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  1. Wiki is now complete for Task Force Stats, for every ship except System Wars models. Okay, wiki is pretty much complete now. 2.1k visits/week
  2. I did it. Every ship is complete for FA 2.0. The objective to revive the wiki is successful, with over 1200 visits per week.
  3. Changelog ; - Dindrenzi completed - Most of aquan done Total ships processed so far : 244 Ships left to do (some aquan, and all those of the RSN) : 27. An then, some Rules, Taskforce stats, and Lore if I find some.
  4. Changelog ; - Directorate completed - Relthoza completed I found Taskforce stat sheets for pretty much every ship on this forum so I'll add those to the wiki later. Merry christmas and happy new year everyone !
  5. Oh man, I was thinking about a homeworld 2 mod as well... There are a good number of models that i'd love to see in action. Pretty exited for HW3 by the way.
  6. Hello again, I managed to make several tabs like Wookiepedia, i tested it on the Falcata page : https://firestorm-armada.fandom.com/wiki/Falcata_Class_Cruiser However, the tabs are not as pretty or as visible as Wookiepedia's. I searched a bit but couldn't find how to make better tabs than this in Fandom Wiki (which doesn't quite work like wikipedia by the way). If you have leads on the subject i'm interested. Tabs titles will vary depending if we are speaking about rules (2.0 / 3.0 / ...) or if we are speaking about lore (Spartan Era / Warcradle Era). Once i'm perfectly happy with the system i'll extend it to the whole wiki. What do you think ?
  7. No, but thanks for the idea, I will try that.
  8. Update ; - Kurak minor factions completed - Some more Directorate ships completed - I requested adoption of the wiki, which has been granted, giving me full admin rights. (Yay !) - I asked Warcradle if they had any ressources from Spartan's era (images for example) that they could give me, and they answered negatively. Have a nice week :D.
  9. Yes, that would be the main idea. Something like that, or simply several sections one above the other, with the most recent one above. Yes this is clearly for completeness' sake as you say, if I had any info on FA 1.0 i would write that down as well. By the way, I simply cannot find most of the fluff from Spartan's era. Any leads you could give me besides trying to find an old book for sale somewhere ? I can't seem to find anything besides the rulebooks. Recent Changelog : - Some more minor factions completed - Pages regrouping unreleased ships by factions and projects that didn't see actual production.
  10. Hello and thanks for replying. I disagree with both of you on some points. Even if Warcradles makes drastic changes on some things or even on every thing, that doesn't erase anything from FA's story as a game. A Wiki must be as complete as it can be on a subject. Therefore, there will simply be several parts to each article, explaining what the subject was in Spartan's era, and what it is now. Of course, the newest fluff and rules will be written above the old ones and distinction will be made clear to avoid any confusion. Making something new doesn't mean you have to put the old things in the trashbin, or that you have to re-start everything from scratch. What do you think ?
  11. Last changelog ; Completed main faction pages Added all terran ships Added about half of directorate and relthoza ships Added all ships from a good share of minor factions and marauders. Completed some rulepoints and MARs
  12. Hello everyone, I'm a new player at FA (from Belgium by the way) and I stumbled upon the official fandom wiki. It was lacking a lot of stuff, so i started creating more pages and giving some care to the old ones. I'm trying to make the wiki into some kind of game help and general ship catalog (or fleet recognition catalog). Here's an example of a ship's page done by me ; https://firestorm-armada.fandom.com/wiki/Falcata_Class_Cruiser Apparently i'm the only one to use it... for now. I was wondering if anyone here was up to help me on the project of reviving this wiki ? Especially since we know FA is going to make its return thanks to Warcradle's efforts. I listed most of the ships that exist for FA in the various faction pages, and the code of existing ship pages can be copied to make more of them pretty easily. Anyone interested ? Thanks ! Paraxanthine
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