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Found 6 results

  1. In Dystopian Wars, Mercenaries have a home faction which represents where the Mercenary Fleet has its closest ties. These Mercenary Fleets are able to be taken in other specific factions and so are listed here for easier discussion. Mercenaries such as the Black Wolf, Honourable Eclipse Company and the Nautilus have a 'home faction' that they are naturally aligned to, but are able to be taken in other factions as well.
  2. In Dystopian Wars the Russian Commonwealth are represented by the naval fleets of Russia, Poland-Lithuania, Romania.
  3. In Dystopian Wars the Celestian Empire are represented by the naval fleets of Japan, Korea, and China. The Empire itself comprises the sovereign nations of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, Siam and Burma (amongst other holdings). Each nation has their own aesthetic, characters and politics, but have worked together as an Empire for over seven hundred years. They are renowned for being highly educated and technologically advanced. The Seven Immortal Emperors agreed that the Empress of Japan was to be given overall command of their navy and so many ships bear her symbol, the Blazing Sun.
  4. In Dystopian Wars the Prussian Imperium are represented by the naval fleets of Prussia, Denmark, Austria and Teutonic Knights.
  5. In Dystopian Wars the Ottoman Sultanate are represented by the naval fleets of Turkey, Egypt, and Greece.
  6. In Dystopian Wars the British Crown are represented by the naval fleets of Great Britain, India, Australia, Canada and the East India Trading Company.
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