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  1. No, it's two full units of DDs plus 2x Mizrak FF escorts for both Kanunis :>
  2. It's not, except for maybe the "dreadfully" because I'm getting sick of reading all of these "omg OP" notes. I am really curious to what kind of list your friend brought to play. My current Ottoman list is: 2x Kanuni, 2x Avci DDs and 1x full squadron of Fettah Cruisers. Is it brutal? Absolutely. But any list with double dread at 1250 is pretty outrageous, especially when they're in the class that is the Kanuni. The reason why I ask what kind of list your friend brought, is because if he didn't bring a dread himself at this point cost or is woefully prepared for a list such as mine, he will undoubately claim that Ottomans are overpowered. Do you see the correlation?
  3. Can you explain that a bit more? How did you overcome the dreadfully overpowered Ottomans?
  4. What do you feel is so overbearing with the Ottomans? Any specific ships? Or is it their play mechanics?
  5. Except I put CoA and FSA, Russians and French in the powerful list as well.
  6. I have a question for some of you folks saying they're "broken". I think Ottomans are one of the top fleets sure, but I also find most other fleets to be underwhelming, especially the release fleets. This is something to keep in clear perspective when talking about "overpowered" or "broken" units.
  7. This by itself would be enough. Fuel doesn't need to be a factor at all, all it does is add an unneeded bit of complexity.
  8. Did you miss the +1 DR as well? Ottoman ships have average stats with an reliance on activation for their generators on their capital ships. In that sense, they suffer the same weakness as French, except they don't have the enormous amount of AA that the RoF have at shooting down enemy boarders. Their FF are decent, not great, their minelayers are OK, mines in general are kind of gimmicky, their Fettash are great but their Sinops are bad. Only their larges are really good, there's no doubt that the Kanuni, Hisar and Sadrazam are good. The Sadrazam not so much when you compare it to the Aristotle BB, so its only the Kanuni and Hisar that really stands out. Lastly, the Avci are pretty solid ships, although a bit fragile without any kind of natural defenses or gens. They really expensive, so I put them in the middle of the pack of cost-effective DDs. Generating storm templates takes a bit of thinking, which I think is a good thing when playing the faction. Not every faction is like this and that's what keeps Ottomans in the fight.
  9. If fuel didn't exist, it would improve gameplay as well. For example, no fuel is needed for TFT. They have 1 shot like always, but this is something that the player keeps track of mentally, or with a simple marker. Once they blow their load, they either fly off the board or return to the nearest carrier. I don't really see a point to having fuel.
  10. Nazduruk_Bugzappa Strategos (General) Spartan Envoy 2,930 posts LocationTownsville, QLD Sent Yesterday, 02:54 PM someone missed an editing point, where we mentioned the "Storm Points" dissipating at the end of the turn. it was accidentally moved via cut/paste error to the wrong part of the generator description. the version that got printed was the wrong draft document. the correct use of the Cloud Effect is the one from the Generator document. http://www.spartanga...-generators.pdf CLOUD GENERATOR (Defensive) The Cloud Generator can be activated at ANY point during a model’s Activation. When activated the model using the Generator is only hit on a 5 or 6 by any model or token until the End Phase of the current Turn. Version 2.0 is going to fix a lot of these errors, as there will be more proof readers noticing slip-ups between drafts
  11. What do you mean? It's at the command section of the activation.
  12. Have you fixed the French toulon being 4/7? I can't download right now to check.
  13. I agree with this. If you're going to take more large ships, always escort and/or CAP them to prevent boarding.
  14. Yes, this is what I'm referring to. When you have 4x Fettahs, you can choose to cloud all 4 or put up 2 storm templates. Templates are a lot more effective at protecting several squadrons at once. Clouds only save yourself and therefore, they make your other squadrons vulnerable to enemy shooting. This is the weakness of the France (along with need for priority activations), but not so with the Ottomans. The key to fighting Ottomans is to spread out and make it so they are the French, forcing them to cloud instead of storm. As for rolling really well, yeah, that's going to do it. No game balance in the world is going to stop RNG.
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