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  1. Add to the list of people interested in attending. Especially appreciate the early warning.
  2. Before I took on the KoB Aerial fleet with a Prussian Naval Fleet I was pretty much of the same opinion. Naval fleets had the edge over aerial and in a fight Naval would win. That game made me think again. The element of surprise does give you an edge, as stated before most people are not expecting an aerial fleet and most don't know how to fight one. The first two turns are all about dealing with anything in the air that is a threat and plinking the enemy to reduce their AD. From turn three onwards you have up to six squadrons of dive bombers being recycled every turn and attacking. You can't be boarded and as you control the activations you can choose when and where to board. This fleet gets comparitavely stronger the longer the games goes on so long as you can keep recycling your SAS. The tournament was using field orders. The fleet is not really bothered by the opponents field orders. 50% Smalls or even Mediums is no real concern as to get 50% even if you kill all the small and mediums only nets you 420 points. To get 50% you have to take down one of the Imperiums as well. It can be done but, unless you are lucky, it is going to take time which plays to this fleets strengths.
  3. The tournament was 1000 points List used was Imperium + 6 SAW Imperium + 6 SAW Imperium + 6 SAW Imperium + 6 SAW Adler Adler Adler 3 x Zersrorer 2 x SAS of 6 SAW The problem with air fleets is that they are seldom used. People don't know how to deal with them. Since starting playing Dystopian Wars in version 1 and prior to UK Expo I had played three games involving air fleets twice using them and once against. The game against was against a KoB aerial fleet which I lost. I doubt that aerial fleets have been play tested much if at all when 2.0 was put together. I agree with Presidente they should not be allowed in tournaments as the current rules stand.
  4. The missions were taken from the standard six that come with the TAC cards each player drawing one at random for each game. Sadly I didn't note which ones were used in each one of the games.
  5. Limerick Trials – Tournament Results The Limerick Trials took place as planned on the 19th of February at the The Gathering Games Day. In all there were eight players representing the following factions Republic of France (RoF) 2 x Empire of the Blazing Sun (EotBS) Russian Coalition (RC) Indian Raj (IR) 2 x Prussian Empire (PE) Kingdom of Denmark (KoD) Three rounds of three hours were played as follows with a mix of players from beginners to experienced. Fleets deployed, in no particular order, were RoF La Rochelle La Rochelle 3 x Marseille 2 x Marseille 3 x Alma 3 x Alma RC Borodino Veliky Escort for Borodino Dudinka + Mimic Generator 3x Tambov + Defensive Crew Rogatina Squadron Azov 3x Veliky Escort for Azov 4x Novgorod IR Chanura Heavy Battleship Jhasa Assualt Carrier + Howitzer Bombard Illustrious + Sheild (2) Canda Monitor 4 x Verran Corvettes 2 x Hawk 2 x Merlin EotBS 1 Sokotsu + Sheild (2) 3x Kitsune Escort for Sokotsu Kiyohime + Stoic Isonade Squadron Ika Mechanical Squid 4x Zarigani Mechanical Squid Advance Deployed Yûrei Mizuchi + Sheild (2) + Aggressive 5x Fujin PE 1 Emperor Class Battleship + Shield (3) + Elite Metzger AUSF-B Robot Konigsberg Battle Cruiser + Aggressive 2 x Geier Bombers Advanced Deployed 3 x Riever Light Cruisers 4 x Arminius Frigates 4 x Arminius Frigates PE 2 Kaiser Karl Imperium Konigsberg Havel Attached to Komnigsberg 3 x Riever 3 x Stolz 3 x Arminius Flanking Force 2 x Saxony KoD Asgard + Calcification + 6 x Tyr Ragnarok + Aggressive 3 x Sigurd 2 x Skagerrak MkII 3 x Korsor 4 x Magni Advanced Force 3 x Korsor EotBS 2 Kaiju + Sheild(2) + Elite Mizuchi + Sheild (2) + Aggressive Kiyohime + Stoic 3 x Honshu MK I 4 x Uwatsu 5x Fujin Results by Round Round 1 RoF v RC RoF Victory EoTBS 1 v EoTBS 2 EOTBS 1 Victory IR V PE 1 Draw KoD v PE 2 KoD Victory Round 2 EotBS 1 v IR IR Victory KoD v RoF RoF Victory EoTBS 2 v RC RC Crushing Victory PE 2 v PE 1 PE 2 Crushing Victory Round 3 RoF v PE 2 RoF Victory RC v IR Draw KoD v EotBS 1 EotBS 1 Victory EotBS 2 V PE 1 PE 1 Crushing Victory Final Positions RoF 9 Pts Destroyed 1360 Lost 740 RC 7 Pts Destroyed 1550 Lost 1010 IR 7pts Destroyed 785 Lost 710 EoTBS 1 7 pts Destroyed 615 Lost 480 PE 1 6pts Destriyed 1555 Lost 1365 PE 2 6pts Destroyed 1395 Lost 1255 KoD 5 pts Destroyed 980 Lost 1260 EotBS 2 1 pt Destroyed 620 Lost 1950 Apologies with respect to formatting
