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Found 18 results

  1. Nova Open will be hosting 5 great FSA events including the first U.S. Nationals event which will be a qualifier for the North American Championship at Adepticon. Registration opens May 1st for all events. Starting on September 1st will be a Build and Play in the morning and a 500pt Beginners Tournament " War Games "in the afternoon. This is a great way to get your friends into Firestorm Armada or Start a new fleet or add to an existing fleet you already have. Then in the afternoon take 500pts of that new fleet or if you already have a fleet play in a fun competition. On September 2nd will be our 500pt Doubles Tournament " Rebel Wars ". The supreme leader of the rebel forces has been killed and a war has started between all the rebel factions to become the new leader and unite the rebel forces together again. Each round you will be paired up with another rebel player and fight together to become alliances and hopefully one of you becomes the new Supreme Leader. On September 3rd will be the first U.S. Nationals GT. This will be a 800pt GT and also a qualifying event for the North American Championship at Adepticon. You will be allowed two list and all list must be submitted to Nova by August 1st for approval. This way any discrepancies can be corrected in plenty of time. On September 4th will be a 1200pt Narrative " Assault at Alexanderia ". Listening post have been established on both sides to track fleet movements in this region of space. Support you Alliance in Dominating this region of Space. Who will come out on top Kurak or Zenian, only you can help decide the fate of Alexanderia. Also on hand for this weekend of events will be Dan Bird from Spartan Games. This will be a great opportunity to meet him so don't let this great opportunity pass you by. There are lots of great events happening at Nova besides FSA plus being in close proximity to Washington D.C. You can bring the whole family and do some sightseeing in our nations capital. The Metro subway is just a short walk away to be able to visit all the sites in D.C. To register for any of the FSA events or other events go to novaopenstore.com and reserve you spot in the events. Any questions feel free to contact myself or Ryjak or post on here. Any updates to our events will also be posted on here as well.
  2. In our playgroup, nothing elicits a reaction out of the esteemed company I keep more than when I field a battle station. Full disclosure, I play Aquan Prime so the Vortex in particular, but I think all battle stations are looked upon with disdain. I've read them over, and I don't find them to be horribly egregious. I think that the vortex is particularly tanky, but its just a battleship to me given the pros and cons weighed. Am I improperly evaluating this unit?
  3. Since the last topic as been deleted I-don't-know-why, here's a new topic about DWABO. DWABO is an HTML5/Javascript website program, working on Computers, Tablets and Smartphones in your internet browser without requiring any installation. You can find DWABO on my website : http://dwabo.nucreum.com/ Note : I recommend you to use Firefox or Chrome to get fully support of HTML5 and avoid bugs Actual version : 1.3, if you find some bugs, errors or whatever, please leave a comment. Up to date with February 2016 released stats. Features : - Create Army lists really fast. - Respect all 7 rules of fleet building. - Generate printable/downloadable army sheets. - Generate lists as simple text. - Auto-select options for added units. - Auto-count all used percentages. - Works offline as long as you don't delete browser's cache. - Custom percentages count using Notes with this form: "# | Title", "# | Title" or "### | Title" (without quotes). You can find all my apps here : http://www.nucreum.com DWABO QR Code:
  4. Greetings dear fellows of DW, This topic is about creating a fast played mod, allowing people to play with only ONE model (+ SAS tokens) and keeping it interesting, especially with huge ships like Dreadnoughts. It would also allow to create Free For All Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch with several players. I've a rough here, it will up to interested people to test it and gives me feedback to improve it. (I've made these rules during this evening only, so I never tested them.) So how is it working? Rules of DW are pretty the same except they are... slowed down with some modification and additions, but like you're playing one model, a game of this mod should be extremely fast compared to the original game. The idea is setting up an architecture for your ship, allocating AP as a working force in the rooms to increase efficiency of your ship from time to time. GENERAL CHANGES: Introducing the Ship Cards You can download them here: http://www.nucreum.com/dwmod The Ship Cards are the Rooms + the Deck of your ship. Each card have special effects which can be triggered by AP operating in them (using tokens for example, where 1 token = 1 AP). To use an action of any Ship Card, move the right amount of AP from the Available zone of this card to the Used zone of this same card. When do I use actions? Control Room: During Initiative, after rolling dice / When you should use your CC Engines Room: During your Movement segment, while your ship is moving. Generators Room: After rolling dice for any of your generators. Artillery Room: During one of your attacks, after rolling AD (attack dice). Deck: When you should use your AA (defensive or offensive) DW Rules changes: 1. You can't use your AA or CC unless the right conditions applies (AP is used to activate it while on the Deck or the Artillery Room of your Ship). 