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  1. Dino raiders... but i was pleased already! but not only feathered velociraptors but ohers dinos like triceratops, stegosaurus and else.
  2. Review del contenido de la Caja de HUNT FOR THE PROMETEUS , nuestra primera impresion, comentarios sobre el contenido para que lo veas con un poco de sabor caribeño!
  3. Hello people! Cheers from Venezuela I´m Luisjoey from Caracas, I´m a wargamer, boardgamer and roleplayer! i love wild west exodus! love the golden army! (so cliche latins playing this, but yehaaa!) also very interested in #LostWorldExodus I belong to CALABOZO CRIOLLO national community holding events around all the country among tournaments, covnentions, game days, and lots lots of demos! sadly covid dampen us from doing but also have big presence online on several media with the #WEDOPLAY initiative! Find us on: CALABOZO CRIOLLO on Facebook! and also on CALABOZO CRIOLLO ON INSTAGRAM!!! I got into Dystopian wars with this! But since there is not SUSA navy yet, i do play IMPERIAL! i leave you this review i made with some caribbean flavour! (after all pirates are from there)
  4. Si esto ha sido una muy buena noticia! amplia mas las posibilidades del juego! A mis manos llego una copia en ingles, y en Mi pais Venezuela la comunidad no se frena tanto porque este un producto en ingles, pero tener la posibilidad y la alternativa hace que sea mas llamativo, de verdad que han hecho un esfuerzo inmenso por aquí les comparto es un review que hice en español latinoamericano! si con algo de spanglish
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