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  1. Luminiferous Defences says, "LUMINIFEROUS DEFENCES: Units with this rule may use their Crippled ADV against any weapon with the Gunnery Quality. Size 1 Units and Models suffering from Shredded Defences cannot use Luminiferous Defences." How does this interact with extra dice to Defence Rolls from the "When using Defences, each Model in the same Unit within 4” of the Initial Target (and with the relevant Defence), adds +1 die to the Defensive Action Dice Pool." (core rulebook, pg 23)? I think this works, as they all have the same type of defence regardless of whether this is a 'true' ADV roll. Similar question regarding Escorts & Corvettes, which function a little differently as, "Each Escort provides +1 to the Defence values of its Parent Model." I assume this works, as it increases the stat that is then used. Also, can friendly SRS tokens on the targeted ship be spent to add dice to a Luminiferous Defences ADV roll? This keys on whether the roll is a true ADV roll or a Luminiferous Defences roll, a matter about which there has been some disagreement. Just to cover all the bases, does the, "FEARLESS FIGHTERS: Hurling their nimble craft into incoming fire to protect their allies, each friendly SRS Token (not Physeter Constructs) in base contact with a friendly Unit provides +2 to ADV when discarded rather than the usual +1." rule apply here? (Side note; it looks like Physeter Constructs can be spent to help a ships ADV, but not the SDV. Seems weird, as it feels like undead cyborg whales would work much better against torpedoes than rockets.)
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