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  1. Thanks Chancer that video was a great help as was your advice and is very much appreciated.
  2. I've been playing with my COA force recently and love my Pericles, however it isn't much help to my land army as i am rarely given terrain to mix land and sea forces. I am tempted by the Herodotus as it have the Particle accelerator on it giving it a punch which is always nice (this is a weapon i favor on my Aristotle BB). What are other peoples experiences with these units?
  3. I've seen some amazing fleets on here that i love, especially those given extra character with nation flags and imagery. My brush skills are limited so i was wondering how people are getting these images onto their models. Are they custom transfers? Do you use templates/ stencils? I would love to know how people do this.
  4. After reading the replies to this thread i'm more tempted to take the Imperium over the rhine (Love the Imperium look), however i was considering fielding some additional zepelins along with the Imperium instead of taking destroyers, gunships or escorts. I'd like to ask for people's experience fielding a mix of air and naval forces, as the most i've used is tiny flyers and 2 bombers.
  5. I've just purchased a Prussian Empire starter fleet, as noone i know currently collects them. I was wondering which units would be best to add to the starter fleet for competitive games. My choices are between either the Rhine Class Fleet carrier or an Imperium Class Sky Fortress. I already have a decent COA fleet which i use my drone carrier extensively in, however when it comes to prussians i have never fought against or seen them played so am at a loss on which would best suit their tactics. I am also amassing a land force for my Prussians as the people i play with have started to use mixed boards of land and sea forces.
  6. This is a great idea and because of it i've ended up purchasing an Imperial Human Starter and a Thaniras Elves Starter too, Hope they arrive soon so i can display my very basic painting techniques.
  7. Well personally i had to start with the Antarticans as i loved the models and the back story, and like Aimlessfreak said it's possible to choose a faction just by how cool you think they look. I've had a few matches vs KOB and FOA so far and have to say everything seems very balanced, so my advice would be to choose something you like the design of and go with that, or do as a member of my gaming club did and get your 2 favourite looking fleets and alternate between them. This is also helpful as having a spare fleet often means you can find an opponent to play against.
  8. Thanks for the quick replies, i may have to pick up the cards just to see how they work now i know what they do . My main debate now is whether to go and spend more money on COA ships or paint my starter box 1st.
  9. Hi folks, i got my COA starter fleet today as well as a rule book, i was wondering if i also needed to purchase the cards in order to play? I'm rather clueless on what they are used for so any help is much appreciated.
  10. For people near Northwich Cheshire, The Model Shop has started to stock Dystopian Wars products and is likely to expand the range if there is enough interest. http://www.themodelshop.org/ he hasn't yet listed any items on his website as the first order has just recently arrived.
  11. Some awesome paint schemes in this thread, i may "borrow" a few when i get round to painting my fleet.
  12. I'm near Northwich so mid cheshire i guess Chancer, If you have a website for your club it would be great to take a look, my current club only play 40k.....so i'm after somewhere i can enjoy something different.
  13. I'm from Cheshire, not sure of any clubs near myself that play Dystopian Wars but i'm planning on converting my gaming club to play this wonderful game.
  14. Thanks for the great response folks, I was wondering about starting a 2nd fleet so i can show the game off at my local club (they all play 40k atm and i'm sick of it) which would you recomend as a nice contrast to COA? And most importantly what paints do you all use? I've had a good browse in the painting forums and no one mentions the brand of paints they're using to create these lovely schemes.
  15. Hi folks, i'm new to the Spartan Games website and am just getting started with Dystopian Wars. I'm currently starting an Antarctican Fleet and was wondering if anyone had some nice paint scheme suggestions. I've played a number of wargames in the past and nothing quite like Dystopian Wars so any tips you can offer with starting a fleet and what units are worth investing in would be great. I currently own 1xCOA Naval Battle Group 3x Zeno Cruisers. Would it be worth getting a Drone Carrier? maybe another battle group to add to the forces i own? Any help is greatly appreciated. P.S. Is anyone else unable to buy through the Spartan GAmes store? i keep getting a PayPal error.
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