on the background of the Dystopian Age and how it relates to the world and how the new factions came to be? Definitely. What we did with WWX was to release short stories and blog posts during development and leading up to release. We will be doing the same for all games in the Dystopian Age. The new forum is a great source for the updated background material too. Are there any plans to bring any of the Dystopian Legions troops or units back into Wild West Exodus? While Wild West Exodus is part of the Dystopian Age, it is not intended to be the home for any additional factions. Rather than shoehorning factions like the Prussian Imperium into Wild West Exodus we are looking at a new game for those factions. It will not be called 'Dystopian Legions' but will certainly be a home to many of the forces that would have featured in that game. It will use similar rules to Wild West Exodus but will be focused on larger units and a more militarised structure (as would befit the factions within). As it uses similar rules as Wild West Exodus it will be compatible with factions from that game for tournaments and casual play. There is no release date planned for this (as yet untitled) game. As and when we have more news we will announce it. QUESTIONS ON ARMOURED CLASH: With the scaling changes, will you be making any add on or upgrade packs? We are looking at all sorts of add ons and accessories for modelling that would be suitable for scenery building as well as detailing your miniatures in Armoured Clash. With the land combat miniatures scale now becoming 10mm, would it be wiser to switch to 6mm scale? 10mm gives us a great scale for detailed armour miniatures and visually distinct infantry. Will I still be able to use my models in the new system? Or will the new models and terrain be significantly bigger? The physical size of the core models will remain similar to existing miniatures however their 'real world' size will have reduced so that the common battle tank is roughly the size of a battle tank from the middle of the last century. There will of course be larger war machines such as land ships and battle automata in the game. We will have more to show on this next year. As you can see from the renders below, many of the new models will be of a similar size as some miniatures players may already have in their collections. Of course the new sculpts take advantage of the details we can add at 10mm scale but it does means that players can represent some units with models they already own when playing a game of Armoured Clash. With a change of scale in the land game how will the air units cross the scale change? There are different air units for Dystopian Wars and Armoured Clash. You could use existing models in your collection to count as air/robot units in Armoured Clash, but they will be representing a different unit. Sky Fortresses and the other truly gigantic flying/skimming machines will be only in Dystopian Wars, however. There will be equivalent (but representing smaller machines) in Armoured Clash that you can use them for. So the Vabaun in Dystopian Wars could be used to represent a Castellane Super-Heavy Skyship in Armoured Clash. You stated that armoured clash is going to have a focus in Africa what about the factions that are not really involved in Africa? Africa is a key narrative battleground for Armoured Clash, but it will feature land from battles all over the world. The land battles between the Union of Federated States and the fledgling Socialist Union of South America is another key narrative, especially as the other factions see the conflict as a way to leverage their own grab for power or territory on the South American continent. Since Mobile Carriers have gone will SAS still be represented in Armoured Clash? There are no small aircraft tokens in Armoured Clash, however there will still be carrier type vehicles that can launch smaller craft such as gyrocopters and units like jetpack troops. Will Armoured Clash be a new rule set, or will the old rules be adapted to the new scale? New rules for a new Dystopian Age! The game engine for Armoured Clash is in development but separately from Dystopian Wars. They don't share rules, but will be developed by the same team in the studio so that factions behave in similar ways and feel like they are part of the same universe. QUESTIONS ON DYSTOPIAN WARS: Any plans to introduce bases for the Dystopian naval forces? Turning and establishing fire arcs always massively annoyed me due to the non-square edges. We are looking at it just as we are looking at a lot of possibilities. If we think it is justified by the rules we will include them but it won't be an arbitrary decision. Do you plan to rewrite the rulebook? Truth is, it's hard to read, hard to get into the game and could be shorter. The rulebook will be laid out so that players can easily understand how to play. While we are not looking to reduce the game to a couple of sides of A4 there is still an aim to slim down the core rules of the game somewhat from 200+ pages. Will there be Two Player starter Box? Eventually, yes. Is that Physeter Construct concept (the cybernetic whale) used by all of the Covenant? Has Sturgeon started dabbling in biotech? One of the key tenets of the Enlightened is the sharing of knowledge within the Covenant. Obviously, there are some members who are less inclined to share (such as the Traitor Tesla) or would rather make a quick buck off their innovations such as Edeson or the Traitor Markov. So within Philosophies you will find comparative technology, however, each tends to have a preferred method of achieving similar goals. Doctor Carpathian and his Praegressus Philosophy make more use of RJ-1027 fuelled Constructs and Creations whereas Lord Sturgeon's Integritas instead would more likely use Automata to achieve the same result. Of course there are Constructs and Creations in the forces based out of Wells Chasm in Antarctica and Automata in service to the Praegressus Enlightened based out of Payson in North America too. View the full article
