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  1. If you are in the neighborhood, I am running demos on Thursday, October 10 from 4 to 9 at Table Top Games (address is in the opening post). Hope to see you there!
  2. Hello, My name is Manny. Once upon a time I backed a Kickstarter for a game called Wild West Exodus. While I had to back out of that in the end, I wanted to play. Fast forward a few years and I "convinced" some friends to play. I dusted off some of the Miniatures I had, (Order) and showed them off. People have been playing and it's great. I got the store on board, and they will now stock the game. I'm having a TON of fun with it. The rules seem pretty good, the miniatures are top-notch and Warcradle have been great. Hope to see you at the table soon.
  3. Do you live in or near southeastern Massachusetts? Do you want to play Wild West Exodus? If the answer to these question is not "Hell, yeah!" then come on over to Table Top Games, 875 State Road, Westport MA. They stock things for the game. Its friendly and fun. Come in and say "The Jungle Dog sent me" and we'll hook you up with a demo or a game (or both)! Looking forward to seeing you!
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