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  1. In the last 5 years Bundaberg has seen the folding of 4 seperate gaming/hobbie stores. Also, 3 renamings of stores, & 4 store relocations, Do not set up a gaming store in Bundaberg, unless of course you have a 2 year plan, in which you 'plan' to lose everything in or under a 2 year time period.
  2. Unless your trapped in Bundaberg QLD... $2 fee per table, per player. Gaming clubs that try to start up, then collapse in a heap leaving nothing but bad feelings amongst the gamers. A single store, with F-all stock on the shelves and is at the point where orders are only done if there are multiple items being required (by more than 1 person - supposedly because the shop has to order a certain amount worth at a time [no matter what company's items are being ordered]). This in turn drives people way from ordering through the shop, and into the arms of the online community (except the die hards of us who are desperately trying to keep a gaming store in our community). This in turn drives the wheels of the system which eventually will cause the business to fold up. No ordering through local shop = no stock on shelves = players preferring online ordering = no orders through local shop = etc al. infinitum. So it's play in small groups at peoples houses, never growing the hobby, or pay to play at a shop that is undoubtedly floundering on the brink of closure with a group of players that would prefer to stand around chatting (because we aren't getting charged for that - yet) rather than paying to play.
  3. Flames of War. Russian numbers. I didn't have access to the british decal set. Unfortunately. Cheers
  4. Thanks tank0625. The Vanguards were the last things to be painted, and I gave them a little more love than the rest of the fleet. That, however, has made me decide to go all out on my current fleet (EotBS). There's no way the EotBS are going to be done in a week. LOL. Cheers
  5. Thanks for the kind words guys. There are other land masses being planned. I'd like to do an Iwo Jima -esque island that will be roughly 4' long and 2'-3' wide in the near future. Volcano @ 1 end, hills and valleys etc for the rest of the island, then paint it black/grey. Could be interesting. @ Lokthagos, the islands are based on 5-6 mm MDF. I wanted to go 3mm... but the warping would've been terrible, so I had to bite the bullet and go the thicker. With paint/etc they came out 'ok'. Good enough that I'm happy to put up with them. Cheers
  6. Now that I have finally gotten around to doing a couple of islands for my table, I figured I should post them. Again, nothing fantastic, but they do the job required (for naval/air battles anyways). Once again, Comments/Critiques always welcome. Cheers
  7. Hi all. I originally posted this on the old forums, but thought I would move it over here. Nothing special, just a wooden framed MDF topped 6'x4' gaming table. Purchased some blue interior paint, and mixed that with white and black craft paints to get the different shades. Brushed on, Rollered on, and sponged on. Then a can of clear varnish, brushed on the first coat, then rollered on the next 2 coats. The original plan for a setup was going to be... Anyway, the table itself is below... The table now has a covering of Blue Duct Tape around the bare timber at the sides. Any Comments/Critiques are always welcome. Cheers
  8. Hi all. Just thought i'd post up my attempt to paint all my Britannian stuff. It only took me a week, which kinda surprised me, as I am a notoriously slow painter and a bit of a procrastinator. If there's anyone else out there who's a sub-par painter and wants a scheme that's quick and easy to do, for adding more to your fleet at a later date, this scheme may work for you. The paints I used were... Tamiya Undercoat Tamiya Haze Grey (TS-32) Spray Paint, and aa pot of Royal Light Grey (XF-25) for touch-ups. Reaper Master Series True Blue (09017) for the windows. Reaper Master Series Driftwood Brown (09162) for the decks. GW Devlin Mud Wash GW Leadbelcher (Boltgun Metal) Anyways... on with the pics... Any Comments/Critiques are always welcome. Cheers
  9. No mention of the Kangawallafox? If your plan is to interest the thrill seekers into coming to our country, you must mention the most dangerous of our critters. Also, you didn't mention the Bunyip.
  10. Also being from Australia, and also in QLD/east coast, I too am in a 'free faction' location. My primary force is my Brits, and my secondary force is the EotBS. Cheers
  11. Didn't read the guidelines properly... nvm. Sorry. Cheers
  12. ROFLMAO! I don't understand why you didn't use your fleet commodores ability to re-roll the crit. Fleet Commodore can force the reroll of a crit done against the Commodores vessel, once per turn. Or did you forget that as well?
  13. OK... LOL. I just replied to a message of yours in the 'bad dice thread'. Now I KNOW for a fact who you are. LOL. Why are you still awake? Btw, I knew that TF's hit on 3+. But I was however unaware of the TF's ability to completely ignore submerged, etc. You think I could find that section on pg 64? It was driving me mad, knowing the rule existed, but not being able to find it. Like I said earlier, Selective Blindness I guess. Also, I found the thread where it says that TF's do infact ignore submerged etc. At least that wasn't in the rulebook. I'm not going completely mad... not just yet anyway.
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