  12. The Honourable Eclipse Company was originally established as a subsidiary organisation by the East India Trading Company, with the role of overseeing and maintaining the Company’s military forces in the American Colonies and elsewhere. The Eclipse Company first made its reputation during the Napoleonic and Prussian Wars, when East India Trading Company troops under its command played a vital role as part of Wellington’s campaigning armies in the Iberian Peninsula. They also fought numerous battles with French-led raiding forces operating in southern India itself. When the East India Trading Company’s land forces were suborned by the Crown earlier in the nineteenth century, the Eclipse offices were closed down, and it seemed that the outfit was destined to be consigned to history. However, a substantial number of former East India Trading Company soldiers did not wish to serve in the armies of the Crown; they wanted to preserve the lifestyle they had enjoyed under Company command and felt that their freedom of spirit and action would be suffocated by the stifling imposition of Crown military order. Aided and abetted by Colonel William Sands, the Eclipse Company’s last commander, the group re-established their organisation in West Africa, basing its new headquarters in the city of Freetown. It did not take long for the new outfit, now called the ‘Honourable’ Eclipse Company to distinguish itself from its predecessor, and to build up a substantial reserve of experienced troops. The new company recruited all over the world, although for practicality’s sake it conducted all official business in English. One of Sands’ founding principles for the Honourable Eclipse Company was meritocracy; advancement in the company was dependent upon ability, first and last. The new outfit initially built up its reputation with contracts issued by its former parent. Honourable Eclipse Company troops served with distinction alongside regular Crown units – some even composed of their own former East India Trading Company comrades – during the Anglo-Burmese Wars against a resurgent Celestial Empire. However, it wasn’t long before Sands and his successors began to look further afield for opportunities. Eclipse Company troops were soon seen on many battlefields around the world. Contingents of the Eclipse Company served on both sides during the Mexican-American Wars of the mid-nineteenth century, in skirmishes between Sultanate and Commonwealth forces around the Black Sea; in South America, the Mediterranean and in countless other conflicts around the world. Throughout these conflicts, Eclipse Company forces gained a reputation for fighting prowess, steadfastness, reliability and professionalism. The company itself also became an attractive draw for prospective recruits. It quickly became known for looking after its staff well, offering pay and side benefits much better than a great many national armed forces, especially for veteran soldiers. As the years passed, the Honourable Eclipse Company developed a distinctive operational doctrine. The company eschewed heavy ground armour as too great a cost in manpower and resources. However, Eclipse Company contingents quickly became adept at commandeering or ‘acquiring’ such assets as needed for the duration of a campaign. Surplus machines and materials would be sold off or scrapped on a contract’s conclusion, increasing the company’s return and generating additional income for the participating soldiers; a tradition which became known as ‘scrap money’ and is still carried out today. However, in order to deploy their forces quickly and efficiently to their contracts worldwide, the Honourable Eclipse Company maintains a powerful aerial fleet; an armada of airships and heavy long-range aircraft. These vessels also functioned as the Honourable Eclipse Company’s primary heavy fighting forces, capable of holding their own against any similarly sized opponents. The diverse mix of machines used by the Eclipse Company provided both heavy fire support to their ground forces and local air superiority. Nonetheless, Eclipse forces were mainly sought after for contracts which required well-trained infantry forces; often for special operations, security for scientific expeditions and similar ventures. Guarding precious material extraction areas for the Union became a lucrative option during the Civil War under their current leader Commander-General David Hodge. Once the Union had emerged from that terrible conflict, Hodge ensured his Honourable Eclipse Company was well placed to take advantage and today the vast majority of the Company's operations and assets are deployed in support of the Union's global holdings. The Civil War provided a fresh influx of new recruits for the company, especially from among veterans of the shattered Confederate forces. Though a former Union officer himself, Hodge has an inner circle of advisors and comrades-in-arms from all over the world including those that served in the Confederacy. He is a hands-on leader, often taking to the field personally in operations of all sizes, from close protection to major battles. Below the Commander-General, the Honourable Eclipse Company virtually runs itself, requiring direct intervention from Hodge only in exceptional circumstances. The Eclipse Company’s Board of Deputies administers its various Brigades from the organisation’s Freetown headquarters. Each Brigade is commanded by a Captain-General and consists of a flotilla of airships and aircraft, which house battalions of well-equipped infantry. Eclipse Company forces are renowned for their rapid response times, boasting of being able to ‘darken the sun’ above their allocated targets within seventy-two hours of being called in, regardless of the location concerned.
