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  1. Top tip for painting white; Dont use white paint White paint is rubbish! I tend to use slightly off white colours which actually cover nicely and can actually be highlighted and just let peoples eyes do the rest. Failing that you can just commission me to paint them
  2. Just updated our blog with a russian starter set sent in to the studio, check it out here for more pics; http://golempaintingstudio.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/going-coastal.html Bring on the next!
  3. Looking good man, smooth lookin whites are always someting to be proud of in my book.
  4. Curses, didnt finish in time, hopefully you'l all be allowed to see the awesome bits and bobs that prevented me finding time soon though
  5. Over the last year we have run a number of events both large and small and we have learned a lot! This time we have- Improved venue; for the first time people can come into a professional studio environment Improved food; what more can I say but 'Hot Hash n dumplins' Improved location; 5 minutes away from a major city (Manchester uk) train station Makes us rather more accessible (plus free secure parking) Improved event focus; Learn the specifics and have more time to practice and recieve feedback Improved price; because of the above improvements we could make this happen! http://www.golempain...vents/index.htm
  6. Not sure I will get mine done in time now! Just when I think things are quietening down I get forced to paint a bunch of awesome models to a crazy deadline! Ultracurses...
  7. Looks cool, the colour works suprisingly well.
  8. Mourganath

    Painting Decks?

    My personal method is to start with a bold light colour, I use darksun (at least untill it runs out), then apply washes to get te final look you want. If i'm feeling fancy I even throw some vallejo smoke into the mix.
  9. Lil work on my entry tonight; Cleaned, primed and good to go. Airbrush basecoat on the hull. All basecoated (I think), ready for a good dulling down. Thats all for now, more soon I hope
  10. No worries, its just I have a metzger on the shelf i'll probably never use, was thinking of dursting it off. Failing that I'll russtle something french up
  11. The glow looks cool and finishes them off nicely, good job. I also do love that sea board
  12. Careful with those drybrushes guys, you'l have someones eye out! I do love the russian boat design
  13. Not exactly my cup of tea i'm afraid
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