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  1. I'll check it out, thanks. I was watching a Squidmar video earlier and he suggested micron pens for the pupils, so I'll be trying that too.
  2. Update: Thanks to my badgering and the scent of gold in them thar hills, Excelsior is now an official Stockist.
  3. I love the models and the amount of detail is truly impressive, but lots of things are smaaaaalll. Especially the eyes. Anyone got any tips on how to do a good pair, including white, Iris and pupil, for a novice painter?
  4. Ahoy. I'm Kilo, a bit of a buffet nerd as I'm into basically everything I can get my hands on. I do everything from demoing board games at conventions to tabletop RP to LARP and console video games, and I'm a huge reader of genre fiction and comics. I'm still relatively new to the wargame scene, only been taking it seriously for a bit over a year at this point, but I've found that painting is a wonderful hobby all on its own and I've come quite a ways in that time. I play Orks in Age of Sigmar and 40K, I have a tiny Haqq-Islam Infinity force, I love my Gaslands, and I am starting to get into Monsterpocalypse as well. For WWX I have so far some Outlaws and Lawmen and I've got my eye on the Warrior Nation to expand, especially Death From Above and Tribal Justice.
  5. Privately owned, and referred to occasionally as the worst restaurant in town, Excelsior has been serving Greenville and Montcalm County at large as its FLGS for over half a decade. Rob keeps a good selection of comics and games in stock and is always happy to special order anything you might need. The real draw, for anyone on here, is going to be the play space. Four custom built 6*4 tables are dedicated specifically to the Wargame crowd, including a display table that is always set up ready for a game with the latest terrain hot off the bed of one of our local friends printers. Thanks to generous donations by the minis community, there are mats and terrain to match nearly any setting you could want to play in, and more being added all the time. Open Wednesday-Sunday, 11-10. Excelsior Games & Comics 304 S Lafayette St. Greenville,MI https://www.facebook.com/Excelsior.Games.and.Comics/ (616) 225 - 3350
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