  13. In Dystopian Wars, Mercenaries have a home faction which represents where the Mercenary Fleet has its closest ties. These Mercenary Fleets are able to be taken in other specific factions and so are listed here for easier discussion. Mercenaries such as the Black Wolf, Honourable Eclipse Company and the Nautilus have a 'home faction' that they are naturally aligned to, but are able to be taken in other factions as well.
  14. In Dystopian Wars the Russian Commonwealth are represented by the naval fleets of Russia, Poland-Lithuania, Romania.
  15. In Dystopian Wars the Celestian Empire are represented by the naval fleets of Japan, Korea, and China. The Empire itself comprises the sovereign nations of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, Siam and Burma (amongst other holdings). Each nation has their own aesthetic, characters and politics, but have worked together as an Empire for over seven hundred years. They are renowned for being highly educated and technologically advanced. The Seven Immortal Emperors agreed that the Empress of Japan was to be given overall command of their navy and so many ships bear her symbol, the Blazing Sun.
  16. In Dystopian Wars the Prussian Imperium are represented by the naval fleets of Prussia, Denmark, Austria and Teutonic Knights.
  17. In Dystopian Wars the Latin Alliance are represented by the naval fleets of France, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Chile, and USA.
  18. In Dystopian Wars the Ottoman Sultanate are represented by the naval fleets of Turkey, Egypt, and Greece.
  19. In Dystopian Wars the British Crown are represented by the naval fleets of Great Britain, India, Australia, Canada and the East India Trading Company.
  20. # Tesla’s defection to the Union over a decade ago was not the deathblow to the Imperium’s technological developments that perhaps he might have assumed. At the direction of the Kaiser, Tesla’s facilities in Graz were commandeered by the Knight-Luminaries of the Teutonic Order. Over the next few years, a variety of inventions emerged, some ultimately proving to be stunning (and at times explosive) failures. Others, however, such as Heinrich Ruhmkorff’s refinements to Tesla’s arc coil technology have revolutionised the military might of the Imperium. One of the most impressive (and resource intensive) wundertech was from the Knight-Luminary Karolina Sanders. Sanders, a specialist in the construction of fortifications and other major architectural projects, and her proposal drew upon this expertise. Taking the Imperial council outside to the large fountain, she demonstrated a scale model of a supermassive vessel. This craft, which she named a ‘super assault carrier’, was built to carry nearly three Commanderies’ worth of Armsmen and war-machines, not to mention supporting weapons and even a supply train. It would be one of the largest vessels ever conceived, let alone built, the ship came to be known as the Eiskalte Schönheit or Ice Maiden; the name was coined in jest during Sanders’s demonstration, but Karolina herself found it appealing, ignoring the jibe, and so the title stuck. Though only the Ice Maiden herself has been confirmed in action, seen taking the fight to the Russian Commonwealth, there are rumours that she is but the first of a number of near-identical super assault carriers that the Imperium is planning to deploy across the globe... The Prussian Imperium: Ice Maiden Super Carrier Miniature is a goliath measuring 260mm in length. To ensure the highest possible quality the main body of the ship is cast in a single mould, which eliminates any pesky mould lines. This product contains 1x Prussian Imperium: Ice Maiden Super Carrier Miniature Multiple customisation options Key Features Length: 260mm Components: 15 parts plus additional optional add-ons. Available to Pre-Order NOW here. View the full article
