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Found 3 results

  1. I remeber that i found somewhere information that COUNTER MEASURES MARs apply on Tormentor... But im not sure where i read this and cant find anything about this in spartan download section atm... Only clue what i have is this sentence in tormentor.pdf A Directorate Disruption Cruiser emits a torrent of electronic countermeasures with a 360 degree firing arc that allows it to baffle the systems of other Ships/Models within Range Band 1, measured from the centre of the Disruption Cruiser to the centre of another Ship. ...but im not sure if this is information what i looking for. Please help me thanks.
  2. When humans first colonized the Outer Reach, three massive trade conglomerates moved with them, establishing their assets in a far corner, away from Way Stations and other colonies. Although this made transportation far more expensive, it allowed for much greater privacy and a chance to spread their various departments over suitable nearby planets. Together, these three corporations, Hark Williams, Melcon, and Works Raptor, formed an enormous economic engine the purpose of which was to focus all of its money, influence, and efforts upon creating more impressive and expensive ways one sentient being could kill another. Although they were far removed from other human colonies, this commercial enclave was still under the jurisdiction of Earth. As the oldest colonies began to feel the pressure of expanding populations and exhausting resources, taxes, tariffs, and government oversight in the Outer Reach were more and more burdensome. First the Satellite Charter and then the Terran Commonwealth interfered with the continuing business plans of the corporations. Eventually, the other colonies within the Reach rebelled. The resulting oppression was intolerable for business. Attempting to police the restive populations of the Outer Reach, Terra found itself over-extended in every sense. The financial and physical burdens, not to mention damage to their reputation throughout the quadrant, were destroying the Commonwealth’s ability to lead humanity forward. Seeing their opportunity, the corporations approached the Commonwealth in secret with an offer they plainly could not refuse. For vast, undisclosed sums of money and the promise of colossal technology transfers, the Commonwealth released the corporations and all their systems, now referred to as the Directorate, from any future obligation or allegiance to Terra. It was the hope of the Commonwealth diplomats that this would in turn buy them a solid ally and a reserve of good will within the Reach. Sadly, they were mistaken on both counts. For more information on The Directorate, you can read their full page on our website here: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/games/firestorm-armada/the-directorate
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