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  1. 50ish was just rounding up a bit, currently 44 seems to be the max I can figure out with (3)ships. The heavy cruisers get 2 heavy weapons and one normal each. That number would drop down to 30-35ish with (med??) cruisers and then your looking at like 25 with a squad of your smallest cruisers (4) ships. I played a game this week and wanted to test the shroud generator and it seemed to be really good, but it really feels like the only one other then maybe special faction generators that is worth taking. From what I have seen all the faction generators are internal though, so they are not even taking up a weapon slot though. I am unsure if it was worth taking over a weapon still but, If generators didn't take a weapon slot then it wouldn't be a big deal if they were a little underwhelming. I do agree Captaincandle that they old SRS rules were to much to keep track of, but I still just don't like the current way they are played.
  2. So on the note of winning the game because you table someone, you do not actually win the game. The game ends immediately and you gain 5 VP. By all accounts you are probably going to win buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut you don't just outright win. (SEE page 27 check for victory section) On the note of Battle ships not being as good as heavy cruisers it makes sense, look at the points. I agree that right now cruisers seem like a much better option overall but they do cost extra points once they get all the points worked out and the game balanced a bit more (maybe giving less supporting dice all around) or even upping the HP/A/C of the battle ships I do think that it wont be as one sided as you feel it is. Simply put if your dropping 50% more points into a unit it should be better shouldn't it or fill a specific roll? (and in this game there really isn't any rolls other then blast your opponent into the sea) I think right now the Biggest problem is the crippled battle ship is MUCH worse off then a crippled cruiser in a unit of 3. The effects on the ships are similar (worse on the battle ship a bit) BUT you have 3 models in the cruiser units so its not all or nothing situation. The over all HP is also a little over the top in favor of the cruisers. All in all I think they just need to keep working on balancing which it seems like A they have been and B they are definitely actively doing. In my opinion though the biggest upset for the balance of power is still the heavy hit counting as (2)hits. When you get these huge dice pools with your heavy cruiser units (getting 50 ish attack dice is not really that hard to do) having heavy hits count as 2 hits is just too good, BUT that is just my opinion. Borodino Battleship 224pts (3 Heavy gun batteries, (1 Heavy Torpedo salvo) (Heavy Broadside) (Cry Generator and Cryo-Capacitors) Morozko Heavy Cryo Cruiser (131pts each) (1 rocket battery) (2 Heavy Gun batteries) (Broadside) (Cryo Generator) (3 cruisers is 393pts) (393-224=169 more points then the battle ship.) The full unit would have (3 rocket batteries) (6 Heavy Guns) (broadsides each) (3 Cryo Generators) HP 5/5 A5 C10 for each cruiser and HP7/6 A7 C14 As for the SRS tokens, I still don't understand why people are defending this game mechanic. Its not a mater of if its worth the points or not. Its just boring. Other games use this same mechanic and its dual. As for their power I really think they have some neat tricks but honestly, why take a ranged 20" gun in a ocean fight with little to no terrain, when you can get range 30-40 guns all day long. This game is way to alpha strike right now for SRS to be AS GOOD as a normal gun, that being said the ships that get SRS theoretically still have there own guns but they are more points heavy. In the end its still a boring mechanic. Its like always adding soy sauce, sometimes you just need to put on some hot sesame oil instead and it will turn that dish up a notch. Just my opinions if you disagree Meh no worries.
  3. Hello folks, I was wondering if any of the American players had as much trouble acquiring the miniatures as I and my local play group have. I went on to look at their retail list to see if there were any local shops that stocked the items and the (2) that were around me were quite far away (over an hour) and didn't actually carry Dystopian Wars. I have resorted to online retailers, BUT they seem to have stock issues. I was going to buy right from waylandgames but the shipping was a little on the pricey side for my taste. Which I understand its got to cross ocean, but I was hoping for a free shipping after you purchase so much, like some other UK retailers out there (one can hope). Anyways I was just curious if anyone else was running into the wall I was, and if there is any solid sources of the product out there.
