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  1. I airbrushed the inside of a shoe-box to make a background for photographing miniatures. It's not too hard once you got the technique down, and use rudimentary stencils cut from some thick paper or card.
  2. I'll be likely involved in other areas during the show, but it's great fun.
  3. The disadvantage is of course, you end up against ships that are excellent in fewer areas, and in larger number.
  4. A corvette would be nice. I made up one some time ago (more of a dream/wishlist kind of thing)
  5. Is the FSD an Alcubierre drive or more like a Hyperspace drive (like Star Wars)? How strong are the sublight drives (what sort of Gs of acceleration can they produce)? Are there 'inertial dampening' technologies or artificial gravity?
  6. Wow, the destroyers look amazing at that angle. Going to be picking up a pack of each, even though destroyers generally aren't my style in games. What's the opinion on the Oppressor now? It has difficult target and stealth now, and can take +3 wings (did it have this before?). The Attrition is still a lot cheaper and has the 6 wings naturally. Is it worth paying for the two targets and more damage on weapons?
  7. I hope there's a stat change (or has there been one and I've missed it?) on the Battlecruiser. The model previewed looks amazing, and I would really want to use it after picking it up (for the model itself). I tend not to use destroyers, though I think the kind of torpedo boat one in Works Raptor is pretty interesting.
  8. My cruiser pack arrived, and I'm really impressed by the heavy cruiser. I'm kind of sad I only made one (to accompany the battleship, so I can run my old models as a squad as well).
  9. Spooks are shorter ranged (their main gun only goes to RB2), and are more of torpedo boats as well. Cerberus are more dedicated to their main gun and give a lot of dice in RB3 and are no slouch in RB4 - also they are kinetic range bands which go even further than the beams. Spooks are more vulnerable to Torpedo attacks, and are more fragile once dropping their cloak. The extra DR and CR help a little on the Cerberus, but they are vulnerable earlier on attacks due to no cloaks; but here Spooks are out of range and the Cerberus can attack, likely at advantage anyway.
  10. I ordered the Cruiser box, but I plan on making one a heavy and two normal cruisers as accompanions for the Battleship and Carrier respectively, while still being able to field my current Cruisers and Heavy Cruisers as a full squad in the same force. If you already have everything else, and would like a Carrier too, that's not a bad way of splitting it. If you are starting out though, the Patrol Fleet gets you everything (the single heavy cruiser to accompany it).
  11. Costs a lot but is worth the points. Played one in a 1500 point game and it was very good. The turrets are stronger than normal turrets at RB3 (and 4), so actually gets a good lot of long range firepower compared to normal.
  12. Expensive, and generally not really that much tougher for the points as it's gone into Firepower. Each ship (apart from the Frigate) is on the top end of points cost on average. The firepower of the large ships (which have good DR/CR compared with the average) attenuates more with each damage point as they have two weapon systems that links into itself rather than one large weapon system seen on other ships.
  13. The Heavy Cruiser looks like an in-between the Battleship and Cruiser now, rather than a slightly longer cruiser with different detailing (still good-looking though).
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