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  1. They did lower the amount of support dice quite considerably, and increased the armor and hull on the bigger ships.
  2. I could be wrong, but it does seem like the 4" defense rule and the escort rule would apply to Luminiferous Defences. Nothing I could find contradicts this. For the SRS, however, removing a SRS adds dice to the Aerial Defence Pool (page 31), and the attack is not a true aerial attack. So I would argue you couldn't use SRS to add to Luminiferous Defences. About the Physeters and ADV/SDV, under Defences, its implied that you can discard SRS tokens to raise either the ADV or the SDV roll of the initial target, but then under the SRS token it states "Aerial DEfence Pool", so this needs a ruling or a clarification.
  3. You are required to take 5 of the 6 individuals listed, but you can take all 6 if you want to. Its not the best wording, but it translates to "you must take all but 1 member of this posse, but you can take that last member if you want to".
  4. It means you must include 5 of those 6 units, but the 6th one is optional.
  5. The reserve rules say you cannot place Support units in reserve without an exception. The Hex have many ways to brings SPIRIT units in from reserves, but 75% of these SPIRIT units are Support units and unable to be put in reserves. Am I missing something, or are the Hex now only allowed a handful of SPIRIT units to summon in with their abilities?
  6. Looks like a typo, as all the other orbats have a difference in stats between the Heavy Broadside and Broadside. I would just use those for now until they fix the Ottoman orbat, because it doesn't appear that the Ottoman broadsides would be any different than the other factions atm.
  7. If I were to give an average, it would be -/+ 5 VPs. It varies depending on what cards are drawn (as some cards might not be viable the turn you draw them) and who can score the coveted +2 VP cards when they are available. It does offer another way to pull out a win if you are fell behind earlier in the game.
  8. Well, new orbats were posted and it involves the generators being re-worded and now costing a flat +10 pt swap. Buffed Magnetic and Repulsion; weakened Fury and Atomic. Shield stayed the same. They changed some of the faction generators, and removed some generics generators as well. (Commonwealth no longer gets Repulsion Generators :sadface:) I am uncertain of what to make of the Shroud Generator. They also reworded it that the attacker can ignore the ship as the Initial Target. The rules haven't been been updated, but I speculate they are going to change how Initial Targets are chosen and maybe they are introducing screening. I will reiterate my point from an earlier post that I wish orbat changes were announced in some way. They don't have to go into detail, just a "Hey, we updated the rules to these factions".
  9. It can't. The reason it works like that for the attacker is every hit above 4 deals a damage according to the table. It says at 4+ Counters "The attacker takes one hull point", but doesn't say anything about subsequent counters.
  10. The worst thing that can happen to the assaulting ship is it takes 1 hull point and the worst thing that can happen to a defending ship is it gets removed from the board. I would say 3 hits would be a substantial victory, though if your target is in Chaos & disarray, 1 hit isn't bad. The card that makes Exploding hits count as heavy counters is a great way to mitigate an attack and push for the counter attack, but you don't generate new dice on the defense roll. I don't really count the re-roll cards as a pro for the defender, only because the attacker can play their own re-roll as well if their initial roll was poor. Its more like a wash and doesn't really favor anyone unless one of the players doesn't have it in hand or on command. Again, not every ship is made for assaulting, and regarding the Dao, I wouldn't throw it up against a ship that was great at assaulting, such as the Crown Lionhearted ships. The Dao is perfectly fine just running up with its Hoquiang and causing that much disruption. Different situations call for different tactics.
  11. If you get 3 Dao in range for their Hoquiang, you can end up doing 5-6 hull points to w/e they hit, as long as you get the minimum hits to breach armor. Afterwards, And if you can get positioning, you can force another disorder condition due to collision or Full Reverse. I will agree that Dao are not the best Assault ships available, but Assault does favor the attacker because the attacker can get exploding hits provided the defender isn't obscured. And you can further the odds with SRS tokens, because you can remove an SRS token to add a dice to the Assault along side ship support(which is +2 per ship), where as the defender only gets help from escorts and their own SRS. So the Dao vs. Dao scenario could end up in favor of the assaulting Dao. But you wouldn't want to chance this against a Lionhearted unit. The Cryo-generator is better for littering the map with terrain rather than attacking units. Using it as an attack is only beneficial if you can get the most out of its blast. There was a batrep posted by the esoteric order of gamers recently where the Commonwealth player used his cryo-generator and destroyed a unit of 5 Merian Frigates at around the 28 minute mark. But, its still better used trying to force your opponent out of position. As far as the Repulsion generator on them, or any ship in commonwealth, it would make Hammer sweep more of a reality. In regards to the generators, I was replacing the aft gun on most ships, and the Dao i was replacing the HGB. The only factionthat can replace internal generators to my knowledge is Enlightened, because a lot of their cruisers have internal shields that can be swapped.
  12. The idea is not to end your activation on terrain, as the card that can turn generators offline can only be played during an attack on a target, not during the opponent's movement. Repulsion can allow you to ram or get into point blank range quickly for those ships that would benefit from those actions. For example, take a Dao Light Cruiser group and replace the HGB with a Repulsion generator and they could use the skimming to launch their Huoquiang attacks on a unit, and may even be in assault range afterward. Or even replace the Khatanga's rear gun with a Repulsion generator so that it can move over its own icebergs and/or terrain to pull off a ramming maneuver. Between the ramming, Broadside shots, and assault(assuming you don't whiff the ramming roll), that is a lot of damage you can do to a whole unit in one activation. And yes, they are not free upgrades, but if they are around the 3-5 range, in most units its a 9-15 point drain, which isn't too bad.
  13. Certain ships can definitely make use of the Fury generator, as assaults can be far deadlier than just normal shooting. There may also be a case for the Repulsion generator, as it can be used to get ships in closer or launch a surprise ramming attack or the Empire torrent attack. I will agree I would feel bad paying pts for a Shield Generator, but I will take the free upgrades that some ships get, like the the Enlightened ships. I haven't really analyzed the Crown stuff, and while I think the Shield generator would be interesting, I think its over-costed atm. I'm sure its balance precaution, but I would guess it gets reduced in a future orbat update.
  14. Its not about getting into closing range, but more about being exposed to that amount of shots. The Sigmier does seems to be one of the anomalies of this, however they also are glass cannons upon looking at their stats and are susceptible to long range fire, so you can't be too sloppy with them. Also, out of curiosity, do most people play on a 3x3 or a 4x4 map? In addition, are the battles open seas or have a few terrain pieces in play?
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