  21. So, you want to know how to get a copy of Dystopian Wars Third Edition rules for free? Great, let's get you registered! You will need a copy of the Dystopian Wars rules in order to register for Third Edition. How do you get the Third Edition and what will you be getting? What you get The current plan is for us to send a beautiful colour softback rulebook to your local FLGS for you to collect or to your home address. It will contain all of the rules for Third Edition, along with some background and hundreds of photos/artwork. Registering for this promotion also registers you for the New Edition of Armoured Clash. This rulebook will be released at a later date and you will receive more information about this addition at a later date. How you get it 1) Share a photo of yourself with a Dystopian Wars Rulebook (at least one, but more is great). 2) Post your photo publicly on social media and tag us in the photo with @warcradlestudios (Facebook and Instagram) @warcradlestudio (Twitter) and @dystopianwars, make sure to use the #dystopianrules. 3) Tag in your local gaming store where you would like to collect your book from (if you have one). No FLGS? No problem, we will send it directly to you. 4) Fill in the form here. Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming out each week! View the full article
  22. Lee and Stuart from Warcradle Studios have some exciting news! Check out our latest video to hear all about our new setting: The Dystopian Age. We are excited to announce the launch of the Dystopian Age - a rich and expansive setting for a range of science fiction games from Warcradle Studios. The Dystopian Age takes place in an alternate 1870s. It is a world where the heroism, greed and ambition of humanity is matched only by a scientific genius that has changed the world forever. What does being part of the Dystopian Age mean for Dystopian Wars? Having a larger canvas means that we can take concepts and designs from Dystopian Wars and explore them further. We have made the factions as outlined in Dystopian Wars as the starting point for our work in this new setting, so that means there will be a great deal of material that is immediately very familiar to Dystopian Wars players but at the same time there will be some new twists that we hope will surprise and delight. What does being part of the Dystopian Age mean for Wild West Exodus? Wild West Exodus is great at defining in huge detail the frontier. Now we get to see what the rest of that exciting world looks like. Not everything that is a focal point in WWX is necessarily as important or influential elsewhere in the world, so don’t expect to see Warrior nation fleets for Dystopian Wars or Lawmen tank battalions in Armoured Clash! In the Dystopian Age, there are many fantastical and wondrous machines, creatures and marvels that defy explanation. But we will make sure that there is an explanation for them. Not a case of just waving hands or shrugging shoulders with things just explained as ‘magic’ Let's look at some of the games we will be developing in the Dystopian Age. Dystopian Wars is 1:1200 scale game of naval battles pitching eight factions against each other in a struggle for supremacy on the open seas. All factions make use of a mixture of aerial support as well as powerful warships, cruisers and frigates to sink or drive off the enemy fleet. There are eight factions for Dystopian Wars which represent superpowers or alliances of smaller nations who each vie for dominance over the other: The Immortal Celestial Empire The Union of Federated American States The Russian Commonwealth The Imperial British Crown The Covenant of the Enlightened The Ottoman Sultanate The Latin Alliance The Prussian Imperium There are a range of new miniatures in development for all the factions and we hope to show you some of those in the near future, but in the meantime here is a sneak peek at what the studio is up to... Armoured Clash is a 10mm or 1:160 scale game. It is a game of land battles as the mighty empires of the world clash in the varied landscapes of Africa as they attempt to establish colonies, conquer enemy territory and claim the riches of the land for themselves. Though Africa forms the main focal point of the narrative battles, Armoured Clash will feature flashpoints all over the globe as the great powers grind against each other. The eight factions from Dystopian Wars are also present in Armoured Clash. Armoured Clash will feature new rules and a new scale for land battles, but a popular one with a range of scenery already available. Players with existing miniatures can still use them, though a whole host of exciting new miniatures are being developed. To accompany the Beta test, we will provide a detailed ‘counts as’ guide so that players know exactly how to use all the models in their collections in this fantastic new game. There are a range of new miniatures in development for all the factions and we hope to show you some of those in the near future, but in the meantime