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Found 5 results

  1. I bought a couple because I like the look and love painting. Now I am not sure if I'd ever field it. It is the only vessel (aside from corvettes) that doesn't get the +1 CR bump. All other faction DNs get their associated racial bonus. It's armament is pretty lackluster. The torps/rockets only avg 5 and 7 damage, before any cc or aa so you're going to use them against smaller vessels, which the DN will have a harder time hitting anyway. It makes a pretty good BB granted, but against other DNs or in a fleet...dunno. I suppose it would make a good unit to deploy in a chokepoint. And it looks like it would have fun ramming small ships (assuming it could ever catch one). Edit: OMG just looked at the French. The Fouriex. 7AD mines, 3 to a squadron. A medium flyer secondary outguns a DN 5AD mine, and sloooooow. And the French DN? Outguns the Hachiman in rb 1-3 if you consider 9 AD rockets worth anything in a DN match. Well at least our DN is cheap....er more expensive. Just made of wow. Opinions?
  2. For something different I've written a battle story instead of a battle report. Based upon a recent game; the battle story is written as snippets from the point of view of several key characters. I have also included pictures taken during the battle that each snippet centres on. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. Listening Post Almedia.pdf
  3. I wanted to get the group's opinion of TFs. I happen to like them a lot and I think now that I have the carrier, I will love them. What are you thoughts? What do you use most - Fighters, Dive Bombers, or Torps?
  4. First post here. Just learning how things work on this forum. So I thought I'd post an image as well as check to see if my avatar shows up as intended. This is a little island (which could double as a hill in a land battle) that I made recently. A few models scattered around for scale. I tried out the tags. There does not seem to be a way to suggest new tags. I would have added "Terrain" to Dystopian Wars and Empire of the Blazing Sun if it had allowed it. Nice to see the forum relaunch. Wondering how the salvage teams are getting on with re-floating the old one and what exactly scuttled it. Edit: Hipparmostes [?] Somebody needs to fix this ground-pounder/landlubber business...
  5. “We did not want war, but it has found us nonetheless. Honour demands that this matter be settled…permanently” - General Oni, commander of Sword Army Third Division, to his subordinates prior to the razing of Singapore, 1868 The rise of the Empire of the Blazing Sun took the other major powers totally by surprise. In less than a century it has developed from an insular, almost medieval society into a major world power, with aspirations of imperial rule from the Yellow Sea to the Malay Peninsula, and further still, far across the Pacific Ocean. Starting from scratch in terms of an industrial and technological revolution has proven to be a boon to the Japanese, for they have been able to avoid many of the pitfalls and dead ends that other nations made before them, and have benefitted from observing and duplicating the best of foreign technologies. For more information on the the Empire of the Blazing Sun, you can read their full page on our website here: http://www.spartanga...the-blazing-sun
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