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  1. Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    I'd rather stick to damage dice if possible. I tried DropFleet, and the pegs damage system was used once before we went back to the more convenient and quicker dice damage tracking. Apps are fine...until the phone battery dies, which as we all know, happens at the worst of times. Cards are a fine solution, I don't mind them at all, and best option would be to have a simple program to prepare a fleet list, and print it out with all hardpoints accounted for. It also gets round the "1st ed cards packed with models when we're on v2" issue that come with pre-printed cards.
  2. What I'd like to see but almost certainly will not be is move from land-inspired "lots of chaff, some mediums and few larges" list. Look at Jutland, the British had 28 battleships involved, with 14 cruisers/light cruisers in squadrons, and around 45 destroyers in the grand fleet. Obviously no one will field 28 BB's in a game, but it shows a force that is much more top-heavy than "balanced" fleets in Firestorm. I could be an unique selling point- focusing the game on large ships, you could have as much depth of detail as you want without bogging it down.
  3. Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    Not really, in a smaller game it just means I've wasted however much time it took to get to that point with zero chance of comeback. In larger games, it just means I get crippled from a cheap shot. What you are describing sounds to me like a game that swings on dicerolls entirely, and takes forever to play out, because goodness knows we have to give those frigates a chance to shine, instead of treating them like cheap chaff that they are point and stats-wise. There's this fetish for keeping the "1 in 100 chance for a single cruiser to damage this battleship" like it's a good thing, when it just ends up being your dice winning for you. It's tabletop equivalent of playing an online match, being ahead of the enemy by a huge margin, and losing because you got disconnected by your modem. In short, if you want to make a game that's so swingy and reliant on dicerolls over everything else, that's fine, but at least don't try to make it tactical and slow in resolution. Age of Sigmar is a good example. It's very simple, very dice-reliant, but I can finish a game with 50+ models in about an hour and a half, so it doesn't feel like wasted time if it goes funny.
  4. Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    As someone who likes to play FT as well, I would far prefer static defense that you can rely on than rolls. Most importantly, you can price shields/PD much better this way, as they always give the same effect, and criticals that cut them in half also work better. In FT, I will always pick armor boxes over shields, because they make the ship plain more durable with no luck element. Loss of "interactivity" might be an issue, but with alternate activations, both players stay "in the game" so to speak, so it's not like one player sits for 5-10 minutes just watching his ships take it before it's his turn. And with stable values, you can even have weapon mars that pierce shields and so on, making weapons more interesting to use.
  5. Firestorm fluff

    Of which one was always superior. Like with poor Terrans, which had to pick the +1HP upgrade if you picked any at all, as it was simply superior to the rest.
  6. Firestorm fluff

    I remember when the game had no alliance/league ships at all, only 6 main factions, and I'd go back to it in an instant. In my opinion the alliance ships only ever took away from the main six' potential fleet growth. The second SG started releasing alliance ships, the same second we've stopped getting interesting main 6 unit types. Woo, a faction which can teleport all over the board (Hi Kedorians) vs boring old relthoza, with one teleporting ship that's inferior in every way.
  7. Firestorm fluff

    "I love the look of Terquai, why can't I run them alone!" is how it ends. It's been clearly demonstrated in the past that people don't want to play a soup, they want "their" chosen tiny subfaction to be fleshed out to full list. It's inevitable.
  8. Firestorm fluff

    The problem is, indirect weapon systems, aside from gravs, have very limited AD range between "useless" and "OP". So you can't make a cruiser with 12 AD of torps, and you can't make a Battleship with 4 ad of cyberwarfare, because there is no point. As for MARs, half of them are either pointless or add so little it might as well be. Functionally, using the exploding dice system in v2.0, there was no difference between ship with 6 and 8AD for example...and you can't give ships too much AD or defense, or they will break the system. You'd have to use something completely different to accomodate enough variety to fit more than around 8-10 factions total.
  9. New company...

    Uh...if you like tramp stamps on your ships I guess? I still would prefer not to have it on the game models. I can't un-model them, and fans of such can always paint them on (or maybe glue on, if i's a separate element).
  10. Firestorm fluff

    Simple. Any fleet game will have very limited number of variations (and FA, in it's 2.0 version, had even less!) and every"allied" fleet either takes away some new gimmick that could be added to the main fleets,leaving them bland and boring in comparison (see grav guns on terakians vs absolutely no-frills sorylians) or they double the existing fleets' abilities. From gamers' perspective, it leads to scattershot releases with main fleets being the less exciting option. Why play Terrans, when Hawker has more unique toys? From company perspective, the more SKU the harder it is to keep everything in production and in stores.
  11. New company...

    I will not comment on the background of making allied japan and China, I don't want to be banned However, in general, I really wish they get rid of the silly "natonal logo etched into hull" aspect. Yes, most navies had some sort of coats of arms on their ships, but they didn't take up 1/3rd of the prow. It just looks tacky and toylike.
  12. Firestorm fluff

    I fully agree, hence my suggestion to cut all, or almost all of the zenian/kurak sub-fleets from the game. People will always want to make full fleets out of them, and there isn't enough variety in FA, or just about any naval system, to make them truly unique when you have 12+ like v2.0 had at the end.
  13. Firestorm fluff

    That's how you get lines of models that never shift because that ally only has two models, and no one wants to play with random trash-fleets that have no unifying looks. It's why we ended up with unit diarrhea for zenian/kurak alliance fleets by the end. Because people wanted to be able to field "real" fleets with unified aesthetics, even if said fleets were 4 units total. Honestly, the best thing for the factions would be to cut all the non-main 6 fleets out, save maybe for RSN. Just make them count-as, so current owners can still use them. And never, ever again feel the need to add fifty million merc armies to the game. Ever.
  14. Firestorm fluff

    I can see why they''d be upset, suddenly making China, Japan and Korea best buddies and mixing japanese and chinese ships in some unholy blender. Not to mention making Covenant evil scientists instead of angry secret UN.
  15. Firestorm fluff

    To be honest, in FA's case this sentence is actually unironic. It's clear FA background failed to gain traction among "kids" even before Old Company's release politics killed the game completely.

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