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  1. It can't. The reason it works like that for the attacker is every hit above 4 deals a damage according to the table. It says at 4+ Counters "The attacker takes one hull point", but doesn't say anything about subsequent counters.
  2. The worst thing that can happen to the assaulting ship is it takes 1 hull point and the worst thing that can happen to a defending ship is it gets removed from the board. I would say 3 hits would be a substantial victory, though if your target is in Chaos & disarray, 1 hit isn't bad. The card that makes Exploding hits count as heavy counters is a great way to mitigate an attack and push for the counter attack, but you don't generate new dice on the defense roll. I don't really count the re-roll cards as a pro for the defender, only because the attacker can play their own re-roll as well if their initial roll was poor. Its more like a wash and doesn't really favor anyone unless one of the players doesn't have it in hand or on command. Again, not every ship is made for assaulting, and regarding the Dao, I wouldn't throw it up against a ship that was great at assaulting, such as the Crown Lionhearted ships. The Dao is perfectly fine just running up with its Hoquiang and causing that much disruption. Different situations call for different tactics.
  3. If you get 3 Dao in range for their Hoquiang, you can end up doing 5-6 hull points to w/e they hit, as long as you get the minimum hits to breach armor. Afterwards, And if you can get positioning, you can force another disorder condition due to collision or Full Reverse. I will agree that Dao are not the best Assault ships available, but Assault does favor the attacker because the attacker can get exploding hits provided the defender isn't obscured. And you can further the odds with SRS tokens, because you can remove an SRS token to add a dice to the Assault along side ship support(which is +2 per ship), where as the defender only gets help from escorts and their own SRS. So the Dao vs. Dao scenario could end up in favor of the assaulting Dao. But you wouldn't want to chance this against a Lionhearted unit. The Cryo-generator is better for littering the map with terrain rather than attacking units. Using it as an attack is only beneficial if you can get the most out of its blast. There was a batrep posted by the esoteric order of gamers recently where the Commonwealth player used his cryo-generator and destroyed a unit of 5 Merian Frigates at around the 28 minute mark. But, its still better used trying to force your opponent out of position. As far as the Repulsion generator on them, or any ship in commonwealth, it would make Hammer sweep more of a reality. In regards to the generators, I was replacing the aft gun on most ships, and the Dao i was replacing the HGB. The only factionthat can replace internal generators to my knowledge is Enlightened, because a lot of their cruisers have internal shields that can be swapped.
  4. The idea is not to end your activation on terrain, as the card that can turn generators offline can only be played during an attack on a target, not during the opponent's movement. Repulsion can allow you to ram or get into point blank range quickly for those ships that would benefit from those actions. For example, take a Dao Light Cruiser group and replace the HGB with a Repulsion generator and they could use the skimming to launch their Huoquiang attacks on a unit, and may even be in assault range afterward. Or even replace the Khatanga's rear gun with a Repulsion generator so that it can move over its own icebergs and/or terrain to pull off a ramming maneuver. Between the ramming, Broadside shots, and assault(assuming you don't whiff the ramming roll), that is a lot of damage you can do to a whole unit in one activation. And yes, they are not free upgrades, but if they are around the 3-5 range, in most units its a 9-15 point drain, which isn't too bad.
  5. Certain ships can definitely make use of the Fury generator, as assaults can be far deadlier than just normal shooting. There may also be a case for the Repulsion generator, as it can be used to get ships in closer or launch a surprise ramming attack or the Empire torrent attack. I will agree I would feel bad paying pts for a Shield Generator, but I will take the free upgrades that some ships get, like the the Enlightened ships. I haven't really analyzed the Crown stuff, and while I think the Shield generator would be interesting, I think its over-costed atm. I'm sure its balance precaution, but I would guess it gets reduced in a future orbat update.
  6. Its not about getting into closing range, but more about being exposed to that amount of shots. The Sigmier does seems to be one of the anomalies of this, however they also are glass cannons upon looking at their stats and are susceptible to long range fire, so you can't be too sloppy with them. Also, out of curiosity, do most people play on a 3x3 or a 4x4 map? In addition, are the battles open seas or have a few terrain pieces in play?
  7. Out of curiosity, who can pull that off? I think the most I've seen is 35 dice in a pool. I suppose you could get to 44 dice if you get in the most perfect position at closing range with the heaviest of cruisers, but that means your opponent blundered. Unless you are referring to old orbats before they did reign in the supporting fire about 3 months ago. I still stand my stance regarding SRS and respect your opinion of SRS gameplay, however I really don't have an opinion on the aesthetics of SRS; I just see them as part of the game.
  8. Its usually by Victory cards. Scenario points and squad killer points do pop up, but the Card are what swing it.
  9. I did a little experiment did 10 rolls of 6 Diogenes at closing range(to get their max dice of 21, even though its only a +1 difference) against a Brandenburg with no escorts. The averages were 22 hits, 4 exploding dice, 4 counters on defense, 19 undefended hits, a 2 Hull loss. It is true you would have to get a critical die roll, but the ship was never crippled. There were 3 rolls where I would have taken 3 damage: Two times because I whiffed the defense roll with a 0 and a 1 respectively, and the other time was because of a godly 31 hit roll (thanks to 11 exploding hits), which I was able to mitigate witha 6 defense counter roll. So, I can't see how this ship would get crippled 7 out of 8 times from 1 unit of Diogenese subs. I would understand those times where the dice fail to go your way, that is just the luck nature of war games. If you are referring to the Gustav, yes Spotter gives sustained to it because its an extreme range weapon, as is the Speerschleuder. And it doesn't say Obscured overrides the Devastating quality, while your Exploding hits will not generate extra dice, you still count them as 3 hits. I still feel you are undervaluing the SRS in the game, but that could just be a playstyle difference and is completely fair. Fleet composition is ultimately the deciding factor of how well strategies will work, and 1 ship does not seem to ruin that balance yet.
  10. CAP is great. because if you are playing units with Maritime patrol or Spotter, you can get those bonuses on the first turn. SRS have so many other functions in the game than just the attack run. Not to mention just breaching the armor forces your opponent to roll a critical damage dice. And I will have to commend your opponent for having insane rolls if he is crippling a Flagship on the first volley with just a unit of 6 Diogenese, You need about 36 hits on 20 dice, and that is with about 5 defense dice(up to 3 more with escorts, maybe more depending on the ship). I do think they can do a lot of damage depending on how the rolls go, perhaps focus down a cruiser, but you would need a lot of Exploding hits to make it work.
  11. Warcradle seems to update the rules and orbats around releases, so we could be in a living rulebook scenario. I do think the game is much more playable than it was earlier in the year, as they did lower the amount of dice in support fire across the board and also added more defensive traits into the game. My only criticism here is that it when these updates happen, there should be an announcement(whether via tweet, facebook, or in the blog), so we know that new orbats are out. SRS tokens also got some upgrades in the last orbats. Combat patrol is like a weaker Covenant sneak attack, and some units ended up getting bonuses if they or an enemy is next to SRS. And at their core, they can be used for defense, assist in an assault, or go do their own attack. SRS does a lot of interesting things. I still believe Mass 2 ships are the punch in every fleet atm, however, Flagships have been getting some significant buffs over the past 2 months as well. Mass 1 ships seem to be in the place they should be. This newest version of the game has only been around for 6 months now, and still has yet to see the releases of 3 factions. I do think it will take time for it to get settled.
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