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  1. Just thought it would be handy to colate all of the rulings in one place. I will tidy this up and addd to it when i get a chance. If anyone notices any I missed please let me know. Updated: 11/4/12 10/4/12 Mechanics: Targeting: Q: if I can see the centre and both sides of a model face on can I target it with full dice? A: Yes...a model does not block Line of Sight to itself. Q:Can submerged models use AA to make a counterattack on a flying model or wing? A: A Counterattack still requires targeting a model. A Submerged model cannot Counterattack a Flying model. Q: Difference between a counter attack and defensive fire? A: A Counterattack is a response to an Attack, is part of the Combat Sequence and made against the model or Wing performing the Attack. Defensive Fire is different from a Counterattack and can use the appropriate Auxiliary weapon to reduce Damage from Rocket or Torpedo Ordnance. Regarding follow up questions: A: #1 - A Wing providing CAP can declare an Attack during its Parent Model's Squadron Activation. A Wing providing CAP can declare a Counterattack either in response to an Attack on itself OR in response to an Attack on its Parent Model in ADDITION to any Counterattack from a model in its Parent Model's Squadron. A Wing providing CAP CANNOT use Defensive Fire against Rocket Ordnance targeting its Parent Model and CANNOT use Anti-Boarding Ack Ack against a Boarding Assault targeting its Parent Model unless the Tiny Flyer has the Well Trained Tiny Flyer Assigned Rule. A: #2 - No, Pack Hunter can only be used with an Attack or Counterattack and not with Defensive Fire. Q: What is the range on AA from tiny flier CAP? A: Just to confirm, Tiny Flyer Ack Ack has a 4" Range, whether it is flying CAP or not. Q:Can a Model use both Defensive Ack Ack and Counter Attack Ack Ack against the same squadron Activation? Yes. Q: What kind of Ack Ack do CAP fighters provide? A: #1 - A Wing providing CAP can declare an Attack during its Parent Model's Squadron Activation. A Wing providing CAP can declare a Counterattack either in response to an Attack on itself OR in response to an Attack on its Parent Model in ADDITION to any Counterattack from a model in its Parent Model's Squadron. A Wing providing CAP CANNOT use Defensive Fire against Rocket Ordnance targeting its Parent Model and CANNOT use Anti-Boarding Ack Ack against a Boarding Assault targeting its Parent Model unless the Tiny Flyer has the Well Trained Tiny Flyer Assigned Rule. A: #2 - Just to confirm response to OP as stated by cliffs, and to further clarify the Well Trained Tiny Flyer Assigned Rule will allow CAP to provide Anti-Boarding Ack Ack but not Defensive Fire Ack Ack. Q:Are multiple tiny flyer squadrons allowed to fly cap at the same time (each squadron flying cap for a different large/massive parent model?) A: Just to confirm, and for completeness considering the Convoy Duty MAR, one Tiny Flyer Fighter Plane Wing providing CAP per Parent Model Squadron, but no restriction on the actual number providing CAP. Q: Can a model fire Anti-Boarding Ack Ack at Boarders if they should use their Ack Ack earlier in the activation, either Defensively or as a Counter Attack? Yes. Ramming Q: When a Model Rams a ship and then boards it, is the Assault Points halved before or after the antiboarding weapons have had their way with them? Before. Your Assault Point (AP) value is halved before you allocate your Assault Points (which must happen before Anti-Boarding Ack Ack). Q: Can a Ramming Diving Model be 'countered' with Concussion Charges? A Ram is not an Attack, so Counterattack Concussion Charges cannot be used against it. Bombs Q: What is the Arc of Fire on Bombs? A: Bomb Ordnance Arc of Fire During page layout a LORD LEONIDAS note was deleted from Page 32 of the Edition 1.1 Master Rulebook: Bomb Ordnance uses the Aft Fixed Channel Arc of Fire. This is the official response. Q:can Ack Ack stop them, aside from blowing the Bomber out of the sky? No. Torpedoes: Q: Can torpedo bomber launched torpedo attack against surface ships if they are ships in between the target ship and the bomber?? A: 1.1 Rulebook Page 58: A model on the Surface is NEVER an Obstructing Model between a Surface model and a Flying or Obscured model. This applies to Torpedoes. Q: What is Torpedo Ordnance Line of Sight? Torpedo Ordnance