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Found 8 results

  1. From the album: Dystopian Wars Images

    Getting back into my COA and to start I painted my Orb in the same colours as my existing naval fleet.
  2. Does anybody use one and, if so, how have you found it? I got my waterline model last week (and I love the model) but I've never seen one in action.
  3. Hey, I play CoA in our Game Store Dystopian Wars League. I am playing a 750 point match against the Empire of the Blazing Sun this week and I have never faced them before. I am the challenger so he got to pick the size of the battle. I am not sure if he picked the small battle because all he has it the starter box or not. The EotBS strengths and weaknesses are unknown to me and I have read on the EotBS forum that Ika Mechanical Squids are really nasty. Apparently 1 can take out a BB and 2 can do the same to a DN. If this was true, Besides waiting for it to surface and attack in order to take advantage of it's Diving Robot Vulnerability how do you prevent these 100 point models from running down our BB and DD?
  4. My local gaming group will be having a wee tournament soon and i am looking for inspiration for my list 800pts core naval no dreadnaughts I was thinking of making use of some fortifications primarily the launch station what do you lot think?
  5. Does anyone have experience using disruption generators or the target designator? If so could you please share you experiences? To date I have not used them significantly and am curious to hear about what kind of returns others are getting out of them.
  6. Hi Guys, I'm not an CoA player but I have a question to the CoA Tiny Flyers. As I remember the Tinyflyers had the ability, that they ignor aborts but were destroyed on a 5 or 6. Was this ability removed with the latest updates? When not, on what page do I find the rule. I have the Rulebook 1.0 + Update for 1.1 and the Rulebook 1.1. regards Erik "EMMachine"
  7. So here's an idea, you have the flying drones, why not similar units on sea and land, with some kind of dispenser similar to the various carriers that just spew out wave after wave of these meatshield/low attack units, possibly suicide units (them being drones after all) like mini low damage fireships. Even just a big mothership-esque carrier that spews out frigates..or corvettes, making use of what is essentially a couple of fairly useless antarctican units.
  8. “This is it, Maximilian. The world has abused our gifts for long enough. Now they must pay the price…” - Lord Sturgeon to War Master Schneider, Archimedes Grange, Wells Chasm, Antarctica, 1870 The enigmatic Covenant of Antarctica is the world’s youngest and most unorthodox nation. Officially established in 1857 by its founder, the eccentric Britannian scientist-aristocrat Lord Barnabas Draynes Sturgeon, the Covenant has caused seismic shifts in global politics and scientific advancement in the few short years of its existence. The source of the Covenant’s influence is the mysterious Wells Chasm, a cluster of huge crevasses in the Antarctican icecap discovered by Sturgeon and his original multi-national expedition back in 1845. Within the chasm, named after the pilot of the scouting aeroplane from which Sturgeon had first seen the weirdly glowing anomaly, was something the majority of scientists thought was just a myth; a vast treasure house of extraordinary artefacts and knowledge known simply as ‘The Vault’. For more information on the Covenant of Antarctica, you can read their full page on our website here: http://www.spartanga...t-of-antarctica
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