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  1. Would it be possible for the 1 through 2.5ed content to be either moved to a different section or locked? Just to avoid confusion. The rules section in general is full of pinned topics for these earlier editions of the game. Thanks!
  2. Good question! As of yesterday or a few days before, there was a huge update to the game and a lot of stats/rules were updated. I can only assume that they haven't finished updating the unit cards and just put out the updated orbats. Hopefully we will get new cards soon but for the meantime I will be printing the orbat and using that instead. I also have a friend who uses an excel spreadsheet to make "good enough" unit cards. One of the main issues with the cards is they don't have the weapon upgrades on them, and I think there was also some inconsistent information between the cards and orbats such as the submerged rule on the enlightened submarines. Attached is my friends spreadsheet and the previous versions of the cards, which are now out of date but now you have them. dystopian_wars_cards.ods DW-unit-cards-EXPORT-COMBINED-EMPIRE.pdf DW-unit-cards-EXPORT-COMMONWEALTH.pdf
  3. Can this thread be closed and unpinned and replaced with a dw 3.0/warcradle 1.0 thread?
  4. I asked on Facebook, specifically about the Diogenes torpedo submarine, which at the time had a unit card with a submerged special rule with a penalty to hit. This is the response I got: Good Afternoon, Apologies about this Just got a message back from the rules team, This is a special rule specific to it. No penalties Hope this has been of some assistance Kind Regards Craig
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