2. During Boarding, your AP can't initiate a boarding action it's not on the Deck of your ship. Only Available AP can board. 3. During Boarding, your AP can't defend if it's not in the same Ship Card of attacking AP. All AP in the Ship Card can defend, but Used AP provides HALF dice to roll. 4. Like you play only one Model, you gain one SAW per 5 points of difference with the cost of the opponent ship. (If multiple players, compare to the most expensive ship) 5. If you have enough SAW to form a complete SAS (5 SAW), you are forced to do it before creating a new SAS. 6. SAS can use their AA to target enemy AP on a Deck. Victory conditions: A player (or a team of players) can win only if all opponents models are either destroyed, prized and/or derelict. GAME SET-UP new segment: SHIP BUILDING This segment takes place during the "Prepare for Engage!" phase, before "4. Deployment of Models" segment. 1. Choose the order of the 4 Rooms cards by placing them side to side to build your ship. This order will not change during the entire game. 2. Place the Deck card above the Rooms cards. 3. Allocate all the AP of your ship in any combinations of Available zones of your Ship Cards. For example, with an 8AP model, it could look like this: http://nucreum.com/dwmod/Example1_DWMod.png THE ACTIVATION PHASE new segment: CREW ALLOCATION This segment takes place after Disorder segment. You can allocate your AP in different Rooms, preparing for the next move as defensive or offensive tactic. 1. Place all your Available AP of each Ship Card in the Used zone of this card. 2. Move any number of AP from the Used zone to the Available zone of an adjacent Ship Card. (The Deck is considered adjacent to any other Ship Card) 3. Place all remaning Used AP of each Ship Card in the Available zone of this card. BOARDING PHASE: According to this DWMod rules: 1. Only the Available AP on the Deck can initiates a Boarding Action. 2. The defender have to use AP on his deck to use anti-boarding AA. Attacking AP jump on the Deck of the target and fight against all defending Available AP and halved Used AP there. After a fight and if Assault Group is "Victorious!" (or if noone was on the defender Deck), in addition to normal choices of DW, the attacking player can choose to move his remaining AP to another Room and continue fighting. If the attacking player choose to do so, the defending player can move any number of Used AP from one Room to the Available zone of this room. In case of Attack Routed result on a Room (so not on the Deck), it doesn't allow the defender to use the extra anti-boarding AA/CC. (Because if attacking AP attacked a Room, it means they killed everyone on the Deck, so AA can't be used according to this DWMod rules) The strategical element here is how you design your ship, as your AP can move to one next room each turn only. The tactical elements are how you allocate and use AP each turn to engage fast, flee, focus on attack or defense, fight for the initiative (initiative is REALLY important if no SAW left on the opposing force) and how you manage to board/anti-board the enemy (as you can see, ships with the most AP are not necessarily the best one at boarding here, it all depends on your crew management). Your thoughts ? Who wants to test?
  5. Myself Drachenfutter and Solar are currently getting Ideas for Chaos and Dissarey, a DW podcast. We are recording episode 2 next week and airing it the week after. As well as discussing tactics, new units, and the usual we are hoping to do a section to widen the Spartan Community. Part of this is us shouting out about DW events around the Globe. If you give us the details of an upcoming event we will try to give it some air time. The right honorable lord Ben Screwby Ryan. Doing it likeAsir
  6. Over the weekend of 15th 16th 17th November. Deeside Defenders Wargames Club - near Chester is having an open gaming weekend. I would like to offer this as an opportunity for DW (or any other Spartan Game) players to organize the sort of large games that neither time nor space can normally allow. So if you have dreampt of a 2000+ point game over 12 hours of nonstop gaming on a 6' x 12' table or lager now is the chance. We can provide tables an and scenery. who feel so inclined to The is available from Friday 15th Nov at 5pm till Sunday 17th Nov at 6pm and can be used thought out the night (Friday to sat or Sat to Sun) for the really hardy of you, or those withing to have go at playing for 24 hours non stop. The venue is the Broughton Wings Sports and Social Club at the Airbus Factory on the outskirts of Chester. If you want to use this as a chance to raise money for a charity by being sponsored to engage in endurance wargaming, let me know and I will do what I can to facilitate things. So if any of this piques your interest, please send me personal message on here.
