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  1. Hello everyone, I'm a new player at FA (from Belgium by the way) and I stumbled upon the official fandom wiki. It was lacking a lot of stuff, so i started creating more pages and giving some care to the old ones. I'm trying to make the wiki into some kind of game help and general ship catalog (or fleet recognition catalog). Here's an example of a ship's page done by me ; https://firestorm-armada.fandom.com/wiki/Falcata_Class_Cruiser Apparently i'm the only one to use it... for now. I was wondering if anyone here was up to help me on the project of reviving this wiki ? Especially since we know FA is going to make its return thanks to Warcradle's efforts. I listed most of the ships that exist for FA in the various faction pages, and the code of existing ship pages can be copied to make more of them pretty easily. Anyone interested ? Thanks ! Paraxanthine
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