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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have just set up a Planetfall tournament for the back of July. It is going to be christened as the inaugural UK Open GT and I'm hoping to get as many of you folks involved as I can. Hosted at a great venue, which is (fairly) central in the UK and is (fairly) easy to get to. I have set up an event over on the Firestorm:Planetfall - Mess Hall Facebook page if you are a member, and if you aren't, why not - there is a link to the Facebook page below, https://www.facebook.com/events/1216758705010297/ There is also a comprehensive Tournament Pack which is linked at the bottom of this message. It would be great to see a load of Planetfall players battling it out to be crowned champion. Drop me a message if you have any questions etc, but the tournament details are below; Battle For Ehre XVI - UK Open GT A one day Firestorm Planetfall - Grand Tournament Saturday 23rd July 2016 Three games of intense action over the course of the day Battle to be crowned Planetfall UK Open GT champion 2016 Hosted by one of the best and certainly most unique gaming venues in the country – Sanctuary Gaming Centre, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts. Centrally located (10 mins from Jnc28 M1) Trophy and prize support £10 entry Tournament pack available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uh5wvf8h0c7i4dw/Battle%20for%20Ehre%2016.pdf?dl=0
  2. DWARF Presents - The Battle for Pharlain IV Dunfermline Wargaming and Roleplaying Fellowship are proud to announce our first Firestorm: Planetfall event. Players are invited to take part in 3 games of Firestorm: Planetfall to see who will become the conqueror of planet Pharlain IV and secure valuable resources for their race. The event will take place on Saturday the 14th of May and cost £15, this will get participants 3 games of Planetfall, free tea or coffee, doughnuts on arrival and lunch. There will be prizes available for First & Second Place, Best Army (as voted by the players) and Wooden Spoon. For full information on the event please download the Pack www.tinyurl.com/PharlainIV For information on DWARF and our previous events please visit www.DWARFclub.com. Edited to include a working link to the pack.
  3. So after the challenge (and fun) of building a 3500 point Directorate list, I thought it was worth posting something up for the Aquans. The challenge here is that the Directorate are around about the second cheapest faction (in points) compared to the Aquans, so you do get noticeably less on the table with the Aquans. I dont think that this makes them inherently bad, but it does make list building entertaining. Our club is hosting a tournament at 3500 points in the next few weeks, and we have found that 3500 points is a nice point size to play through with time to spare in a 3 hour club night. We hope that the more games everyone gets under their belts the faster we will get to 4,000 point games in those same three hours. Anyway, enough rambling, 3500 points.... Core: Sedna x 2 Lamana x 3 Lamana x 3 Stingray x 2 Stingray x 2 Imzani x 3 Imzani x 3 Khitari x 3, Gun Team x 3 SirSir (attached to a Lamana Squadron) Aerial: Kalari x 2 Recon: Marana x 4 Khitari x 6, Sweeper Team x 3 Larata x 1 Khitari x 3, Gun Teams x 3 Larata x 1 Unlike my Directorate force, this guys rock around with a fair amount of Interceptor units (Stingrays, Marana's), and also has some nice Dice pools from the rest of my force. Take and Hold I am running around with six units capable of taking the Objectives which gives lots of redundancy, well two units of redundancy given the four objectives on the table top. I could have reduced my core to save points for extra things outwith it (like a Haumea & Locatu's) but actually really like the size of the Core Helix where it is, and think this is the go to list for me, at least until the Assault Helixes get here and I get my hands on those models... mwhahahahaha. Anyway, any thoughts?
  4. Having finally expanded my Directorate forces with the Infantry box, Command and Recon Helixes I decided it was time to look at something Cyber, a lot of Cyber. The club I play at mainly plays 3500 point games as that fits nicely into our 3 hour club night with plenty of time to speak to other people, setup, tidy up and general chit chat. With my latest purchases I figured it was worth testing out a new 3500 point list I thought I would share it to see what everyone's views are on it? Core Helix: Desolator x 2 Retaliator x 3 Retaliator x 3 Informer x 3 Informer x 3 Patriots x 3 (All Gun Teams) Trojan x 2 Trojan x 2 Support Helix Arbiter x 1 Deadlock Grand Company x 6 Trojan x 2 Recon Helix Anarchist x 5 Intruder x 1 Deadlock Cadre x 4 Logistic Points x 3 Total Points: 3500 The list rocks up with 6 Cyber units, 6 Take and hold units (although 3 are relatively easy to kill). The Retaliators & Desolators will pack the firepower punch, while the Arbiter, Trojans & Deadlocks will aim to cripple my opponent with Cyber. With smart positioning the +/-1 to from the Arbiter will make the Cyber attacks do what I want (I can basically guarantee Advanced Targeting offline or Disorder Markers for my targets). Bit light of the Interceptor side of things so a tailored list should be able to rip me a new one, but I am hopeful that generic lists will struggle. I could always drop the Logistic points for Interceptor on two of the Trojan units, but think I prefer the potential +3 to a roll off / the ability to Overwatch. Three artillery markers from the Arbiter will be useful for area denial, and I will likely use them to help clear out units within buildings if I can. I doubt they will do much but the threat should help out at least a little bit. From a TAC point of view at 3500 points you get 5, plus the extra one for the Command Helix in this list, and I will take the following (apologies cannot remember all the card names, and assuming I remember my categories correctly these should all be valid for a Directorate force). (+2 to an Opposed Tactics roll) (+1 to Cyber Rolls from this Helix) (+D3 TV for units killed by this Helix in CQB) Mastery of the Skies (Interceptor on a unit) (Ignore Hard Target) Power to the Engines (+D3" to movement) Pretty much if you take out the Arbiter early in the game I have a problem, but if you don't then my plan should work pretty well, and the 6 Deadlock Grand Company inside will take the objective I want them to (kill team, +1 for Drone range rocks them in at 5 CQB each!) Any thoughts or comments?
  5. From the album: Firestorm Invasion/Planetfall

    Work in progress on mediums and smalls for Aquan Planetfall
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