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  1. Deploy at the edge of the map and hang back and use your range advantage.
  2. I was a medic in the marines here in Sweden.
  3. igarka

    RSN Fleet!

    Good work! I really love the group shot.
  4. igarka

    Sorylian Start

    Fantastic! Love your work.
  5. It looks like the lokal suport rules are still in this.
  6. We put glasbeads on the activated squadrons. And lately we´ve been playing around with different colors for the wings. Green for activated, blue for used interceptand red for used bombs. Its not perfect but its the best we come up with so far.
  7. igarka

    RSN Taiidan theme

    Sweet! Cant wait to see more:)
  8. The BB and CL are in the rulebook and the Frigate is in the downloads section on the homepage.
  9. Exellent! Sounds like great fun, for you to play, and for us to read about.
  10. Sky_Admiral you thinking the ships are op after reading the stats weighs much less, for me, than all the games the betatesters played whith these stats and them okaying them.
  11. Neither of the 750p lists stays within the % for battleship/dreadnaughts. I think the best way is lots of Enforcers.
  12. I love the snake eyes crit. It adds such flavor to the game. Sure it hurts from time to time but the game, to me, is better for it.
  13. Exellent news!! Now Im even more eager to hit the painting table! My Ryushi cant get here soon enough:)
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