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  1. Excellent job! The glow really makes these stand out from other space lizards I've seen. Keep up the good work!
  2. Players: Protognome vs Lysandor8 Point Value: 800 Scenario: #3 Recover Resources Factions: Kedorians vs Terrans Score: 10/1 Kedorian Victory
  3. I like it a lot. That's a rather elegant way to make fighters relevant. Kudos!
  4. I know there have been some suggestions to the Ladon in this thread already, but I wanted to weigh in. As a light cruiser, it is of course going to be directly compared to the Isonade. When you run that comparison, however, you don't see a light cruiser. You see a bad ship that you have no reason to take. The Aquans have a feel of being swift, maneuverable, and armed in almost every direction. When you see a "light" cruiser, and find out it is slower and less maneuverable, in addition to being only marginally as well armed, and easier to kill to boot? It feels bad. A light cruiser should not be all of those things, especially not the first two! The hard part is, the Isonade is already a very good ship for its points, and is easy to compare unfavorably against. With an 11" move and a 0" TL, it's hard to get something even faster and more maneuverable without outclassing the frigates. So, designing this ship in a satisfying way is a bit of a nightmare to start with. First of all, get rid of the shield and give it difficult target out the gate, as well as a 0" TL. This sets it apart as a "light" cruiser, as it starts you off with a feeling that the ship is in fact a lighter design than the Isonade. Have the default cost go up to 45 from this change. Now, to look at the weapons, and the ship's purpose. It basically has the Isonade's loadout, but trades Aft firepower for 2 AD in the RB1 Fore. Oh, and no torps or mines. So, the only thing it does better (and only marginally at that) is rip things apart close up. It has no rear facing weapons, so it is meant to be a spear-head of a sort, or a flanker. For the ten points difference between these two ships, the choice to pay for Isonades is laughably clear. So, we still want this ship to be cheaper than the Isonade, and we want the Isonade to be the better front-line brawler. That's what the cruiser does. This ship needs a role that would make it unique, as you can very effectivly use Isonades to spear-head a flank. Here's an idea: Give them mines, and the Minefield (1, 6AD) MAR. The ship is still rubbish at assault, still can't do the things other similar ships can, but it's a MAR other Aquan T1 and T3 ships have, and would definitely make the Ladon feel unique, and really warrant that "discount Isonade" feel. Have the ship gain a MN 3 rating, nerf the forward beam to 5/6/3, or maybe a touch lower, and suddenly you have ships that have a different value that they add to a fleet without having to do a major rework. Yes, they're a bit slower. Yes, they're not nearly as well armed. Yes, they're easier to kill. But they give you a tactical advantage that your regular cruiser doesn't. It's a simple change, but a powerful one.
  5. I never said anything else. Just the Carcinus. And not because the Triton is better than them. It's not. It's just that our other T2 options far outstrip the Carcinus, while the Triton is at least insanely cheap compared to other T1 options, and if you pay for some accompaniment, isn't terrible. There was a heavy dose of unspoken qualifiers attached to that statement.
  6. In a game where the scale of the battle dictates that your ship is a tiny speck amidst a field of space, being able to put your ships where you want them is a powerful thing. Just because a model is large, does not mean that it takes up that much room. In Dystopian Wars, this is far less of an issue, as the models actually do take up that much room, but in space? At the scale where models are assumed to be roughly in the area of a 3-4mm flight peg, arguing that you can't put things closer to it than the giant model will allow is silly. In practical terms, I can see arguments to be made for the ruling to be called this way. At tournaments, nobody wants their painted models damaged by bumping other models, or having the model fall because it was placed in a precarious position. Past that? My mind is boggled. Unless there's some major in lore reason why two ships can't get within a quarter light second of each other, then this ruling will be staunchly ignored by my group as a terrible rule. It defies logic, and it actively encourages cheesy plays, like rushing models forward so your opponent can't get within range to board you, while rewarding people who go out of their way to buy older, smaller models to give them a tactical advantage. I am appalled by this rule, and am glad that there are no tournaments in my area for the time being, as I would be frustrated entering under such absurd conditions.
  7. Players: Protognome vs Barn0wl Point Values: 1000 Scenario: Capture the Station Factions: Aquan Prime vs Directorate Battle Log: 15/-7 Aquan victory. Bad dice on the Directorate side played a large factor. The five hits on fourteen dice kind of bad dice.
  8. Looking at the Carcinus, I can't ever imagine a world where I'd pick it over the Triton. The Triton can carry more wings, is more defensible, has mines, and costs about the same as the Carcinus. The Carcinus brings to the table better RB2 forward weapons and slightly better torps, as well as being harder to rush down and board. If other Aquan T2 options weren't as great as they are, I'd say that the Carcinus would be okay. But it's a competitive spot, and for them to get one of those spots, they need to fill a role in the fleet that the other ships don't. Carrier would have been that quality if it weren't for the fact that you have to pay for the wings anyway, and every T1 option in the fleet already has access to wings. The ship needs something more. Boosting the WC of each ship to three to make them the cheapest body to put mass wings on the table in the fleet at the cost of a valuable T2 slot might do just that. I'd even consider giving them the 1 shield die for free, and making the hardpoint of gaining Difficult Target cost only +5, but also remove the shield die. Either of those options would make the ship more viable, but both might be too much.
