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  1. Thanks for the clarification!
  2. We've started playing the game after painting a few posses among which are the No Surrender Posse and the Conquistadores Posse. The latter didn't come with the stat cards, so I printed the 1.09 cards from the website and realized that the cards I had for the other posses were all from 2018 and pretty much obsolete, especially regarding unit costs. So I printed all 1.09 statcards. Something is bothering me though. On the 2018 statcard for the Union Fire Team, the models come with a Liberty Gatling Gun by default whereas on the 1.09 card, the default weapon is a Chace Sniper Rifle. This doesn't make much sense to me considering the unit and the models. Is that a misprint on the new cards?
  3. Got them from the French site Philibert (the biggest WWX supplier we have here). I'll contact them asap.
  4. I got StoneFist and an Energy beast (sky stallion) for my Warrior Nation posse. These models both came with an L-sized base whereas their cards say they should be M(O) sized. How should I play this out? I see the models themselves seem well suited for the L-sized base and would be pretty "big" on a round M base (and I don't have M(O) bases). Should I consider them as M-sized for LoS and interactions and still base them L size?
  5. Thanks for the info. Once I've painted enough minis I'll give it try...
  6. I'm new to the game and would like to know how the game supports more than 2 players. I assume playing x vs x with the same point value on each side would be easy to do. What about FFA battles? Any rules adjustments needed? Is there anywhere I can find official rules for multiplayer games? Thanks for the help!
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