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  1. My point is a version 2 should have been 2.0 not 1.09. They will be up to version 7 or 8 at 2.X
  2. So exciting to see a new 2 player starter box, a great thing since getting people into the game is challenging with the format that retail is in, not too bad but better this way. But I noticed in the press release comes with version 3 of the rulebook!!!! Did we ever get to version 2? I dont care if I missed 2, we been playing with 1.09 but is there any sneak peek or anything on the new version?
  3. So the portal mastery special skill calls about a portal resonance rule. I believe you are now supposed to create portals in pairs, but Apparantly the needed rules didn't get into the 1.09 rules.... Any help?
  4. Absolutely agree with how you are reading it. WHen 1.09 dropped a warhost did a breakdown video on youtube and cited it at number 2. Different analysis on facebook showed it as 3. Ah and now I reread you do not have the option to take individual shots unless dissimilar weapon. The massed fire says you must choose the single model etc etc
  5. I have seen peeps playing this 3 different ways. 1. The totalled success is number of hits negated. 2. Negate the value of the qatd quick in shots 3. Negate by the number the quick check exceeds 10. I believe 1 is correct...
  6. In option two you are meaaasuring line of sight and range from each individual model as well. So you may have less than the 19 viable but that is a big unit, it will work out.
  7. OK well digesting the 1.09 rules and found the new Hex Sharpshooters have the special rule Massed fire. In the massed fire it seems to have an exception for QATD checks but I dont understand how it makes a difference. The new rule states "....Initial Targets using the Quick and the Dead against Shoot Actions using Massed Fire reduces the RoA from the action equal to the value of The Quick and the Dead's successful Quick check rather than the usual rule effect." The QATD rules says all hits are ignored, so for this to have an effect you have to assume the "usual rule effect" that is being replaced is the QATD rule, otherwise this has no bearing on anything. Also it would also mean you take more shot the more successful the roll for the QATD. Say the target is Q4 and rolled a 9, QATD success is a 13, so you get 13 shots instead of the normal max of 6?
  8. You may have missed his greatest abilities. Impervious means he doesnt take mods to his GRIT checks which is enormous. And Fateweaver is absolutely game changing.
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