follows the Line of Sight and Obstructing Models rules listed on Page 58 of Edition 1.1. Quote A model on the Surface is NEVER an Obstructing Model between a Surface model and a Flying or Obscured model. This DOES mean that a Flying model can target a Naval model with Torpedo Ordnance by firing under another Naval model. Quote A model on the Surface is NOT an Obstructing Model if it is TWO Size Classes smaller than the Firing or Spotting model. This DOES mean that a Large Naval model can target another Naval model with Torpedo Ordnance by firing under an intervening Small Naval model, and a Massive Naval model can target another Naval model with Torpedo Ordnance by firing under an intervening Small or Medium Naval model. The following bullet point is missing from the OBSTRUCTING TERRAIN section on Page 58 of the Edition 1.1 Master Rulebook. Line of Sight for Torpedo Ordnance is ONLY Blocked by Obstructing Terrain that occupoes the ENTIRE Submerged Height Level. Mines: Q: Does dropping mines count as an attack that provokes defensive fire from models nearby? Only an Attack will result in a Counterattack opportunity. Q:How about when Mines are dropped 'on top' of a model? This would count as an Attack, so Counterattack Ack Ack can be used. Q:When are mines dropped from Flying models resolved? Mines are dropped at any point during the model's Movement. Boarding: Q: If Multiple Boarding Assaults are launched from a Squadron against a Single Target are resolved Individually, or if they Have to be rolled and resolved together as a Single Boarding Assault. A: Multiple Boarding Assaults against a single target are resolved as a single Boarding Assault. Only the number of Attack Dice rolled in a Boarding Assault is reduced if a model is involved in a Collision or Ram, not the fact that a model allocates its ENTIRE current Assault Point (AP) to any Boarding Assault. Repairs: Q: Do you have to try and repair Raging Fire? A: Raging Fire Critical Hit Effect During the End Phase of the Turn a player MUST make a Damage Repair Test for each Raging Fire Marker in their Fleet. Shield Generators: Q: How often do you get to roll Shield Dice? After any attack against you that could be shielded or just once an activation? A: To confirm, A Shield Generator can be used multiple times, as appropriate, during an Activation. Fleet Composition: Q: What are the rules regarding what models can be used as escorts? A: An Escort Squadron must be made up of Escort models. Only a model designated as an "Escort" is an Escort model. Q: What does an Amphibious model count as for the purposes of fleet composition? A: Models with the Amphibious Model Assigned Rule are Naval models when in Water and Armoured models when on Land. With regards to Core Force, an Amphibious model can be counted as either Naval or Armoured. But remember they are only part of your Core Force if in/on the appropriate Terrain (a Washington Class Land Ship that is hiding in a forest on an island, is an Armoured model and doesn't count towards a Naval Core Force requirements). Q: When playing a game (tournament or friendly rules) do both players have to select the same core fleet. A: Each side can choose a different Core Force in any game, however the Core Force of each Fleet should be considered during Battlefield Set-up when determining the amount of Water and Land on the Game Board. MARS: Q: Does the Experienced Engineers MAR apply to putting out fires? A: Yes, the Experienced Engineers Model Assigned Rule applies to 'fixing' Raging Fires. Q: Inventive Scientists A: see here http://community.spa...ive-scientists/ Q: If a unit initiates a boarding action may it use swift accent afterwards ? A: A Boarding Assault is not an Attack and is not a Ram and therefore a model cannot use Swift Ascent after a Boarding Assault. Q:The Retardant Armour MAR states the first 6 rolled agasint this model during any Attack or Counterattack, is counted as a 6. From what I have read on Pg 19 of the 1.1 rule book this means that a 6 is a single point of damage and no re-roll. Is this the correct interpretation? A: A 6 is ONE hit and NO re-roll. FSA: Q: FSA rocket Batteries A: http://community.spa...cket-batteries/ COA: Q: You have activated the COA Callimachus and try to teleport a model using the Time Dilation Generator. And you roll a 1 on the D6 to see what happens, for those who do not know the teleported