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  1. Do all models, friend or foe, block movement? Models have a profile that effects LOS and can provide cover, but do they physically block movement so you must move around them? On page #3 under 'PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE' it starts with 'Bases of Characters cannot overlap...'. Although it is not addressed anywhere else we have been playing as if you must move around models. Is this correct please?
  2. Just wondering when the printed 1.09 version of the rulebook for WWX will be available? The Warcradle trade site still lists it as v1.08?
  3. Ok, from what I can gather anyone who is on the Altered side must roll on the Madness Table at the start of their activation regardless. How you flip to the Altered side depends on the unit. It is either you reach your Madness Threshold if you have a number on the card (no number means you just continue to build up Madness Tokens without flipping, but when you do it could be bad if you have lots of tokens on your card), or you flip due to a trigger; e.g. 'Loss of a Child' for The Dunsmouth Witch. You can still accrue Madness Tokens if you are on the Altered side and fail Sanity Tests by using Mythos which will ultimately make it harder to survive the Madness Table as the tokens are a negative to your 2D6 roll.
  4. Recover (1 AP): Whilst unengaged, remove one Condition from either the active model or a single unengaged friendly model within 2”. - Page 9
  5. Loren - Medium Dorothy Good & Blood - Large Mercy Good - Small Sernos - Large Nadrageel - Medium
  6. So just to expand and clarify, a character without a Threshold number on their Ready side that flips also does NOT have to check on the Madness Table, right? Only models with a number on their Ready side will be forced to check once the limit is reached?
  7. What are the benefits and penalties for the 'Massed Melee' & 'Massed Fire' rules please? I can see that you pool your dice together based on models in the Hand units that have the rule, but other than 'The Quick and the Dead' changing slightly for 'Massed Fire' what else should I be aware of with skills and how things are resolved if that makes sense?
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