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  1. Hello, my name is Joe. I live in Georgia, United States. I've been dabbling here and there on and off in wargaming for twenty years, mostly 40k and Fantasy/AOS. The Dystopian Age has got me super excited, though, because it has everything that interests me. Historical real world people and nations mixed with steampunk and scifi. I usually play at home as my town is infested with stores that play 40k/MTG almost exclusively Right now I own Lawmen, Union, Enlightened, and Outlaw armies for WWX. Every army is on my radar as long as I can maintain output. Can't wait for the next step in DA and LWX. I don't really have a favorite model because they are all honestly kickass. My only complaint would be could we possibly get a few less pieces to assemble on some models? I want Warcradle to know that I am really looking forward to the entire Dystopian Wars Range. My wish list would be in the future to take the DW range into different timelines with all new historical figures, i.e. WW II timeline, Cold War Timeline, Post-Apocalyptic. That's a pipe dream, I know, but just finding this range already crossed off a lot of my wish list. Keep up the Good Work, Warcradle!
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