here is a sneak peek at what the studio is up to... Wild West Exodus is a 35 mm (1:48) scale game of brutal skirmishes in the American Frontier. There are eight factions for Wild West Exodus, and all these factions are currently available. We have a host of exciting releases planned for the game throughout 2018 and beyond. Being part of a larger world mean that some of the future plans we had for WWX are now going to be reworked. From a factions point of view, it will mean that the Crown and Celestials will now move out of WWX and the game will remain with the current eight clearly defined factions. Of course there will be Posses and units that can ally with those factions, but the factions themselves will find a new home ‘elsewhere’ in the setting, but we’ll talk about that another time! View the full article
  23. Slick here with the start of my Dystopian Wars painting log. I recently picked up some of the new allied nations releases for the Prussians which includes the Kingdom of Denmark. These ships look somewhat similar to the Prussians with some subtle differences. Their rules and flavor are interesting in that they are more of a defensive fleet with the frigates and gunships being able to drop mines in addition to other weaponry. Here is a pic of one of the gunships I have been working on. I decided to go with a rather bright scheme to differentiate them from my Prussians and decided that their national colors would work well for this. It still needs some touching up but will soon be finished along with the rest of the squadron. After that, it is on to the frigates! More pics coming soon. Comments welcome!
  24. Hello all from Down Under, It is little over a fortnight till one of the largest Gaming events (if not the Largest) in Australia is occurring in Melbourne called Aus Pax. Those in the U.S.A will already be familiar with the Penny Arcade Expo that occurs 4 times during the year in various locations. For the past 3 years PAX has made the journey to almost the bottom of the World to a little place called Melbourne. We have had large number of people coming from across the globe to be part of this event that displays both the Computer generated Game Software and Hardware but also showing large amounts of Boardgames and also Miniature Games. This Year is a First for myself being a Demonstrator across the 3 days of November (4th - 6th) displaying Halo in both space and Ground. Last year i had the opportunity to meet a fellow Dystopian War Player from Perth and was able to have a games with him. By the time we got to our Third turn there was a number of people came across to see what we where doing and was interested in the game. This year with the release of Halo and it's close ties with the Computer game industry I am hoping to see many people come and take a look to see this game. I intend to place more photos and comments about this event in the coming week but for now i need to get painting all my Halo Ground Command models. Hope there will be at least a few people from this forum come and see me during this event. You will find me at the Front of the Table Top Demonstrations area with Halo Banner on the table (I will be the one in the Spartan Vanguard T-Shirt most day's). Lastly for those not aware of pax i am attaching a link to the Event web page. Brad (aka Ozysturn) Vanguard from Downunder http://aus.paxsite.com/
  25. Since the last topic as been deleted I-don't-know-why, here's a new topic about DWABO. DWABO is an HTML5/Javascript website program, working on Computers, Tablets and Smartphones in your internet browser without requiring any installation. You can find DWABO on my website : http://dwabo.nucreum.com/ Note : I recommend you to use Firefox or Chrome to get fully support of HTML5 and avoid bugs Actual version : 1.3, if you find some bugs, errors or whatever, please leave a comment. Up to date with February 2016 released stats. Features : - Create Army lists really fast. - Respect all 7 rules of fleet building. - Generate printable/downloadable army sheets. - Generate lists as simple text. - Auto-select options for added units. - Auto-count all used percentages. - Works offline as long as you don't delete browser's cache. - Custom percentages count using Notes with this form: "# | Title", "# | Title" or "### | Title" (without quotes). You can find all my apps here : http://www.nucreum.com DWABO QR Code:
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