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  1. Dr. Carpathian, Can you give any page references or rules text to back-up your ruling regarding these special ability rules. They are very common, very powerful and I did not come across this information in my reading of the rulebook. I'd really like to be able to reference direct text if the question comes up with opponents. Thank-you very much for your continued help.
  2. So the word 'Special' has a technical rules definition when it's on a weapon but not when it's used on the back of a card stating "Special Rules"? So Dark Council and Compel don't even count against Limit?! If so this is bonkers powerful with units like Juiced Hexbeasts with a paltry mind of 2. Fail the mind check on those beasts and just keep attacking over and over or chain move them up the board using multiple "Dark Council" face units in sequence.
  3. It's my understanding - limited though it is - that both of those actions are "special" actions as they are listed in the "special rules" section of the applicable unit card. Therefore can only be used once per turn as per the special action rules. Reference, page 20 of the 1.09 rulebook, see: Types of Actions. To counter that reading you could look at an ability like "Fateweaver" which specifically states: "Once during their activation this unit may spend an action point to...." So actually I'm not sure now.
  4. The Absolute Power Posse bonus is: "Any unit in this Posse gains the Shrouded rule while they are within 6” of a Hexalith." Does a Hexaliths granted by the "Dark Council" special rule count as a unit in the posse? If so what slot to they hold? If so, does a Hexalith include itself within it's own aura and therefore gain Shrouded in an Absolute Power Posse? Thank-you for your help.
  5. I'm just getting into the game, bought the Absolute Power Starter box and was piqued by the "Rabble Rouser" rule on Garret Morden. Can someone with game experience tell me about Angry Mobs, their uses and how to take best advantage of the "Rabble Rouser" keyword? How many Mobs are needed to be effective in their role?
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