  6. The Limerick Trials of Professor Fowler’s Magnificent Mobile Mathematical Manipulation Mechanism observing the U.N.B.E.A.T.A.B.L.E series of Instructions. Reappraisal, Reassessment and Retrial Sir/Madam It is not without some considerable embarrassment that we have taken the opportunity of reappraising and reassessing Professor Fowlers Mechanism following the previous Limerick trials where the unexpected confluence of extraneous and non-spurious factors and characteristics led to the unexpected and, to their Lordships universally acknowledged conclusion, erroneous situation in that the fleet of the Kingdom of Britannia was not completely and entirely successful in the achievement of the most successful fleet which I may add is to any person of good education and breeding the only possible and inevitable conclusion of these trials. To correct this perfidious heresy their Lordships have consented with come considerable reluctance to allow a retrial to take place to ensure that the one and only possible correct result may be returned. Therefore their Lordships once again request the commitment of your services in the confirmation of Professor Fowlers Mechanism. In this respect you are invited to attend and take part in the trials of Professor’s Fowler’s Magnificent Mobile Mathematical Manipulation Mechanism. The mechanism through the enactment of the Universal Naval Battle Evaluation And Tactical Assessment By Logical Events allows the projection of naval engagements without the necessity of recourse of actually confrontation and battle with an enemy or even ally. The trials will be held at Thormand Park, Limerick. At most sixteen places have been made available for the most eminent and knowledgeable individuals in the field of present day Naval Warfare to partake in these trials. Full and complete details are provided Trial Date Sunday 19th February 2017 Location: Thomond Park, Limerick Entry: €20 More details of the days event may be found here https://thegatheringlimerick.squarespace.com/gathering-games-day-2017 09:00 Doors Open 09:30 Register 10:00 start finish 13:00 Round 1 13:30 start finish 16:30 Round 2 17:00 start finish 20:00 Round 3 Wrap up 20:15 to 20:30 Up to 16 Players Fleets to be sent to umpire a week in advance, that is 12th February 2017 to guzm@fsmail.net All efforts should be made to provide painted fleets No player will play the same opponent twice 1st round is random opponents with one caveat you can identify players you do not want to play, as you always play against them for example, you can also nominate your opponent for a grudge match if both parties are agreeable 2nd Round will pair off the players by Tournament points, ties being split by total victory points 3rd Round will pair off the players by Tournament points, ties being split by total victory points Fleet List 1,000pts Naval Core Only Ship details downloaded from Spartan web site http://www.spartangames.co.uk/resources/downloads No Dreadnoughts Single Faction Only, no allies or mercenaries Up to 60% Massive and Large Up to 60% Medium Up to 40% Small At least one squadron of Naval Core Massive/Large, Medium and Small to be fielded, as per standard rules The play area for each game will be 6' x 4' set up by the umpire before the tournament. Deployment will be along the long edge of the board TAC Cards WILL be in play. Hand size will be five cards. Played cards subtract from own players VP rather then add to opponents VP – this is a variation from the standard rules Mission Cards will be in use Strategic Forces are in play. Any squadrons in Advanced, Flanking or Reserve to be clearly marked on Fleet List. The size and type of SAS squadrons from Local Air Support must be identified on the Fleet List. The size and types of Carrier SAS are defined when they are deployed. Proxy models are not allowed, squadrons must be depicted by the appropriate models Three rounds of a maximum of 3 hours each. When time is called at the end of a round the turn that is being played must be completed within 30 minutes. At 30 minutes the game stops and the results are taken at that point regardless VP - Victory Points TP - Tournament Points Standard victory conditions will be used as per the Dystopian Wars Rule Book. 4 TP for a Crushing Victory 3 TP for a Victory 2 TP for a Draw 1 TP for a Defeat 0 TP for a Crushing Defeat VP will be recorded for all ships that each player losses. The winner at the end of the tournament will be the player with the most TP. In the event of a draw then of the players drawn the one with most VP wins. If there is still no clear winner then a roll of the dice will decide between the drawn players.
