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  1. Thanks , good to know there's someone listening.

    That clears up the confusion caused by "excluding this unit" on the unit card. 

    Pity that a unit of hands can't  benefit. 

    I play Outlaws mercenarys and was looking for ways to buff up stats. 

    Been using Jesse James theme posse, so prodigious faces which is great, but needed a way to make my hands more resilient. 

    Thanks again for your support. 

  2. Been trying to work out who gains the bonus.

    Is the unit /model with the "one for" the only unit/model to gain the bonus? 

    Or do the rest of the posse gain the bonus if they're within 3" of a male/female model?  Eg. If a unit of hands is within 3" of a male /female unit and the posse contains a unit with the "one for" rule, do they gain the bonus?

    Thanks in advance 




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