model is temp lost in time. A: The model cannot return to the Game Board and is therefore Lost, it will generate its Full Points Cost as Victory Points. Q: regarding a ships movement status after it has " jumped", if the ship was moving in the previous turn to it jumping is it still counted as moving after the jump or is it considered as not moving ? A: The model will retain the same movement status, and any relevant markers, that it had before using the Teleport function of the Time Dilation Orb. Q: Size of Landing field/Launch Station A: The Landing Field / Launch Station should be represented by an object the size of the Mobile Airfield acrylic base (78mm x 145mm). Q: What is the speed of the Time Orb in water? A: the Amphibious MAR takes precedence and this states: Quote If moving through Water reduce [the model's] Movement (Mv) by HALF. Q: Can a Time Orb teleport itself? A: No Q: What is meant by "The model MUST move to a clear space without causing a collision or a ram."? A: model CANNOT be Teleported by a Callimachus Time Orb to a location where when the Teleported model, or any other model, is moved during their Squadron Activation a Collision or Ram involving the Teleported model is unavoidable. RoF: Q: How does Split Fire work for Heat Lances/Lancettes? Can two Toulon first combine their Heat Lancettes and than use Linked Fire with their Broadsides? A: As per Page 30 of the 1.1 Rulebook, any Primary or Secondary weapon is an Ordnance weapon. The only exception to this are the Emplacements on a Landing Field, which are specifically called out as Auxiliary weapons in their entry on the Stats pages. KoB: Q: Is the entire resin base (water part plus actual vanguard) the model for movement purposes? A: the base is the "model" -all fixed channel weapons are measured at the edges of the base
  2. There's been some confusion with how a vessel disengages after a collision (including running aground) or a ram, and the bullet-points on page 52 aren't clear to some players. DISENGAGING a disengagement-move is different to a regular move and consists of any valid choice from the following list: MOVE NORMALLY this option is only valid if the vessel's bow is clear or, if it was already moving backwards, its stern is clear models with "Scuttle" may move sideways, if the relevant side is clear MOVE BACKWARDS this option is only valid if it's stern is clear, and it doesn't have the "Momentum" or "No Reverse" MARs. note: next activation, the vessel can move normally without having to go through All-Stop to go forwards again TURN UP TO 90 0 this option is valid for any vessel, unless it is affected by the "Navigation Lock" Critical Effect. note: this counts as the vessel's entire move SUBMERGE, FLY, BECOME OBSCURED if the vessel is a diving model (for example a Vanguard Submarine) it just dives under, and moves normally. obviously it can't use this option if it ran aground if the vessel has flight capability (for example a "Prototype" Magenta) it can just fly or go obscured, unless some effect is preventing this ROTATE much like the "Turn 90 0 " option, except for an Armoured model this is up to 180 0 the only time this option can't be used, is if it is affected by the "Navigation Lock" Critical Effect. MAKE A 360 0 TURN i don't know what models have this option (1.0 squiddy used to, but 1.1 squiddy doesn't) but page 50 says there's models that can do this, so if you can -good for you.
  3. I tried a search for this but to no avail (the rules question thread is a million pages long). Q: In v2.0, a model obviously links with itself for linked fire, ie: Lead Weapon then all other permitted weapons totalled then halved rounded up. The rulkes, although mention it briefly that only Models in the same Squadron may partake in Linked Fire (as in the previous version), I can't find it in black and white the mechanic for more than one ship committing linked Fire against one target. Is it as before where each Model links with itself then with the lead firing model. EG: Model with 3 Primaries AD 4 gets 4+(4+4/2)=8AD, then links with 2 more models for (lead ship)8AD+(2nd and 3rd models 8+8/2)= 16AD... So do models still link with themselves then link with the lead firer basically.
  4. When a ship with ablative armor suffers its first crit it counts as a single hit. I assume this is regardless you roll a single, double or triple crit.