  9. Players: Protognome vs Lysandor8 Point Values: 1200 Scenario: Capture the Station Factions: Oroshan Imperium vs OSO Corsairs Battle Log: 7/5 Draw. Bloody battle. Oroshans were tabled on turn 7, Corsairs limped away, their station gone, and only a handful of smalls and two meduims to show for it.
  10. Protognome vs Barn0wl 800 points 2. Escalating Engagement Oroshan Imperium vs Directorate BL -7/10 Directorate victory. The most one-sided turnout of dice in the past two years. Tabled by turn four. Even with Oroshan firepower, all I could manage was four Directorate frigates. Somebody replaced the beam weapons with red-dot lights, the primaries with bean bags, and the torpedoes with Nerf brand ammo. #feelsbadman
  11. Missed the crushing impact MAR. Complaint retracted.
  12. The Tiãn Lóng needs +2 AP and a commensurate points increase to it in order to be the dragon that the tables should fear. It's able to be hurt well enough, and doesn't need to be bogged down by any more defensive stats. Terrain is how it should be slinking its way into the enemy ranks anyhow. THANK YOU Spartan Giles for correcting the error with the Yue destroyers! Very very happy to hear that. To all you cheesy folks who had an appetite to try out the Yue with reckless crew, for shame. Here's the thing about the Zhan. Can it be killed? Yes. I will not deny this. But the problem is that spending all your dice in the attempt is wasted. It has two weapon systems that flat out ignore damage, and one that is redoubtable. You will not be crippling anything about the Zhan any time soon. It will always be a threat, even at 1 HP left. Between the 10 AP and the Security posts 3, it's a very difficult boarding target too. The point, I suppose, isn't, "You cannot kill the Zhan." The point is really, "The Zhan is too resilient to reliably neuter, and so my attention will almost always be more productive targeting other threats that I can meaningfully damage, thereby reducing the threat to my fleet."
  13. Okay, time for me to go over the Chinese changes, and list point by point my opinions. Jian Mk I: Five points cheaper, gained the option for a Fury generator, and took what is now a standard Isolated Systems hit, going from +3 to +4. I feel like it didn't need to be any cheaper than it was. The ship was a solid model, and performed well for the price. The hit to IS(+3) was a nerf that every model in the CF took, but I can understand why it would be made a touch cheaper because of it. Overall, I like the inclusion of a fury generator as an option. Jian Mk II: Fifteen points more expensive, but the rocket battery went from -/7/9/11 to -/9/11/13. Definitely a major buff and worth the points increase. Also makes the rocket variant more tempting to take. Jian Mk III: Brand new Jian with guns galore! Love the new variant, and I will have to see how it performs before I give my final thoughts on it. As it stands, it looks good, though that deadly 26/22/18/12 primary blast in the port or starboard might be a touch strong. Then again, it does come at the hefty cost of 220 points, so it might balance out. Guan Dao: Faster, slightly more expensive. I honestly don't think this ship needed any changes. It functioned perfectly well before, so giving it two extra inches of move is excessive. This is the first change (of many) I don't approve of. Wo-Dao: +1 CR. On one hand, I always felt that the Wo-Dao was the slightest bit too fragile for a 90 point model. On the other hand, the thing has so much AD to toss out that it needed a glaring weakness to help balance that out. Now it almost has the body of a battlecruiser, with slightly fewer guns, and comes in a squadron of three. The thing feels too strong now, and I don't think it needed the buff at all. Chui: IS down from +4 to +5. Good balance change to make the cruiser the slightest bit more sturdy by comparison and further separate the two similar models. Dao: 5 points cheaper. Not necessary, as the squad was already a good pickup for the points. Again, I disagree with the buff. If the goal was to make the cruiser cheaper than the carrier, the carrier should have been nerfed 5 points rather than buffing the cruiser by the same. Yue: Crew upgraded from conscripted to reckless. On a group of four ships with 3 AP each, this is an INSANE buff. The destroyers were pretty okay before. Not that good, but okay. This makes them WAY too good. The CF is at no shortage of good boarding threats. This is just total overkill. Brings the average hits from boarding up by 40%. That's no small increase. Totally disagree with this decision. Nu: Five points cheaper. Why? Seriously, why? The frigates were already bonkers. They have Rugged Construction 1. On smalls. Models that people are already tossing smaller dice pools at have the MAR that defends best against small dice pools. Their weapons are good, they are a great boarding threat with their 12 AP, and you want to make them cheaper? I 100% disagree with this change. They were perfectly fine at 30 points. Feilong: Fifteen points more expensive, IS(+3) now +4, gained Strategic Value 50, and the two main turrets were brought from 11/9/6/- to 11/9/7/3 to put their stats in line with other CF turrets. Totally agree with the changes. The