  7. DW Tournament Details at Gauntlet 2013 riv 01-03-12.pdf See the attached PDF for a copy of the event details, plus the entry slip and maps. Dates Saturday 6th July – Naval/AirTournament Sunday 7th July – Land/Air Tournament Time Arrive by 9.30am for a 10am Start Location Broughton Wings Social Club, Airbus UK, Broughton, - Near Chester. Flintshire, CH4 0DR Tournament Fleet Structures 800Points No Land, Sea or Air Dreadnoughts Fleet Compositions 10 Tiny Flyer Tokens + Max 40% Large Max 50% Medium Max 40% Small Land Fleets may include 2 free infantry bases Air Fleets may be used for both the land and sea tournaments. Surface skimmers may be used in land and sea fleets, in accordance with their rules and MARS. All Core Nations and Alliance Nation fleets are acceptable in accordance with published lists. Table size 6' x 4' Game Length 4 Turns or 2 hours 3 Games Per Tournament. Straight forward meeting engagement. 8” Deployment from the table edge. Scoring Based on value of enemy force: destroyed, captured or left for derelict. Tournament winner is decided by the highest totalled score. Draws to be decided by totalling up the points value of units lost duing the tournament. Prizes Day1:– Naval/Air Tournament 1st Prize: £15 Coupon Code to spend in the Spartan Games Online Store and a Dystopian Wars Turning Template Set. Plus a Battle Field In A Box scenery set 2nd Prize: £5 Coupon Code to spend in the Spartan Games Online Store and a Dystopian Wars Turning Template Set. Plus an Army Painter Metal and Resin Assembly Set 3rd Prize: Dystopian Wars Turning Template Set. Plus a Dice Set. Day 2:– Land/Air Tournament 1st Prize: £15 Coupon Code to spend in the Spartan Games Online Store and a Dystopian Wars Turning Template Set.Plus a Battle Field In A Box scenery set 2nd Prize: £5 Coupon Code to spend in the Spartan Games Online Store and a Dystopian Wars Turning Template Set. Plus an Army Painter Basing Set 3rd Prize: Dystopian Wars Turning Template Set. Plus a Dice Set. Rules Set DW 1.1 Plus Storm of Steel, Hurricane Season and any other Dytopian Wars supplements available before 1st May 2013. Day 2 will also be using the main DW1.1 Rules Painting 3 Colours up minimum standard No unpainted miniatures or stand-ins. All fleets must be: What you see is what you get. Event Cost £6.00 per day or £10.00 for both days Payment in advance by cheques. All entries to be submitted by June 1st. See attached PDF for the entry slip, tournament details and maps. Competition Entry Payment Cheques Made payable to "The Broughton Wings Sports & Social Club", and post them with the attached entry slip to ; Mr Nenad Sarcevic, Deeside Defenders Wargames Club, Broughton Wings Social Club, Airbus UK, Broughton, Flintshire, CH4 0DR Contact Details Nenad Sarcevic email.. Chancer_a400m@yahoo.co.uk or message Chancer on the Spartan Games Community Tel 0776 175 3313 Call Send SMS Add to Skype You'll need Skype CreditFree via Skype
  8. When I was at Salute the other week, I picked up some of the new larger Trek ships that have recently been released. This got me thinking about using them with the FA rules. Has anyone created stats for Trek ships? I did think about using the Terran Alliance for the Federation and the Relthoza for the Klingons. However, Federation ships tend to be armed with just phasers and photon torpedoes. Phasers I imagine are a more powerful form of turrets and Port/Starboard/Aft/Fore weaponry doesn't seem to fit a Federation style of play. Also, Trek ships tend to use shields rather than point defenses, which would mean upping the SD stats whilst reducing the PD stats. What do people think?
  9. Over in the Dystopian Wars general discussion a person called 'You Look Like A Nail' has made some very well done unit stat cards for that game. I was wondering if any one has taken the time to redesign the stat cards for Firestorm Armada?
