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  1. This is where I am. I was playing back in 1.0, I liked it enough to get into it & buy and paint models, and then my friends and I gradually stopped playing because we'd worked out a bunch of problems with the rules (particularly with balance, as point values didn't really line up right). By the time the next edition of the game came out, we'd moved on to other things. Now that things are as they are, I've taken my ships back out and started touching up their old paint jobs. I'd love to give it another whirl when in-person tabletop gaming becomes a thing again. If that happens, it's going to be me buying a new rulebook and putting my old models back on the table. If that goes well, I'll start buying some new models based on what I'd like to paint and play. If I either can't find anyone to play with or the rules don't support a fun game, the new rulebook goes back on the shelf with my 1.0 rulebook. The chance to sell me on the new version of the game - and to help sell the other people I'm playing with - is going to be better if we can look at my models and know what they do intuitively (layout and number of guns / generators) in the same way that we can the new models, and if they're a fair buy on their point value.
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