  7. With the arrival of the Eider MkI and II, surely that should be Ausf A and B - most unteutonic, we now have four or maybe three and a half different kinds of battleship, yet we only have one escort - the Wachter. With the last points reduction the Wacther has now become a valid option for my Prussian fleets, but only when I am using battleships, Kaiser Karl or Emperor. In these cases the Wachter adds a token improvement to the AA and CC defense, links well with the secondary batteries and enhances boarding capabilities. It looks like they will also go well with the Elder Mk I. For all the other large and massives the synergy is weaker as Wacheter armament is gun not tesla so the Wachter cannot link in. If the strategy that is being pursued is to hold off and not to board then the defensive addition of the Wachter is one of the worst. So would it be feasible, rather then churning out new battleships and ill fitting iceberg carriers, to put out a few new classes of escort? For example one that is designed to synergise with the tesla armed ships, a wachter with a tesla gun as in the Saxony or Arminus, and another which is focused around defense, a wee gun - if any, and significant AA and CC? I am sure that there are other classes in the Prussian ORBAT that could be diversified with out loosing the Prussian flavour. But the escort is the first one that has struck me.
  8. Hmmm I'm withholding any judgement until I see the context of the new points values. Are these new ships for Version 2.5 of the rules only? This would make sense to me, otherwise they would need to be updated for when the 2.5 rules come out along with the rest of the orbats, why do the job twice in a short period of time? In which case without knowing how the points values for all ships have been adjusted and how the rules have been changed I have no idea of the relative merits of each of the ships. Very much wait and see....
  9. Not so fast.. Below is a picture from the blog of the two rule books. I'm happy to be corrected but one just looks as fat, and heavy, as the other. If any one knows better please let me know. So my original plea still stands.
  10. Looking at the master rule book, quoted at 260 pages, in handy hard or paper back I must admit my dismay at the thought of having to lug what portends to be a brick of print work around with me. Would it be too much to ask for a version of the rule book with no fluff, no stats, no pictures of models, no other pictures except those used to explain or give examples of the rules? A rule book with just the rules the whole rules nothing but the rules and only the rules in one slim lightweight paper back volume? OK maybe an electronic copy for the non-luddites as well? Perchance with an outstanding set of contents, a masterly cross reference and a comprehensive index section in an easy to read and find things format? Can this be achieved?
  11. Great event, great people and a really good time. Well organised and run. Really enjoyed the whole weekend. Thanks to everyone, players and organisers.. If there is another tournament then I'll be back.
  12. Nucreum's map http://dwmap.nucreum.com
  13. Thanks to everyone that has helped set this up. Everything is now in place all questions answered I just need to work out my fleet. I will be there, baring acts of God, on Saturday.and Sunday
  14. Great I'm going to miss this one as well I have already committed to the DW tournament in Pradubice over the same weekend. No chance of a different weekend being selected I suppose?
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