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Found 2 results

  1. Directorate vs Dindrenzi 3500 points Special Tournament Scenario (3 Secondaries, diagonal setup, no primary or tertiary, reserves in use outside of core). Above are the Secondaries and deployment zones marked out (before we rolled for and added the terrain). Directorate List Core Desolator x 2 Retaliators x 3 Retaliators x 3 Informer x 3 Informer x 3 Patriot x 3 (All Gun Teams) Trojan x 2 Trojan x 2 Support: Arbiter x 1 Deadlock Grand Company x 6 Trojan x 2 Recon Anarchists x 5 Intruder x 1 Deadlock x 4 General Logistic Points x 3 (I know very low numbers for me...) Dindrenzi List I am sure Graviel can fill this out better than I, but his list went to the tune of: Core Kratos x 1 + Circe Eryis x 3 + Circe Letos x 3 Nyx x 4 (Sweepers) + Pod Nyx x 4 (Sweepers) + Pod Nyx x 4 (Gun Teams) Leviathan Hyperion (+ Sky Drop upgrade) - Yes its the Odin in the pictures, a small accident with the Legs meant his was unavailable on the day. Heavy Ares + Circe Gorgos x 3 Aerial Daedulus x 1 (Let me know if thats wrong Graviel) Recon moves: Dindrenzi claimed their closest Seconday, I claimed my closest and the central one. Reserves: On turn 1 no reserves arrived for either side (you need to score 8, by rolling a D6, adding the turn and you may spend 1 Logistic point). Turn 1: The opening turn saw little in the way of shooting with most units moving to get into position for later turns. The Directorate Informers managed to get a shot on Eryis near the central objective after most of the Dindrenzi had activated and caused 1 damage. The main talking point was when the Dindrenzi called in the Hyperion from Sky drop, landing it on a zero’d in marker about 6” from the Directorate battle line. Poor rolls from the Hyperion meant that it killed a Trojan and did one damage to another in its activation (I mean really poor rolls). Nyx were dropped in around the Secondaries in position to claim them in the second turn, without doing too much in the way of damage to the Directorate. By response the Directorate activated their Retaliators who threw out 21 AD at short range and took a DR off it, and left it with a Corrosive marker, this was followed up by the Desolators throwing a 34 AD pool at the Hyperion, and by contrast their dice were very good taking off its three remaining levels of damage in a single volley. Other than the death of the Hyperion the majority of the Directorate forces spent this turn going flat out, although the Trojans tried a couple of snipe shots, placing a Debilitating effect marker on the Kratos (which it repaired in the end phase) At the end of turn 1 the ZTH showed: 13 / 31 Turn 2: In turn 2 the Directorate Recon arrived. The Dindrenzi did not get any reserves. The Dindrenzi played Up Close & Personnal on their Core Helix, while I played Expert Tactitican, which did not help me win the turn. The Dindrenzi’s activation was to throw a unit of Nyx into the Central objective, and CQB the Informers holding it. The result was no damage to the Nyx, but the Informers were wiped out, and Up Close & Personnal returned 2 additional TV for them. Using the Eryis the Dindrenzi then killed the remaining Trojan units to remove them from the game. The Informers on my right flank moved to hide away from the DIndrenzi forces to hold the objective. The recon helix arriving from my board edge (they need to be deployed before the turn starts meaning you can activate them at any point, but they are also available to be shot at if the opponent has range…) Retaliation came from the the Directorate killing wiping out the Leto unit claiming the Secondary objective. This took long range shots from the Desolators, Anarchists & Intruder to wipe them out. My unit of left flank unit of Retaliators managed to take a point of DR off the Kratos at LR, leaving it with another Debilitating effect marker, which this time did not get repaired. The right hand side unit of Retaliators managed to unleash a full 21 AD at the already damaged Eryis squadron killing one of the tanks and damaging another. The Dindrenzi scored two objectives this turn with Nyx to my one objective. At the end of the turn the ZHT was sitting at: Directorate 8 vs Dindrenzi 13 Turn 3: I got my Support Helix arriving from Reserve in Turn 3 at the cost of a Logistics point, whereas the Dindrenzi Heavy Helix still did not arrive, although their Ground Attack helix did. In turn 3 I played the card Blanket fire on my Desolators (I wanted the Nyx out of the central objective!). The DIndrenzi played Marker Light Precision on their Kratos squadron. I snuck the first turn this time (blowing my remaining Logistic points), where I then activated the Informers by the back objective to take a side shot at the Eryis squadron, doing another damage, the response was for the Daedulus to move up CQB the Informers off the Objective before killing a Retaliator outright. The Desolators then moved up to fire on the Nyx in the central objective, despited 34 AD ignoring hard target the cover saves did him well, meaning that my success were reduced to only enough to kill two bases. The Eyris returned fire on the damaged retaliators doing another point of damage to them, before the Retaliators second turn of fire at the Eryis managed to take the final point of damage from the second tank, and putting a first on the third one. The Left flank Retaliators killed the Kratos at close range, but didn't put any damage on the attached Circe (that then promptly hid). The Resulting command check only had the Eryis squadron