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  1. Personally, I don't really have a problem with Mines themselves - it's how they combined with Aquan speed and Maneuverability that really boosted their effectiveness. Totally agree that SRS are the bigger problem - so I'm excited to learn what Spartan has in mind for a tactical SRS system that doesn't allow them to overshadow the Big Ships.
  2. I like that khaki color on the hawker! Looks good.
  3. Yeah, those ships in the first post were when I was pretty new, and some of them are getting stripped and others retired. I'm fond of the job I did, but I was a beginner hobbyist and it definitely shows.
  4. Green and gunmetal color with gold highlights. Updated 4/8/12
  5. Working up a new, more menacing paint scheme for my ships. These new Reinforcement Models are spectacular! Made me feel I needed to up my game to do the ships justice. More to come, as I get things painted up. Here is the Flagship (Praetorian) with its loyal Escort Carrier.
  6. You mean in the fiction? I believe the official scale is 1:10,000. So if you measure the model and multiply by 10,000 you'll have your answer.
  7. Nope, it is literally a typo that should read Minefield.
  8. So, I'm looking at these two ships and they seem to serve very similar roles. They both come in at 255 when loaded for boarding and full SRS. They both have lackluster Railguns compared to the Nausicaa, and both make up for it with slightly improved gun racks. Obviously the Praetorian has Torps, and is less susceptible to double degradation. It also has better CR and Ops Center, which is cool? But the Legion can split its rail gun fire into two separate shots against a medium, potentially killing it faster. Plus it brings more SRS and a Second Assualt, which makes me feel better about all those boarding MARs. The Praetorian does seem to synergize better with an escort carrier, but at that point you could be bringing a Retribution instead. What criteria do you use to choose between these very similar ships?
  9. Let's try to work up a list. 3x Gladius - 270 Falchion + 2 Spatha + 6 SRS = 290 3x Secutor - 180 3x Pugio - 60 points This is a really tight list. No upgrades or hard points on anything, the cheapest possible tier 3, and you can just barely squeeze in the Cruiser squad. My biggest concern is that you're talking about putting your admiral on the Carrier, which is only DR 5/CR 10/HP 8. If I was across the table from this list, I would pour as much fire as I could into the carrier. Anything throwing at least 13 AD expects a crit, and you can only take 4. Plus, you're lacking in long range power compared to a typical Dindrenzi fleet. There's an 8" window where you're only throwing 12 AD in your forefixed, but aren't close enough to use your broadsides. You've got the Secutor to help with that, but I'm not convinced its worth it. In fact, if I was running this list, I'd probably drop the Gunship squad for a squad of Heavies. Then you have about 15pts to play with - either to get Arcs back on your Heavies Torps, fully load your SRS, or buff the carrier's MV and get Deck Crews. So in short, while I think bringing this many gunships in a patrol fleet is scary, I don't think its OP, and I definitely think it would require you to play skillfully to minimize its weaknesses.
  10. A friend of mine just bought a Patrol Fleet box and we're planning to get a teaching game in this weekend! For the sake of instruction, which do you think would be better? Relatively symmetrical fleet builds (ie, battleship/cruiser/frigates) or should I bring more variety to my side? (Maybe a battle cruiser and variant cruisers of some stripe?) My friend is an experienced Battlemallet player, so it's not like he's brand new to the tabletop world. I haven't introduced anyone to the game since 1.0 so I feel a little out of my depth! Any other tips from your own experience? Any scenarios particularly good for newbies? Should I include an explanation of TACs or leave them out?
  11. Found a couple corrections for the next update: The Harpoon Torpedo Cruiser doesn't reflect the fact that the Turret Weapon is an Hardpoint worth 5 Points. (Both in its own squad and as an accompaniment, if that's important.) The Relthozan Battleship Increase Command Distance and Wing Capacity Hardpoints should both cost 5 Points rather than being Free
  12. The text for the Requisition (Ship Type) MAR says this model may replace a single model of the Ship Type listed in the brackets of a parent squadron. Rules as written, you definitely can't replace multiple cruisers with multiple overseers. I'm quite sure, however, that Rules as Intended also prohibit the other configurations where you have replaced more than one Abraxas, but the rules are written loosely enough that you could make an argument. (But I wouldn't play against a fleet where you did.) Either way, a Cruiser Squadron requisitioning an Overseer is still a cruiser squadron, so it doesn't count as Tier 1 for the purposes of Victory Points or Fleet Building. Cheers!
  13. I had the same confusion; turns out you have to double click on the name again.
  14. I rather thought a hodge podge of designs was *part* of the Terran design scheme, as they're continually rushing to upgrade their ships as they have the worst military tech out of all the factions. They got Shields from their allies and went all in on them and started grafting extra turrets on their hull to upgun their ships as quick as possible.
  15. Well, in my table I tried to maintain that duel aspect - none of those rules changed. I just take exception with the swinginess of the original table. Personally, I don't think you should be able to deal 5 or 6 damage for exceeding DR 1 time. I also think the Damage/Disorder binary is less than ideal. The Dystopian Wars chart posted above has results where you generate one of each, and I think that's a good way to moderately step up the lethality of a hit, without going straight to 2 or 3 dmg. However, if you have a rules adjustment that made the current table better, I'd gladly try it out.
  16. Unless they have adjusted defensive ratings to match. We really don't know what 3.0 will look like. Sure making this change to 2.0 without any other changes would be game breaking, but I can't imagine the beta testing team would let that kind of thing go unremarked. Let's see what the new rules say before we start Edition Wars 2. I also didn't see where this assumption that all shots would now be Placed Shots and receive a +1 is based on. Just because placed shots are "in the rules" doesn't to me imply that they will be that easy to make. I understand where people's concerns are coming from, but this is exactly how people felt back when 2.0 was introduced, and that turned out to be a massive improvement to the game.
  17. Both players roll 1d6, add/subtract your multipliers, add the results together and compare against the table.
  18. Has anyone successfully magnetized a Dindrenzi Cruiser group so you can switch them out between Cruiser and Heavy configuration? I'd love to see pictures of how you did it.
  19. For anyone interested in my aforementioned home brew damage table, and I've uploaded it into its own thread. Spoiler alert: I'm very pleased with how it plays. Hopefully yinz will try it out and let me know what you think.
  20. So last night I got a chance to try out a new Damage chart that I put together over the last couple weeks and it worked really well. It works to make Damage more consistent, such that exceeding DR is like to drop some Disorder, or 1 Damage, or both, but if you roll really well on the Damage table you can creep up to 2dmg. Just like normal Task Force, on a hit each player rolls 1D6 adding (or subtracting) any MAR based modifiers. Each time you exceed DR after the first is worth a +5 modifier, which nicely gates the Damage so that a really high roll is more likely to result in a lot of damage, but if you roll poorly or well you can do slightly better or worse than expected. Importantly, Difficult target now feels like a powerful MAR, sometimes making the critical difference between 1 Dmg or 2. Precision was equally effective at inching up the punishment. The game felt much less random this way, and both @Wenyuan and I had a lot of fun. Try it out! Let me know what you think. (I still want to take a look at Boarding, though, because you might need to change the bonuses you get for doubling an defenders CP roll to account for the new chart. I'll report back on that.)
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