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  1. Thanks for answering! We've finally hit the state of the world where some small ships can pew pew at each other via the medium of dice once again, initial clashes aren't matching up with your experiences, still ending up with sufficiently decisive casualties on one side that VP's couldn't possibly swing it. Possibly there are some distinct meta differences? Our meta at a glance: *1000 points *4'x4' board *Randomised "Common Encounters" (I frequently default to calling this the "scenario" *3.5 players *Terrain is scattered randomly about the board with minor adjustments for sanity (i.e. off of other terrain, off the table, etc.) *Singular terrain set of 3 pieces of land (3"x6") 4 obstruction (1"x3") and a pair of reefs (2" circles) going off my memory *Most games effectively resolved in turn 2 by one of the RNG effects (Attack dice, the more pwoerful cards) with one side wiped by end of 4 Current gameplay meta: *Shroud generators are king *SRS do not achieve enough to justify taking them *Union has done poorly *Enlightened, Ottomans and Russians have specific fleets with proven ability *Cards are only played as Valour, Victory effects not being enough to offset scenario/casualty points
  2. In the Ottoman ORBAT (V002) weapon profiles the regular Broadside and Heavy Broadside have the same attack stats, that doesn't seem to be inline with the intent of having different weapons?
  3. I do wish that there was a more open dialogue rules wise with the devs. I've played a lot of games over time, the one that held my interest the most consistently tends to announce rules changes and the thought process involved, it's be super neat to see something along those line on the announcement blog here.
  4. Fascinating, what range are the VP's usually in (And points used)?
  5. Genuinely curious, is this due to a heavy skewing of interest to Sultanate/Alliance, a small playgroup, meta sympathy or another cause? I was very much of this position when most of the non-Russian/Antarctica Orbats were similarly limited, I'm less concerned with it now.
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