to affect and they failed their command check taking a Disorder marker. Once out of my Core Helix (as most of the Nyx just had to jump up and down in their objectives to stay safe) I moved onto my support helix. The Arbiter opened up with its Cyber warfare on the remaining Eryis, the closest tank had a damage and a Debilitating effect marker on it, which meant when the dice were rolled I had 2 successes, and two rolls on the table. I got a 5 & a 6 and turned the 6 into a Disorder marker, putting 3 disorder markers and a damage on the Eryis squadron (from the previous shooting as well), making them go forlorn. The Arbiter also used its Nexus designator & one of the Drones designators to zero in and then call in an artillery strike on the left flank objective, the artillery worked perfectly and scattered to hit the building... we played it that as the building is in essence the unit all the models in the unit were hit and the damage was delivered against them, this resulted in two of the four bases dying. The Support Trojans fired at the Daedulus but were unable to do any damage, before moving onto my Recon Helix. The Anarchists opened up with placed shots on the Nyx in the left flank secondary, somehow killing another base of them, but leaving one hanging in there to score at the end of the turn. The Intruder moved up to fire on the Daedulus and through some amazing rolling took two levels of damage off it, although it passed its command check. The Deadlock cadre then dis-embarked from the Intruder and charged in to Storm the central objective. The two Nyx bases in the secondary were unable to damage any of the Deadlock and the resulting 16 AD back managed to kill them all and break the unit. The Deadlock left standing vicotorious in the Central objective. At the end of the turn I the ZHT showed: Directorate - 5 / Dindrenzi 7. In Summary What a different game it would be without reserves. Some of my reservations around reserves are that a unit in Sky Drop can ignore the Reserve rules and arrive whenever you want to call them in. Personnaly I dont think this feels too right as it gives a distinct advantage to those people playing Sky drop armies. Now I am not saying that if something is in Sky drop it should go in reserve, but the Scenario we were playing was if you are not a Core Helix you go in reserve. Something which meant the Hyperion was able to bypass, I suspect we will tweak that to be that all none Core Helixes have to roll from reserve to be available to deploy on the battlefield (if not Sky Drop) or to be made available for Sky Drop. We are also looking to change the score required to arrive as just under 1,000 points of my opponents army never showed up (hence the unsurprising victory for me really). The upside for me is that they couldn't effect me, the down side is that i couldn't score TV from them, and that is of course the reserve for my opponent. Moving forward we will probably tweak the rules for that scenario. The Hyperion should have arrived and beaten face, but even had his firepower focussed my Desolators he wouldn't have done more than take a DR or 2 off them that is how bad his rolls were, that should have been the shock and awe factor, but it just didn't work. Other than that my plan went pretty well I think, although Nyx in buildings are not that easy to shift!!!! For those Interested the TV was scored in the following ways: Directorate Turn 1 Hyperion (14) Secondary (4) Secondary (4) Turn 2 Expert Tactician (+2) Letos (3) Secondary (4) Turn 3 Blanket Fire (+2) Nyx (3) Secondary (4) Eryis (6) Circe (2) Dindrenzi Turn 1 Secondary (4) Turn 2 Up Close and Personal (+1) Informer (3) Up Close and Personal Bonus (2) Trojan (3) Trojan (3) Secondary (4) Secondary (4) Turn 3 Marker Light Precision (+1) Informer (3) Secondary (4)
  2. So after the challenge (and fun) of building a 3500 point Directorate list, I thought it was worth posting something up for the Aquans. The challenge here is that the Directorate are around about the second cheapest faction (in points) compared to the Aquans, so you do get noticeably less on the table with the Aquans. I dont think that this makes them inherently bad, but it does make list building entertaining. Our club is hosting a tournament at 3500 points in the next few weeks, and we have found that 3500 points is a nice point size to play through with time to spare in a 3 hour club night. We hope that the more games everyone gets under their belts the faster we will get to 4,000 point games in those same three hours. Anyway, enough rambling, 3500 points.... Core: Sedna x 2 Lamana x 3 Lamana x 3 Stingray x 2 Stingray x 2 Imzani x 3 Imzani x 3 Khitari x 3, Gun Team x 3 SirSir (attached to a Lamana Squadron) Aerial: Kalari x 2 Recon: Marana x 4 Khitari x 6, Sweeper Team x 3 Larata x 1 Khitari x 3, Gun Teams x 3 Larata x 1 Unlike my Directorate force, this guys rock around with a fair amount of Interceptor units (Stingrays, Marana's), and also has some nice Dice pools from the rest of my force. Take and Hold I am running around with six units capable of taking the Objectives which gives lots of redundancy, well two units of redundancy given the four objectives on the table top. I could have reduced my core to save points for extra things outwith it (like a Haumea & Locatu's) but actually really like the size of the Core Helix where it is, and think this is the go to list for me, at least until the Assault Helixes get here and I get my hands on those models... mwhahahahaha. Anyway, any thoughts?
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