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Found 2 results

  1. Time to take the plunge and dive head first into the awesome Warrior Nation. Time has been a major distraction so not having had as much time as I would have liked to play Wild West Exodus I have decided to class myself as a “Noob” and put my competitive list development here (in the vain hope that my ramblings might be of interest for other new players!). So after numerous conversations with our sage Daren here is the starting list and the thoughts behind it. Bear in mind I asked him for a list that would give me the same kind of thrills and worries as Dark Elves from ‘that other game’ back in the olden days lol Warrior Nation Posse “Children of the Great Spirit” Theme Chief Raven Spirit (Boss) Alcon (Hands) Stonefist (Hands) 2 x Spirit Apparition (Face/Spirit Support) 2 x Spirit Apparition (Face/Spirit Support) Spirit Shamen (Support) 2 x Sky Stallions (Support) Theme Bonus - Maxed out Warrior units gain Totemic Chief Raven Spirit is ridiculous in combat, incredibly survivable with Shrouded, Mettle and Tough. He can use Mind instead of any stat (for an additional AP of course). May summon Spirit Apparitions into base contact with himself. Regains Fortune at the end of the turn as well as his activation. Alcon can fly and is great at capturing objectives or Glory bonuses. He has Trailfinder & Moving Target which helps him get up the board real quick. He provides one large or 3 small totems, and he is good at ranged & hand to hand combat. Stonefist is good in combat, great at shooting and has Blast & Attuned. Being mounted he can move and fire, while Bunker puts him up to Grit 9 which is “Wyatt Earp good!” Spirit Apparitions can be summoned directly from reserve by Chief Raven Spirit. They are ludicrous in combat and blow up to kill things when they die. Spirit Shamen bring more totems to the table, are OK in ranged and close combat. Sky Stallions have durability with Mettle & Moving Target. They can use Spirit Aim to get around tricky shots, have a Torrent weapons and high piercing values when Attuned. Expanding this army will bucket loads of Plains Warriors for more Totemic fun! I have bought all the miniatures now and am hoping to get them assembled during the next week. Painting won’t be as quick but I’m really excited to get this on the table in the Hockley store sometime soon!
  2. Over the next few days, I will be painting the Tribal Retribution Starter Set so I’ll be recording my progress in a series of blogs. Today is all about skin. Here’s a very rough and ready painting guide I put together whilst on my lunch break! You’ll need the following paints: P3 Paints Idrian flesh Khardic Flesh Ryn Flesh Umbral Umber GW Paints Reikland Fleshshade Seraphim Sepia Step 1 - Basecoat Basecoat your model with Idrian Flesh, then give it a generous wash of Reikland Fleshshade to set the basic skin tone. Step 2 - Creating Volume We’re going to add volume to the muscles by highlighting them with Khardic Flesh... Step 3 - Adding Definition Now we're going to add definition by highlighting the uppermost surfaces of the muscles using a 50/50 mix of Khardic Flesh and Ryn Flesh. Step 4 - Adding Further Definition Further definition is added with pure Ryn Flesh - once again, concentrate on the edges and uppermost surfaces of the muscles. Step 5 - Creating Contrast Time to add some contrast now. Water down Umbral Umber 4:1 and use this to shade the recesses and undersides of the muscles. Step 6 - Tie our highlights and shades All flesh areas are given a glaze of Seraphim Sepia to tie our highlights and shades together. And that’s it - Job Done! This will look great on the tabletop but after I’ve finished the whole Posse, I will go back and add subtle nuances to the flesh tones for a more individual look. ~ Daz View the full article
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