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Found 5 results

  1. Based on what we've seen so far in Battle for Valhalla and Return of the Overseers, what do you think we're going to get?
  2. ...the Sorylian collective hover drones? Ie., the dude on the left... Does anyone know if there are plans for them to appear?
  3. Posted this shortly before the old forum went down I think. Thought I'd post it here for any interested parties. Full review here.... All Miniatures Great and Small The short of it is this model is fantastic and the stats in game do it justice!
  4. Although the Sorylians colonized their worlds long before the Terrans first travelled the stars, the Collective is neither large nor widespread. This is in large part due to the speed with which these cautious aliens approach everything in life. Whether in their own personal movements or in full deliberative session of the Collective, Sorylians move at a pace considered positively sluggish by other races. This has resulted in a very slow expansion, and has often frustrated any race dealing with the Sorylians in any fashion. Sorylians resemble bipedal Earth reptiles, with fine scales covering their muscled bodies. Their faces are comprised of thick bony plates, ridges, and wide, deep-set eyes. They bulk larger than the average human and usually wear dull, banded armour over muted uniforms when serving on warships. A Sorylian’s eyes appear heavy lidded to most other races; their slow, unhurried movements often mistaken for mental or physical deficiency. Their speed when roused to anger, however, quickly dispels this misconception. For more information on the Sorylian Collective, you can read their full page on our website here: http://www.spartanga...lian-collective
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