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  1. So the glossary of terms states that the act of placing or replacing a model is not considered movement and as such dont provoke backstab reactions. Does this mean that actions such as get in and portal move don't provoke them? Since these remove the model and place it. Even though they are move actions?
  2. The big bonus for me of not having tasked gives the attack dogs and other things that normally have to stay close to your boss to focus their actions a greater range and maneuverability. It is especially nice to be able to run and charge with attack dogs and still be able to focus their attack without having your boss up on the front line.
  3. as someone looking to read more into the fluff where would you recommend I look? I would like to keep up with newer fluff more so than stuff that is no longer cannon.
  4. I have a few questions about reactions. What all is considered a reaction? Is any action taken in response to your opponent declaring an initial target a reaction? Such actions as: take one for the team, the quick and the dead, indomitable, amber clade, blessings of the allshard. Or are these unit abilities and not reactions unless specified as reaction such as fight or flight and meat shields? Also it says a model can only take one reaction per action. So if a unit of models shoot and doesn't use massed or combined fire could one target take a reaction for each model in the unit that shoots at it. Or is the unit shooting considered one action and only allow one reaction?
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