  4. I have my fingers crossed that they will provide 3.5 rules set around the end of the year or once we see all the factions and a wider variety of units AKA once air units, subs etc. are in the game and have model support. The models are great and there is a lot of fluff for the setting, so I really doubt its their purgative to kill the game, I mean they could have just left it sink with Spartan. I think if they pay attention to their fans and people are honest about the issues(and don't just fan boy) they can be ironed out. People just haver to remember to be respectful and at least give peoples comments (positive or negative) some consideration and thought. As for the SRS tokens its quite simple, Star Wars Armada uses squadrons and I think they work quite well with the game. Not that it should be identical, but giving them a basic stat card and just using the token as a location marker, and making stacks out of empty bases with a nice pretty token base on top (the one with the planes) would work fine. They don't need to make it overly complex with all the fuel and ammo and so on. Just have them flying around attacking. And your carriers get (X) number of tokens and each turn can launch one extra one and control up to a maximum of (X). Heck they don't even really need to have fighters and bombers.........planes can be both its the freaking past with alien tech........and then if they do have multiple types that is just even more cool looking SRS and Special SRS tokens they can make for us to put on the field. That is a kind of veg explanation but basically just make them a resource management aspect of the game that get to move and attack like everything else (all be it with slightly different rules) I really don't think it would be that hard to work something out.
  5. As far as I can tell there is no penalty. Which to me does not make much sense. If you have the Russian sub it has rockets, which have the areal quality, areal weapons cannot shot at submerged units, but somehow can be fired from them? I assume you are surfacing? If anyone has any further clarification please fill in because now there are quite a few subs out there.
  6. I would like to say that I think some great points have been made. I also am a huge fan of DW but have started running into one rules issue after another. That being said some of this is just opinion but some of it is just confusing, especially for new players. 1) Movement Step PAGE 18 gives to many ways to cheese extra turning radius out of the template. Its easy to pick points on the ship that are not flat and you can fudge extra turn radius, this is not even always a purposeful action. 2) Critical damage, getting a Catastrophic explosion actually seems to be not really as strong as some of the critical. why is this? 3)Defenses PAGE 23, In the explanation of defenses it states "Before the Action Dice have been rolled for an Attack, the Initial Target may declare it will be using its Defenses." it later says "each Model in the Unit within 4" of the Initial Target (and with the relevant Defense), adds +1 die to the Defensive action Dice Pool. This does not prevent those same models from being able to use Defenses themselves during the same Activation." Question: what is the point of having to declare you are using your defenses as there is no limit to you using them at lest that is stated in the rules anywhere that I can find. Secondly why would you even mention that the aiding another model in the unit does not stop you from using your defenses if there is no stated limit? 4) OPERATIONS STEP PAGE16, ":During Operations each Unit is able to perform a variety of actions Typically, units will launch fighters and bombers, submarines may set their dive-plans to go into deep running, or Aerial units may go into ta steep climb to rise up into the clouds." There are no rules for dive-plans, or flying into a steep climb, also there is NOT a variety of actions models can do. 5)ORBATS are a bit confusing the way they are doing all the Traits and Special rules. They need to clean this up. Simple things like removing the concept of special SRS tokens and just having it say that you get (4)Blitzen bombers and then give rules for the BB in the top , getting rid of the extream range special rule and just making a 4th range band all in all clean it up. 6)Dice, the whole Heavy Hit doing (2)hits is a little silly. You have a 1/2 chance to hit at all, a 1/6th chance to do (1)hit, a 1/3 chance to do (2)hits of which 50% of the time you get to roll an extra die. I do not understand the point of having the Heavy Hit do (2) hits. 7) Generators are super cool but I agree are kind of pointless. What good is removing (2) dice from a attack pool when they are going to throw 30+ at you. Seems kind of pointless maybe if it was 2 from the main weapon and 2 from each support but anyways, I'm just agreeing they are a little underwhelming but they are so cool conceptually OVERALL I think the game is fun but if we are going to pull new players in and their hard earned money it needs an overhaul. Massive balancing, reworking of a lot of the rules, cleaning up wording and adding all the content. My hopes are that once they drop the last (2) factions they will put out a 3.5 rule set. Or an ADVANCED play rules set. Fix SRS tokens from being just a lame weapon that doesn't need LOF and make them something more the models are great lets get them on the table flying around. The team has done a lot of great things I just hope they continue to move forward and clean up and fix the issues. It feels like I'm playing a Beta game that had a beta for 4 years.
  7. Agreed, they just need to make a 3.0 page for all the new stuff (or pages for the old). The new game has taken so long to get any steam going anything that can make it more accessible and less confusing would be a good thing.
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