  10. I know with the advent of Sturginium the nations of the world split not only into different factions, but also differnt general outlooks on how technology hsould be put forward. Look at the Airpower options, we have Zepplins, Airships in the form of Rotor, Helecopter-style Gyros, and Giant Flying Robots. With all this divergent styles of technology, Spartan managed to mostly deal with them in a broad fashion all encompasin fashion. A Gunnery Attack could be explosive shells, either in high or low caliber and in differing rates of fire. For somehing that's rated the same damage in the same range band, one faction could be firing one big shell that explodes on contact, another could use a smaller shell, but with a penetrating tip and delayed fuse to allow it to punch throguh armor, and another faction could just use lots and lotd of smaller caliber shells. But what if it's even more fantastical than that? What if the Prussian forces actually fired a shell that burst into great gouts of arcing electricity thier Telsa weaponr is known for inclose range, and the only reason why t didn't kill that marine company when it damaged the ship is that It was not a 'sustained' attack like the Coils. So if the various nations each used different technologies to drive thier war machine, exactly whatt knid of crazy things are we dealing with in a regular run of a game. Easiest way is to start with what most everyone has experience with, our ships and how they get around. The British look like they use steam boilers to either power prop-screws or my favorite, to power magna-reletivity-drives to move not themselved, but the earth itself relative to themselves (Not a lets go over there, but a lets make that come here engine, I picture this as being one of the reasons they can get away with those tiny Rotor engines) A final one is that a goodly chuck of a KoB ship is under water, someone I play against thinks they are along the lines of ice burgs, and he brought up a sceneario, where the ship hull goes so far down that its powwered by a pair of giant legs, but the weight of th ship is so great it can never get out of the water. The FSA have thier paddlewheels, possibly powered by Sturginium fueled supermen, running inside the paddle wheels themselves like mice, or maybe the engine is actualy a gian mechanical arm that's cranking a handle attached to wheels. The Prussians run electric engines off thier Tesla generators, perhaps they use the Tesla generators to power a Magnetohydrodynamic pulse engine, one where they intake water and out of the back of their ship a stream of superheater plasma shoot out. High temperatures in the exhast channel and cold ocean temperatures could allow for a recovery of some of the nergy put in by using a form of thermodynamics to make electricity out of a temperature differential generator. The EotBS use a sturginium enhanced-diesel water-jet-engine that allows them fast turning do to the ability to redirect the output through 'truster' vents along the side of the ship. We could even look at bombs and how thye could be guided to thier target once dropped out of a ship The Britanian could use radio or magnetic controls similar to how they currently use some of their mines. The EoBS could use an increadibly short range rocket/kamakaze fighter craft that is primarilty a warhead with wings. The Prussians could use Tesla tecnology to direct and guide thier bombs. Heck it could be a super condensed Tesla charge that's the warhead. The FSA could be man-sized remote controlled robots that explode after attaching themselves to an enemy vessel. They may or not use paracutes or be called 'Teddy's' The CoA could simple teleport thier Bombs in from another location and are merely providing a set of co-ordinates to an off table barrage site, or use a form of explosive drone. The French... Could be using a special form of thier Rage generators to cause a condensed, localised inferno that melts steel and sets off enemy amunition stores. So what mad science have you dreamed up that's being used in your slice of Dystopia? What's your take on it all? What do you see, and what makes sense? Everyone's different, has different dreams, backkground, goals and ambitions. They shape how we percieve what's around us and how we understand it. What's mad science take do you want or do see happening in this wonderful Dystopian Fantasy?
  11. I wanted to run a scenario where aerial units (only) had to escort a slower moving flyer across to a specified location in the face of enemy forces. What do you think of using The Ralgard Jarak Class War Balloon for that slower aerial vessel? It's a gorgeous looking model and has enough presence to be worth of "prize" status, I think. Obviously, I'd need to adapt some rules to get it to fit into the DW world. Any thoughts?
  12. I would be interested to see how people represent sandbars and reefs on their gaming tables? In the past I have used felt for this, but I am interested to see what people have come up with? If possible post some photos.
  13. The old forum had a very large player database and I would like to rebuild it for everyone out there who is currently looking for people to play in or around their area. Just quote this list and add yourself and your city to it! Hopefully the other countries/continents will work up player databases as well! If wanted, we can make it a 'North American' list and in Canada/Mexico. If so i'll amend the title. Hop to it, y'all! Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas San Angelo CPTPromotable Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
  14. Hello there. Just went to check out the SG Community App for the iPhone, but apparently, it's only available in the UK iTunes store. Any chance of making this available stateside? Thanks, OS
  15. I would be curious to know: a) How many points you play? how long it takes you to finish a game? c) how many turns your games last for?