Feilong was too good for its points before, and this feels like a great change. Chi Lóng: +1" move, +1" Turn Limit, gained Fuel Reserves MAR. Good changes to make them model play and feel like how it looks like it should. Luxing: +1" move, +2 AA from 3 to 5, and its 6 AD bombs and -/6/6/- bombard are now 7 AD bombs and -7/7/- bombard. For no points increase. I am still trying to figure out where the warranted buffs end and where the gratuitous over-buffing starts. The +1" move? Sure. The +2 AA? Doesn't fit the model. It's an aerial bombard. Typically you'd field such things with support craft that would take care of other threats like fighters for you. The extra AD? No! It was strong enough as it was. For such a cheap flier, it did plenty. Now it doesn't even need to link to be a serious threat to smalls, and linked a squadron can delete a 4 HP cruiser from the game very reliably. I feel like the model DID need some extra oomph, as I rarely ever found a spot for it in my lists compared to other CF models that could fill the Luxing's role. But now? I feel like the squadron size should be reduced to squads of three again. This is too much. And now, the model everyone's buzzing about... Zhanmadao: 40 point increase, rockets changed from two batteries of -/7/9/11 to three batteries of -/6/7/8, gained three extra generator options, lost 1" of move. This is exactly the nerf I DIDN'T want to see. Not only does this fail to address the fact that the Zhan is a neigh unkillable monster that never really loses its edge in battle due to redoubtable, and can damage practically anything it points its guns at, it gave the Zhan more tools to disrupt the enemy fleet. Oh, sure, 40 points IS a large nerf, but not relative to the power of the model, and especially not relative to the fact that the frigates and cruisers in the same fleet all became cheaper, so it isn't even like you're cutting models for the points. The Zhan is complained about by practically anyone not fielding it! Reducing its Strategic Value 125 to 100 and bumping up the points by 40? Oh, wow! You get 15 more points for killing it, 30 for prizing. Oh wait. You still have to kill it! The points are meaningless if you don't. This is the least impactful nerf to a model in need of one they could have delivered, and to top it all off, they even added buffs to the damn thing in the way of options. This is the worst decision they could have made in regards to this model, IMO. Tiãn Lóng: Fifteen points cheaper. +1" move. Again, rather than actually balancing the model, they changed the points and left it be. The +1" move is a good change, but it fails to address the fact that this pillow-fisted "terror weapon" is anything but terrifying. It lacks the AP to reliably crit a cruiser, leaving that hull breaker MAR feeling pretty worthless, and even at 135 points, this thing is terrible at hunting smalls in comparison to other models. It tickles things from afar with its mediocre rocket battery. The flamethrower is good, I'll give it, but nothing else on the model really is. Granted, as it stands, 135 points is a decent price considering the body of the model, but I'll only field it for style points. Shi: Gained Fuel Reserves. Woo. Fitting due to the flamethrower. Dun: Five points more expensive, +1 AP, +1 AA, Rockets upgraded from -4/5/6 to -/6/7/8. A good change. These guys were absolutely useless outside of the generator they held, unless some poor small went too near the flamethrowers. Now they're actually really good models. Overall thoughts: A few very minor nerfs along with one very warranted major nerf to the Feilong, and a whole slew of buffs to all the backbone models of the army, with the two models I was most eagerly awaiting balance changes to getting exactly the balance change they didn't need. To say I am frustrated is an understatement. I'm already one of the more tactically and strategically minded players in my group. Maybe I'm biased in that I field all the models in such a way that I make them seem better than they are, or something. All I know is that I had little issue winning with this faction prior to these changes. Now I feel like it would be too easy to win. There were some major buffs in here to an already strong faction. I'm still suffering whiplash from the double-take I did when I saw the reckless AP on the Yue destroyer. I haven't looked at the changes to Black Wolf or the Ottomans yet, but what I've seen here is scary. Granted, there were plenty of good changes in the update. I love what they did with the Jian Mk II & III, Feilong, and Dun. There were other small changes that were very fitting. I just cannot abide how they changed the Yue, Nu, Zhan, and Tiãn Lóng. I hope you all have fun with your CF. I doubt I'll be pulling mine out of the carrying case to use them any time soon. Not unless one of my opponents feels particularly masochistic.
  14. Also the Yue destroyer got its crew bumped from conscripted to reckless.
  15. The dragon is actually in a pretty good spot. It isn't far off from what it needs to be. Perhaps a bit more maneuverable, and maybe an extra bit of punch to its lackluster melee, but otherwise it is fine for what it is.
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