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  1. I can only help with questions 5 and 7. 5. The Japanese had a few releases so far. They did release the Tianlong, which are the dragon automata and there is a rule to make them a Japanese unit. There are more empire air units(an air fleet) planned in the future according to the orbat, but they will be Chinese at this point. 7. You build forces with battlefleets in orbats found here https://www.dystopianwars.com/factions. The generic battlefleet for Empire will allow you to mix units in 1 battlefleet, or you can take multiple battlefleets up to the points total of your game. As for the differences of Empire factions, Chinese use Alchemical weapons and have Paddlewheels(enables the contra-rotation action, allowing the ship to make a 90 degree turn on the spot), and Japanese have better access to Chita Submersibles(and more synergy) and have the Shadow Hunter trait(redeploy before the game starts).
  2. When moving forward or backward, as long as you choose a point where you will measure your distance and don't change it, you should end up with the same result in movement. So, if you measure from the tip of the bow, make sure point B is the tip of the bow. Personally, I like to measure via the center of the ship, because you have to measure weapon distance from that as well and it keeps good habits. As for the turning tool, you should align the second point to the center of the ship, and calculate your turn from there. The rulebook isn't clear on that because if you were to align the ship's center with the first point, you are just moving forward, and not really committing a turn.
  3. That happens with factions that didn't have a fleet released yet unfortunately. Once an Alliance fleet gets released, they usually flesh out the orbat more, as it will be at least version 1.00. As new stuff gets added to the orbat, they do continue to add to the "Counts as.. " list.
  4. I believe the scale change was between the old dystopian wars and the new version being released currently. Nothing has really been officially released about Armoured Clash yet.
  5. Support dice to a lead attack. I compared the weapons from the last orbat with the newest ones, and they took 1-2 dice away from many of the Support numbers.
  6. Looks like the Orbats were updated again. Support fire got weakened again, but they added rules to flagships that allow them to fire their lead bursts when supporting with certain weapons, so they don't suffer this nerf. They are also adding/prepping for mercenary forces and adding minefields to the game. Seems to be changes to all the Orbats, although I haven't looked at them all yet.
  7. They did lower the amount of support dice quite considerably, and increased the armor and hull on the bigger ships.
  8. I could be wrong, but it does seem like the 4" defense rule and the escort rule would apply to Luminiferous Defences. Nothing I could find contradicts this. For the SRS, however, removing a SRS adds dice to the Aerial Defence Pool (page 31), and the attack is not a true aerial attack. So I would argue you couldn't use SRS to add to Luminiferous Defences. About the Physeters and ADV/SDV, under Defences, its implied that you can discard SRS tokens to raise either the ADV or the SDV roll of the initial target, but then under the SRS token it states "Aerial DEfence Pool", so this needs a ruling or a clarification.
  9. You are required to take 5 of the 6 individuals listed, but you can take all 6 if you want to. Its not the best wording, but it translates to "you must take all but 1 member of this posse, but you can take that last member if you want to".
  10. It means you must include 5 of those 6 units, but the 6th one is optional.
  11. The reserve rules say you cannot place Support units in reserve without an exception. The Hex have many ways to brings SPIRIT units in from reserves, but 75% of these SPIRIT units are Support units and unable to be put in reserves. Am I missing something, or are the Hex now only allowed a handful of SPIRIT units to summon in with their abilities?
  12. Looks like a typo, as all the other orbats have a difference in stats between the Heavy Broadside and Broadside. I would just use those for now until they fix the Ottoman orbat, because it doesn't appear that the Ottoman broadsides would be any different than the other factions atm.
  13. If I were to give an average, it would be -/+ 5 VPs. It varies depending on what cards are drawn (as some cards might not be viable the turn you draw them) and who can score the coveted +2 VP cards when they are available. It does offer another way to pull out a win if you are fell behind earlier in the game.
  14. Well, new orbats were posted and it involves the generators being re-worded and now costing a flat +10 pt swap. Buffed Magnetic and Repulsion; weakened Fury and Atomic. Shield stayed the same. They changed some of the faction generators, and removed some generics generators as well. (Commonwealth no longer gets Repulsion Generators :sadface:) I am uncertain of what to make of the Shroud Generator. They also reworded it that the attacker can ignore the ship as the Initial Target. The rules haven't been been updated, but I speculate they are going to change how Initial Targets are chosen and maybe they are introducing screening. I will reiterate my point from an earlier post that I wish orbat changes were announced in some way. They don't have to go into detail, just a "Hey, we updated the rules to these factions".
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