  5. So some people have been saying that if you are in a collision your defensive AP is halved. Where does it say this?
  6. A vessel within 4" of a ship that has retardant armor and also within 4" of a ship without retardant armor takes a snake-eyes crit and explodes. How does this get resolved? In our game, the we didn't have to make a ruling, as no 6's were rolled on the 8 die blast. I thought this rules question should hit the forum as it is tricky. My house ruling would be the first six is rolled out separately so that the things with retardant armor get their rule applied, and the things without stay as vulnerable as they are. I find it logical that a ship with armor designed to reduce the damage potential of incoming attacks would be capable of reducing the severity of a big blast. Thoughts? Possibly an official ruling?
  7. Hi guys if I have a squad of 8 crocs initiating a boarding action against let's say a bordino and they are all within 8 inches of a cereberus with combat co ordinator dash and Eleanor 8" How many ap would I roll assuming cc kills none? Would it be 8 + 1? Or 16?
  8. Official response recieved today; Defensive Fire is declared after the active squadron has declared attacks but before any attacks are rolled. In the same segment and manner that counterattack fire is declared. This is what I and many others allways assumed, even though the entry for declaring defensive fire was ommitted from the table describing the order of execution of actions by the active squadron. Hope this clears up alot of rules annalysing.
  9. Hi if i use a wing of TF Dive Bomber/Torpedo and i dont have any carrier to land my TF what happen to them after using the ordonance weapon ? because on P.49 it tell me i MUST land after use (red text) did i lost them after use ? thanks
  10. I am uncertain about this. The Quick Launch MAR is quite specific. A model or token cannot activate more than once per turn. So your TFT drone squadron attacks and gets shot down...your carrier with Quick Launch activates, launches a replacement squadron..and then this squadron cannot activate correct? How is that different than not having the MAR at all? Since you can start with drones launched...what does the MAR do for you? About the only instance I can see is if you lose them before you go. Thanks!
  11. How does this rule work in navy games? The Russian airfields have 'emplaced', does this mean they can deploy anywhere on their half of the board? or just on islands/land in their half of the board?
  12. Can ice bergs be deployed in such a manner that they trigger mines and if they do is the iceberg destroyed by the blast?. I used my carrier as a bit of mine sweeper today, but Im not sure if that was stricly sporting. My opponent felt it was fiar enough, but dose it contravene the forced collision rules?
  13. so this weekend we have a 3 way 1250 point land only game and since we are taking a few of the new aliance models some rule clarifications before the shouting would be good Attachment MAR can be added to listed size (none) in listed no (2) if no size listed the model can be added to a squadron of large or medium (no robots) and if no designation listed this model can be added to a squadron of armoured models So can the RC player add some flame tanks to his land dreadnaught ( i know its massive ) but its armoured Flame tank damage - i get that they do 1 hp + i raging fire token for dr and 1 hp + 1d3+1 raging fire tokens for CR but no crit roll BUT does the target also loose 1ap with each raging fire token ?
  14. Let's start with two simple questions: - How does Split Fire work for Heat Lances/Lancettes? - Can two Toulon first combine their Heat Lancettes and than use Linked Fire with their Broadsides?
  15. Hi guys I just made a opponents magazine explode and was wandering if I was allowed to till shields to defend myself. I'm mid game so quick response would be appreciated
  16. I am a little confused on Boarding. The French Dread has 7 AA It also has a wing of 5 TFTs as a CAP. Each with 2 AA and Well Trained How many dice would I roll against a Boarding squadron? And why? I have been told all sorts between 12 - 17
  17. Re: PHASE ARMOUR .....Any Attack or Counterattack must exceed its CR value to score any Damage. (my emphasis on must exceed) I am assuming this sentence should read equals or exceeds CR value? Sorry to pick, I really like the rules but I also game with some picky people at times and I can see this coming up as it is written differently in the main rule book... Regards DCG
  18. Sorry to drag this one up (actually I'm not, I like stirring things up). As the heat lance uses the Invaders DR to inflict damage would the Brunels foregun also use DR to achieve a critical hit.