  16. Hello, I've played a bit of Dystopian Wars and want to start playing Firestorm Armada as well. The biggest issue I have had though is deciding which faction to play. I think I have it down to either the Relthoza or the Sorylians. I find both of these factions the most appealing aesthetic-wise and (from the small amount of knowledge I have gathered) sound fun to play. But then again I don't have the rulebook yet so I have no idea how they really play. I was hoping to get more insight from the veterans to help make my decision. Note that I'm not looking for the "better" faction, but rather the faction which fits my preferred play style. I suppose it's worth noting that I play the Empire of the Blazing Sun in Dystopian Wars. I'm looking for a playstyle that has good broadsides, good maneuvering, and enjoys getting stuck-in, I suppose. As far as I know this fits the Sorylians better, but the Relthoza play style also sounds fun (though I'm not too keen on hiding with stealth field generators, but enjoy the idea of combing that with laying mines). Anyway, I hope that gave some insight into what I'm looking for in a faction and would like to hear the input of people who have actually played as/against these factions and can speak of their actual play in game. Cheers, SteelSaxon
  17. Just a small request (I'd have put it in the general community forums, but they're all locked). Would it be possible to add a feature to uprank/downrank posts for usefulness? Additionally, any chance to ignore all posts by a user, or to ignore specific posts when logged-in? Thank you for your attention.
  18. Howdy folks, (Here is a copy of a post that I made while the forum was down )I just got home from running a fun FSA tourney at Good Games today, I can happily say Firestorm is healthy in ACT, with 6 players contending and 6+ others playing FSA, but not able to come today. We successfully used chess clock to keep the turns rolling, and finished 3 rounds in one day. Without a late start (Robert... glue your models the night before ) and having a smarter terrain deployment in the second game (I am allowed to criticize myself the TO) we would have concluded at the planned 5pm. Also A max round timer will be in play next time, triggering game resolution. fleets Roger's Directorate (tied first) 1x dreadnought 1x Battleship 3x cruisers 2xmantis cruiser, 1x repair vessel 12x frigates (3,3,2,2,2) Michael G's Terrans (also tied for first) 1x dreadnought 1x Battleship 2x cruisers, 1x Hcruiser 2x destroyers 9x frigates (3,3,3) Michael B's Dindrenzi (3rd) 1x dreadnought 1x Battleship 2x Hcruisers, 1x cruiser 2x gunships 6x frigates (3,3) Adam's Aquans (4th) 1x Battlecarrier 1x Battleship 3x cruisers, 1xhcruiser 2x destroyers 4x escorts (2,2) 4x frigates Robert's relthozans (5th) I should note Robert had to leave mid round 2 for a work emergency, and the game he left was quite close! 1x dreadnought 3x cruisers 3x cruisers 16x frigates (4,4,4,4) Ollie's Aquans (6th) 1x Battlecarrier 1x Battleship 2x cruisers, 1x hcruiser 6x escorts 6x frigates 1x civilian shuttle platform with adhoc bays and assault wings attached It is interesting to see how the meta-game is developing in ACT, there is a shift towards MSU and frigates and a little away from medium class ships. Interesting considering I had always considered my mediums to be my workhorses. But the shinny new dreads are sucking up our points, and players still want 6+ squadrons for cards and activations, so where do you have to go.... to frigates. The missions were...... Mission 1: “Mutual Support” "Force has no place where there is lack of skill." Herodotus The objective of this mission is to reduce your opponent’s tactical flexibility by limiting the range of ship sizes remaining in their fleet. Deployment: Delta (paper, scissors, rock style) Objectives: Primary: The player with the most classes of ships remaining wins (large capital, medium capital & smallare the 3 classes, wings are not considered). Secondary: The fleet with the most remaining hull points is the victor. Game trigger: When a player loses one whole class of ships. Mission 2: “Sever the head slay the body” "If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril." Sun Tzu The objective of this mission is to hit the C&C of the opposing fleet while minimizing your own losses. Deployment: Alpha (within 8” of the table edge) Objectives: Primary: victory points from kills (and prizes), minus 150 if you have lost your command ship a designated battleship/carrier/dread. (10% winning margin needed) Secondary: The player with the most capital ships of any class wins. Game trigger: loss of 50% of the numerical strength of the fleet. Mission 3: “The meat grinder” "If we do not end war, war will end us." HG Wells The objective of the mission is to reduce the combat capability of the opposing fleet. Deployment: Beta (diagonally opposite table quarters, within 10” of your table edges). Objectives: Primary: The winner is the player who inflicts the most hull points worth of damage to the enemy fleet. Secondary: Have the most remaining ships on the board. Game trigger: The game ends at the END of any turn when one fleet has no medium class ships left. Michael's Terrans V Roger's Directorate Ollie's Aquans V Michael's Dindrenzi (another Michael) The end of Ollie's Aquans (don't let a Dindrenzi Battleship AND Dreadnought get you like this) Adam's Aquans V Robert's Relthozans A messy Draw between Roger's Directorate & Michael's Dindrenzi Adam V Ollie (Aquan civil war), fortune didn't favour the brave this time. The final Battle: Michael's terrans V Adam's Aquans The final battle further down the track:
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