  19. The invaders are fearless - auto pass check. If the Hive ship is destoyed/dormant all vessels have to take morale check? Is this outside the effects of fearless? I would assume so but maybe I am missing something? regards DCG
  20. Ok, so the closest a search got me to an answer was this: http://community.spa...age__hl__escort but I would like to be sure. Sorry if people consider it a thread revive, but I didn't find my question covered. The problem. Can a model with escorts combine or not if it is unable to use it's own AA. Rules: p. 62 states that you must have a primary weapon that uses it full AD, and then the rest of the squadron identical weaponsystems can link. p. 62 states that escort can combine if they link with their parent model. p. 56 a submerged model can only target a model with its CC and/or torpedoes p. 85 shredded defenses: a model cannot use it AA and/or CC question: A parent model which is unable to use AA (submerged ika or model with shredded defenses), can it be combined with with it's escorts? solution 1: yes, the model just effectively has an AA of 0 and therefore = 0 + escort (combine) + escort (combine) etc. or solution2: no, the parent model is unable to use AA and therefore the escort cannot link with their parent model, and therefore they link and cannot combine. I.e. 3 escorts EBS/FSA escorts going from 9 AA to 5...? personally i'd say #2 since the model is unable to use the weapon, but i can see the point of #1... what say you?
  21. I have a question about Scenario 6 and Small Landing Barge size. Page 91 states that a small barge can carry four small size class armoured vehicles. The scenario on page 104 has each landing barge with five small tanks. I assume one is a misprint so which one is the correct one or does the scenario have slightly larger landing barges? It seems to me that dropping some small tanks from the scenario may impact on the balance but it may well have been play-tested with four tanks per barge not five and the five is a misprint. Is there an errata document out for Hurricane Season? Cheers, DK
  22. The MAR states "If this model uses a Generator, you can re-roll ONE of the D6 rolled, but must accept the new result. If a 1 is rolled as a result of using the Inventive Scientist Model Assigned Rule, this model CANNOT use a Generator, of any type, again during the current Activation." This has raised a few questions: 1: I roll for shields and get a 3 and a 5. I re-roll the 3 and roll a 1. So the shield generator is shut down for any further defenses during this activation. Does it still block the one hit? 2: I roll for using the Time Generator to teleport a friendly unit. I roll a 2 (no effect) so I reroll the die and get a 1. This deactivates the time generator but does it still send the unit into limbo for a turn? 3: I roll for using the Time Generator to teleport a friendly unit. I roll a 1 (lost in limbo) so I reroll the die and get a 1. This deactivates the time generator but what happens to the target unit? A: The teleported unit is lost in limbo for a turn. B: Nothing happens because the Time Generator is deactivated. C: The unit is lost in limbo and then destroyed because the Time Generator is deactivated and cannot hold onto the unit (kind of following the answer on what happens if the Time Orb is destroyed with a unit in limbo). And yes, if I could roll higher than a 1 on a d6 these questions would not continue to pop up!
  23. Now this might seem like a stupid question but here goes. How many rocket batteries do the FSA ships get? The model (eg FSA dreadnought) shows rockets to the front and back of the command tower but it doesn't say how many batteries it gets. Does the card or rulebook have to say how many they get (like turrets) or is it based on the model. If its based on the model then do my EotBS get lots of batteries seeing as they have like 4 clumps of rockets to fire. Whereas the card just says rocket batteries< so is that taken as all the rockets firing as a single weapon? Please help with the confusion!!
  24. My question relates to models that move on to the table in any given turn for a scenario in Hurricane Season. The deployment section states the stern fore should be 6" from the edge of the deployment edge when the squadron is activated and moved onto the table. Does this mean that placing the squadron in this position on the table ends the movement phase of the squadron activation or do the placed models then get their full move as well? The rules don't appear clear to me the way they are written and could be interpreted either way. Thanks, DK
  25. OK this may sound really stupid but... There are several things that say place a raging fire token on a model. Does this mean it takes two points of AP as per the critical hit?
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